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Fusion – an example (Attention, U of D in S!)

October 4th, 2008 | 6 Comments | 607 reads

White not, how far the word in the German-speaking world is known in this role and whether there are some even have their own term for this: Fusion (spoken english). Mixed cuisine quasi, mixing in the otherwise quite contrasting kitchens. For example, Japanese and European.
Something like that in Japan there often and is usually very successful. Well, often at least. And so we have a little time some U of D, formerly in J and now in S, served. Eighteen months ago. Since then, I was warned at least three times by mail and blog comment – We will kindly send the recipe. So beautiful. Here it is. But do not reveal further. Ingredients:

– Chicken (Breast) 2 Stück (as. 400 gr)
– Half a teaspoon of salt
– coarsely ground black pepper (as required)
– some flour
– a tablespoon of butter
– three tablespoons sake
– two tablespoons of soy sauce
– one tablespoon Mirin (Not going to a pinch of sugar)
– 100 ml of water
– 100 ml Scene
– Kings (as a side dish, White bread is also)
– some leeks
– Asparagus (so 5, 6 Rods – as required)
– zwei, three trumpet mushrooms (fresh mushrooms go well)


  1. Chicken meat in 2 cm wide cut patrol, Rub with salt and pepper. 10 Minutes for, then sprinkle with flour.
  2. 1) Fry in butter over medium heat – is fried golden brown and the meat.
  3. in another pan mix all liquid ingredients except the cream and bring to a boil
  4. Chicken meat 3) and provide a medium heat 2, 3 Cook for minutes. Chicken take out again
  5. in another pan (2) been washed? There you are!) Asparagus, Mushrooms (Potatoes and / or carrots go well) Sauté
  6. Cream in the sauce, cook over low heat just, Chicken back in the sauce, simmer briefly
  7. Rice on a plate, With meat sauce, Saute the leeks and a little to sprinkle over it.

Ready. Hearty and an interesting mix. So. Things do not always have policy. You have to eat him some day.

The Word of the Day: Eryngii. eringi. Have you looked for the first time, whether this fungus has a German name. Aha. Oyster mushroom. Sounds almost like Rotbauchpfeifdrüsling. A fungus, which is often used in Japanese cooking. Smells very interesting (something almost lemony), is quite firm and very tasty. And versatile.