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It's me, I!

October 16th, 2008 | 8 Comments | 1730 reads

Yesterday I was a little surprised, to see a police officer at any ATM. Is now the fashion? Did the police too much time? The latter may already, But currently prevail again Action Days in Japan. The goal of large-scale activism ': To create animated fraudsters.

The scam is probably as in Germany “Grandchildren trick” , and is a perennial favorite: Someone looks up phone numbers of older people, calls to and can advise the, who is tuned: “Klaus-Bernhard?” – “Exactly, exactly”. And is already begging for money, because of the new Porsche has a bump or you had an accident, etc.. usf. Well, simple but effective scam.

In the first 8 Months of this year were so good about 21,4 Yen Milliarden (also ca. 140 Million €) fraudulently – and there are certainly many undiscovered cases.

Yesterday was certainly Rentenauszahlungstag, and so the police sent his own words 56,000 Officer (!) the, at 81,000 ATMs to monitor any gaps. And to ask pensioners, whether they have heard of the mesh. Not a bad idea so. But the huge effort is remarkable.

According to another report published today by the Police Department statistics suggest, however, the old back: 2007 in Japan were approximately. 50,000 Crimes committed by those 65 and over. 1998 waren is ca. 14,000. The increase can be explained not only by the aging society. Social inhibitions are, which fell: Anyone with 70 Years, living all alone, has not much to fear from society, if he is caught shoplifting. And some of the crimes committed by desperate souls, trying to reach only, that they either have a roof over your head or someone they care about. Not a good sign.

Among the offenders by the way was a 79-year-old homeless woman, in August stabbing randomly at people in Shibuya – and injuring two young girls.

The Word of the Day: Oreore fraud – oreore sagi: “ore” means in the vernacular men “I”, “sagi” the fraud. The name for the above-described grandchild scam. In the official language but rather as 振り込め 詐欺 – furikome sagi: furikome is imperative and is called “On way! (Money)”.