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Tohoku-Pazifik-Erdbeben: Update XIII

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Here again a short update from Tokyo, almost two and a half weeks after the earthquake.

AKW Fukushima
Well at least seems to have made a difference in Fukushima Germany – half amused, I look half piqued the situation in Germany, of course, with great interest to, and the Japanese media to look at Germany – Headlines such as “a quarter million German protest against nuclear power” are being bandied – without this being seen as positive or negative. Abolish nuclear power in Germany? Why not. Too bad, but personally I think it would be, If you would also set the research here: Nuclear energy remains a source of energy, the, who knows, perhaps can be tamed any time (what happened to the idea of ​​cold fusion?)

Even if it seems to me a few commentators deny the – I'm also worried and I try, as far as it goes, to get reliable data. What is the radiation in the environment? How much drinking water is contaminated? In Tokyo and surrounding area had the radiation in the last days (predominantly northerly wind) good about. 0.1 Microsievert (μSv) leveled off per hour. Are normal in these surroundings 0.02 μSv – We speak of a five-fold increase in value. A round- return flight to New York (I made to Germany – However, this is a bit closer) probably brings 190 μSv with it, A radiograph of the chest 50 μSv.
Tokyo was supposed to be found in recent days, no radioactivity in drinking water, But really, people want to believe that was not, and will probably remain bottled water in short supply in the long run. Who can blame the mothers. We have also sent us a few boxes or water from Kansai and Kumamoto. can send.
On vegetables grown in the Kanto area, we do not and many others with security and – and hope, that the area of ​​origin is properly labeled. On fish from the area, we do not provisionally, until we know more, also. Many of these precautions are probably not of distress, But with a baby and a toddler in the house of course you go on the safe side.

The messages from the nuclear plant still are confusing. Time there is no news for hours – and you ask yourself seriously, if no news is good news or bad. Today, at least officially admitted, that there had been obvious to a partial meltdown – But it was the experts seemed so previously agreed to be.

We follow, among other things the Blog of the former nuclear scientist and researcher Takeda, I think the very critical, but – and this is important – prudently deal with the issue. Takeda saw around Tokyo, especially the 16. March around in serious danger (at the 15. I had sent my family…), but at the moment is a stabilization of the situation. His blog is in Japanese and – and, worth reading.
Otherwise – who exactly is interested, as is currently with the Radiation levels in the area behaves, which is a view of the Radiation levels, published by the Japan Times, recommended. Only shows the average values ​​from the previous day, but better than nothing.

Situation in the north
Since I am not on site, I can not, unfortunately, very much to ensure. The cleanup seems to go ahead, and it has started construction of emergency shelters. Major roads were partially restored, and there are also mid stay again more fuel and the weather will be somewhat spring-like, should be able to relax easily. Very tense, however, still looks out of the situation in Fukushima, especially in 相 马 Sōma – This city was also hit hard by the tsunami, However, due to its close proximity to nuclear power supplies do not arrive in the city. That evakuierte Zone (20 km) is currently considered highly radioactively contaminated – former residents is strongly recommended, not to cross into the exclusion zone to get some personal belongings.

Lage in Tokyo
Slightly higher temperatures (today: 12 Degree) and greater predictability of consumption peaks ensured, that the current day in only one of 5 Zones for 3 Hours was blocked. On the weekend will receive all the power anyway – since most shops close at the weekend, extends the current.
The situation is sure to relax with the start of spring again – but in summer it will be critical in any case: At high humidity and temperatures up to nearly 40 Degree is now cooled times. How power cuts will affect the summer on the food supply, remains to be seen, But it will certainly several bottlenecks.

Lage in Urayasu (I live)
In the last post I had presented a video, where you could see the soil liquefaction and its consequences. Yesterday I went with my daughter across town to the sea – and also there, where the video was made. There, it looks really wild – Leaning buildings, a road has – along no less than – a ca. 30 Level established, Mountains everywhere dried sludge, torn streets… However: Interesting was the topography of the damage. The latest new territory, planted in the 1990s, was almost completely intact. The territory between the railway line and the newer polders, however badly it has caught. As will probably get a lot of trouble to the owners – obviously had to be given in some districts not very much effort with the seismic safety. At the weekend it was great Subotnik: Several neighborhoods evacuated together on (not our, since there was hardly any damage caused by soil liquefaction).

The German media give me much pleasure nachwievor. In the news from 27. March knows how to tell the reporter Mario Schmidt, that the Japanese are increasingly uncertain about the location – and indeed from Osaka. As he has probably noticed the? He has seen some Japanese television or read newspapers? Honestly, ARD love: To do this you do not have reporters in Osaka. Either, it does not properly reported or. With all due respect: The mood in Tokyo can not be measured in Osaka certainly.
The mirror in the output predicts 12/2011 hindessen about, that Japan is now indefinitely the “Land of the Setting Sun” will be. Gee, that's even a real corny joke! Furthermore, marveled about, Japan seems to be as helpless in view of the disaster ssein. I should really stop, To read the Mirror.

Taboo word “flyjin”
Momentan man listens in Tokyo of the öfteren Begriff “flyjin”. The sets consist of “fly” (fliegen) and the in-jin gaijin (Foreigner, the-jin stands for “Man”). This refers to foreigners in Japan, which have left everything and, to search for the earthquake / the deterioration of the situation in the Fukushima nuclear power plant size.
Allegations can be heard – the time at least – rather by other foreigners, which have remained, than by the Japanese. Most Japanese are probably thinking anyway “If I were abroad and this would happen, I also would probably flee”. At the decision, Tokyo in the worst crisis since the Second World War, leaving, are still divorced for a long time the ghosts. The, who stood, will say “We are not the same cut”, the, who went, will say “You guys are just careless / stupid faith”.
Personally, I can blame at least no. The situation was very critical part of, and still the situation is not completely relaxed. One of our employees took it well before, provisionally to his home (USA) return – and continue working from there. Our boss took his duly foul: He is from England.


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  • Anonymous says:

    These reports Tatung Painters from Germany is the reason why here in Japan all have a lot of German stand and left. What a pity brindle Japan more than help, it is the escape from panic abgeseh extremely dangerous times, for own and other people living. I'm here dreihundervierzig km at Fukushima turn, plus the media in Germany is a crucial topic for all that makes life has been to long. To cover in this blog if you sacrifice a little time to the deplorable state of affairs on does not mean that one does not even active help! Otherwise, your call to help a good cause. \(^ O ^)/

  • dentus says:

    @ Henry
    it should be known, that German firms (Media companies are also) their employees need to be carried off.
    Fiduciary duty of the employer:
    as. § 241 BGB, Safety BG
    Since it is u.a. not want to but must.
    One may also consider such factors.
    Panic is a bad counselor, there's no question. But if I had employees in Japan, I would get them back because even with my personal fortune for my decisions ( Hazard to life and limb of the MA) must adhere.

  • Terry says:

    There is a question to answer because of the return of your family already. Otherwise, you will receive my full consent to the media representations quite as seriously classified media here in the FRG. Incidentally, the term has been discussed Amgeregt “temporary meltdown” at one of my very esteemed music journalist. Conclusion: sooner or later will all pass! Well, whether the inventor was so gemint?

    Cold Fusion: is probably for the foreseeable future in the laboratory of physicist(?) remain missing. There must still be used on some basic research, before one can even begin to approach the development of usable reactors.

    Today on the radio was also the beginning of the cherry blossom season reported. Does not understand manner found much echo (or at?). If this kind festivities in Japan (there are certainly religious festivals)in times of emergency attention?

  • Anonymous says:

    Mea culpa. Sacrifice really much time for writing the blog and emails for less.
    And, Family since Friday is here again, including. In-laws, who live here now, as one's own home has become unusable.
    Cherry Blossoms? And, are running late this year. Will probably be a little quieter this year. Even a few of the big fireworks in August have been canceled, and many companies currently give to advertising (called 自 粛 jishuku – Self-restraint). Say, the trains and stations, etc.. are currently (fast) without advertising. A strange sight…

  • Out says:

    Hallo Tabibito,

    I'm really happy with your blog, because, as you yourself have noted already, D is the media here in quite beside.
    Since the earthquake, the first, what I do in the morning and at bedtime, News and turn to see, what's new. Stunned, I had to watch, as the reports on Japan slipped further and further behind. As of yesterday, only about the elections is meaningless. Here, the, Japan which something happens, that the whole world and thus happens to us all.

    It was very embarrassing to me personally, how German politicians began, Unfortunately for Japan to abuse their elections. Our power plants currently doing the, what they did in the past decades: light rays, make from time to minor problems, you are silent and generate electricity. I mean, NOW there is no reason to demonstrate in Germany and “switch off” shout. It would be more appropriate, Not to mention, and to pray for Japan.

    The media in Germany are by no means the, what to think or feel all Germans, But surely you know.
    I must think of the poor people in emergency shelters, when I naturally get a bottle of water, or snuggle me at night in a warm blanket. I wish, I could really do anything for you.
    But I admire the strength, Peace and strength of the Japanese.

    Thank you for your reports and continue to do everything, all the best for you, your family, and Japan!

    Greetings – Out

  • Montana says:

    There is always current radiation values ​​of the nuclear power plant areas:

    At least, Kanagawa should be interesting (and is far from, getting into a critical value)

  • snoeksen says:

    The Mr. Smith in Osaka I also noticed uncomfortably. Are there any “full-time” Japankorrespondenten? I think, these are all Asia correspondent, which are sometimes flown thither, where the fire. Where not even from the near “Focus” is. Reminds a bit of the “Switch”-Skits where the reporter always “6000km away from the Grzpezrprosk” or as reported, than they would be there.

    Anyway, it seems to be limited almost exclusively to, Pictures from NHK World abzufilmen and explain the condition of roofs from Osaka of Japan. In which, to save the honor of the ARD (I think) is still the lady mentioned, actually travels through the disaster area and “site” bereichtet.

  • Daniela says:

    Thank you for your unbiased and reallen Post. I am very glad, that I can read along. Although it makes me mad sometimes, if I follow the coverage here in Germany. The other part, There is also a kind of helplessness watching, which changes the nuclear disaster listen (present independent measurements) will. I would like to have more to do, to give than money (I have already done. I wish you and your family continue the strength and positive attitude to life.

  • fritz says:

    flyjin… and, the author of Tokyo Bling, actually a very harmonious human, sees as critical, that the aliens are all relatively quickly and left have.

    cold fusion: there needs to be said as yet experimented, on the outskirts of Berlin gibts there also actively trying to. but right now it is probably as, that there was more energy consumed, as producing. I think it will be further researched, this is also one of germany's strength: technology and its export.

  • ppm says:

    As popular literature can recommend the mirror / mirror online already…
    — But now for something, perhaps now is not appropriate, but possibly. could be integrated later in a topic. The number of houses, which are destroyed, must also be re-established. Must be included as standard in every new house built in earthquake-keeping operations? Or depends on the individual check on the location / number of stories / personal use / hire, usw. If someone preferred traditional wood construction, which is still found in many new buildings, this could be prevented?

  • Gray says:

    The term “Subotnik” I have not already heard about 20years ;-) “Land of the Setting Sun” I personally find somewhat incongruous, “flyjin” matches more even ;-)

    The theme “Cold Fusion” is yes to the hype 89 something eigeschlafen, But maybe there's more money for research…

    Cherry Blossoms – Transience, and nicely – how sad and, unfortunately, according to the theme.

  • eight,it says:

    The news from Japan are not good, neither of you for, yet for us.
    One thing I would like to note, however, still one of the options with us, it was punished, the hypocrisy of the policy of the conservative parties, for an event such as Fukushima in Europe the same obfuscations would result, Only here would the actors RWE, E-on oder Waterfall + the Conservatives. The arrogance of power has sometimes get NEN small lesson, soo stupid is now popular as politicians do not want the.

    I think a lot about you

  • Stefan says:

    I can only give my only Japanese friend, which is actually more and more insecure. The last two days she has written to me each, that the situation would get worse.

  • Bert says:

    The term “flyjin” I've also heard and take the connotation me as very Selbiger. The feeling, Leaving behind family and friends in Tokyo and (though hopefully only temporarily) with his wife and child to Germany “discontinued”, can not be described in words. Yet, It was at that time a decision, I can justify to me. A stale aftertaste remains nevertheless…

  • Julia says:

    Well, The German media.
    The new star is a cover story about Japan, really nice with pictures of geishas and warriors of old.
    What do they have to do with it? Do not know, perhaps wanted a star editor urgently put his holiday pictures – After a few weeks in the country you know soooooooooooo much about the mentality, particularly, if you do not master the language. -.-
    Which would like to write a letter to the editor, because so from, “what would you say, if a similar disaster would be at in Germany found around the world pictures of people in leather pants?”

  • Hamu-Sumo says:

    You can forget the mirror. After a few issues, I've given up on him, because he told me very pessimistic. It was really my, the world is so bad, that you should take your best life.

  • Anonymous says:

    I put the media at times have since found two things in the time that are worth reading, critical, or have been properly researched.

    And even this article.

    Was “flyjin” It is going to think I also went on it like it is, if you come back and when to come back.

    Japanese use in this context the word panic, and that meant so basically you're sick in Japan, at least one asks you if you're health is when you say that the panic over now. ;-)

    For my part I see it this way. Quake, Tsunami and radiation have separated us from foreign wheat from the chaff. Much business leaders will see it as your boss, and certainly replace the people sooner or later.
    Must work to :-)

  • phelia fogg says:

    always very informative, Their reports!!!

    Thank you.

  • Stine* says:

    Hello Matthias,

    Thank you for your reports.

    About “German media” or “German policy” – do you know the Gfühl “foreign ashamed” ? To me anyway HERE. As for the whole of the nuclear plant in Germany brings Abschalterei if Europe does not participate ? Even after the shutdown is not won. Decades have fuel rods are cooled. (for example,. Lingen nuclear power plant) And where does the energy come to ?

    There were reports from Japan in the early times inen scientist who has brought it to a point. Where are nuclear power plants built ? On large rivers. What are Major Rivers ? In crevices. Explains everything or ?

  • Dean says:

    Until recently I worked for an international aid agency in the north of Japan's traditional. I can only say so much: According to our radiologist team (No Japanese) were the most 21. March erratic rise in radiation levels in Tokyo, while high, that is twice as much as normal. But they also said that Stockholm EVERY day is exposed to this amount of radiation (Japan has a naturally low background radiation). A stay at the concrete building is one of a much higher radiation than if you look at staying out (Concrete contains thorium). In short: at the 21. one in Tokyo was nowhere safe from radiation in the open.

    The correspondents are sitting somewhere outside Tokyo that remind me of the Rapporteur of 80/90er. Only this time sitting in Hong Kong and Tokyo reported, Singapore, Seoul und Taipei. And of course they were most familiar of the respective, no question ;-) As you may as well send a Japanese man to Milan the then London, Berlin and Paris reported.

    The Flyjin, can you blame anyone, especially those with children. I ran across the road but also Gaijin who have stayed here only because they are stranded and can not return to their country (persl. Problems, no acceptance in society). There are so brave, not only remained.

    Soil liquefaction was explained this morning on Fuji TV in length and width. Who wants to see exactly where it hit Tokyo:

    Or how about knights, Minstrel and maiden in the fairy tale castle Neuschwanstein? This edition, the star more like a wild collage of a Erstklässlers, would have to have almost, The time has surely Group Value. Just as some magazines from the 80s when the Japanese economy rose steeply and the West taught to fear, and you seriously believe the world would continue to speak Japanese. It's almost a shame that no one believes any longer in the panty vending machines.

    Issue contents:
    “With remarkable attitude by the Japanese are the disaster. A look at the history explains the value structure, in which the individual is nothing and the community is all” – I'm lost for words at such absolutes, especially when appearing in the magazine full-page photos of Samurai and WWII in order to explain the Japanese. What is missing is the analogy to the ant colony. As is probably too much on their own past history of the other reflects. Well at least has polar bear Knut's done far forward into the magazine, far ahead of the dolphin killers and Walschlächtern. The poor bear has suffered certainly much.

    Well, Browse the magazine do not forget!

    @ Out, Daniela
    The best thing you can do is donate, even though it may seem a heartless, easy to transfer money. Especially in the first two weeks would have been blocked by private mail and parcel deliveries only done a disservice to the people. Postal and other delivery services, the limited capacity needed to ensure universal service in the country. The donated money will be used on site, z.B. order goods from the rest of the country, Water from Korea, To buy clothes from China instead of flying halfway around the world all. A heart for the human being is most important. Everything else arises from.

    Hamu-Sumo @
    Haha, But that would be bad for circulation figure.

    As far as the land of the setting sun. With our bright future, we take the over-fished tuna, abgekupferte the technology and the strange idiosyncrasies of the same in the fall. The end is nigh, swim for your life!

  • Gray says:

    @ Tabibito
    The question of “ppm” according to current building codes for seismic safety u.Begrenzungen I would be interested in. That would have really even a topic for a later post.

    Maybe you the help here:

    I personally know only a series literature on historic buildings and wooden structures. But it usually only gives current literature on general urban planning in Japan or on special newly created works and the methods used there. Perhaps Tabibito times has a link to current building codes, which could then yes sometimes translated.

  • dentus says:

    Between Japan and Germany are not only a few thousand miles distance but also give several of thousand years of culture, Education and conditioning.
    While we in Central Europe with a Christian, Western value system were raised and indulges the soul of German Romanticism, has been running this in Japan just different. This something Kant and Schopenhauer and promptly we go on the road to preserve the creation. An interesting cocktail of German intellectual history.

    How is it run in Japan, I can not judge. But my wife tells me every day, that, for example. Korea in the run must be definitely different, What makes the matter infinitely interesting.

    I mean, It is not about the clumsy long noses in the German media to judge or to “German angst”, let alone, To assess coping with the crisis in Japan ( definitely not what we deserve ) but to help the Japanese people:
    Action ” Germany helps ” Donations will be happy to.

    Discuss, what unites or divides our peoples, we can always come back, If the debris is cleared away and the reactor poses no threat.

    Reading Tip:
    Safranski: Romance, A German Affair

    Gruss Dentus

  • Juergen says:

    Who would have thought a few weeks ago? Erdbeben in Japan stoppt “Stuttgart 21” :-)

  • Julia says:

    @ Dean: And, exactly. As sure would delight in.

    I read this Sch certainly not more *** (But of course my parents, As always, a pleasure for everyone Japanologiestudenten -.-), But I think, I write my opinion where real time. So it really can not walk.

    Incidentally, one of my professor has developed a nice interview (I think) given:

    I only wish, the star would read times.

  • dentus says:

    Thank you for the blog.
    The contributions are important, assess the operations in Japan to. What is obvious to me something that regurgitates compulsive Germany-bashing, which have to believe to show German citizens living abroad. My wife is Korean, Born in Seoul. You would never write down your mother land so. I also think Japan has not spit in the mirror.
    It is the right of the Japanese on nuclear power to set, especially when you look at the island location and the historical animosity with neighboring countries makes present.
    It is also the right of Germans do not just shut down the nuclear plant and. Of course, no research on energy sources are canceled, but intensified. Peak Oil will ensure.

    Thanks again for the blog, good luck to the people of Japan.

    Your Dentus

  • BigAl says:

    Flyjin… Shows how much contempt for the creation of this word, the Japanese have placed the foreigners from the heart? Or how should we understand the?

    Is just a real problem, that a radiation does not kill immediately, but only years or decades later.

  • Terry says:

    Here is a brief report of a recent experiment on cold fusion in Italy:

    Wait for what will be said to the academic competition. 1989 was already announced and rejoicing 2011 there is still no economic approach.

    @ Dentus
    It is perhaps connected with the East Asian mentality, that is not his country of origin “degrades”. I can not even recognize at Tabibito. It is very strange for so many Germans, is how to deal with the nuclear situation in Japan in the FRG. Is similar to my knowledge, rather than in any other country. No one will blame another about their fears and anxieties about the consequences of such an accident. But this one is really wallows in the panic.

    So, Now I make my way, to buy the Star ;-)

  • Andre Hess says:

    Well, are untrustworthy and unqualified report, unfortunately, abound, especially in the private press, in the public press, unfortunately,. But one should not forget, that the press is always a reflection of the needs of the reader. With a little research can be found without much trouble in the German media landscape, clean and well-researched enough objective reports.

    Whether politicians in Germany, the earthquakes and the nuclear disaster (I allow myself, the events in Fukushima to name) abuse, whether in view of the protest movements in Germany will be peeved or amused, is up to you. I for one am very proud, that in Germany there is a wide anti-nuclear movement (not only in Fukushima, just think of the Castor transports), which has managed, The energy policy of the government to question, also shows the willingness of higher energy prices, and even more standing around windmills in the landscape.
    The rest of the world thinks differently, The Japanese also seem to nuclear power is still not particularly calling into question, d.h. they are willing to live in the future with its risks and impacts. That's their decision. But I find it strange to criticize, when a country tries to, Alternative ways to go, and yes, Now is the time, to make a difference, not in a few months, if Japan has disappeared completely from the news, because it will inevitably be.

  • Ralf says:

    As I read today had me well with my last ct 7000 micro sievert contaminated and it was done only on suspicion, I'm starting to rabbits to physicians and the increased radiation in japan I suddenly ridiculous, just everything is relative

  • True says:

    Thank you very much, Tabibito, for your insightful blog! I read it for several days with. At first I thought, too, Humans are just piss off….you've got a German determines the ability to return to Germany….But then I tried to put in your place. I think, I would not drop everything and left only once, and observed the situation. I wish you and your family the best of luck and hope, that it can continue to live in Tokyo.

    @ Andre Hess and Dentus: I can only agree with you, better you speak to me from the heart!

    @Terry: I think, Dentus that has not necessarily meant Tabibito with the Germany-bashing.

    To me it is namely so, when I look at some comments in recent days by reading. Sometimes I feel, that there is a competition “who has read the serious rogue and unqualifiziertesten Post?”, so that one can feel ashamed and so really it. Speaking, you have not read those articles unreasonable and without much effort you can really find much more serious, and well-researched. The article, Enrico has recommended the, I think e.g.. very well:

    @ Out: I mean, NOW that exactly the right time is to demonstrate. With all due sympathy for the Japanese, But there are times even now nuclear power plants in Germany, the same – albeit for different reasons – out of control can. Now you must use the advantage of the situation….and do not be angry, but pray and be silent, does not help the Japanese people.

  • Olaf says:

    Great stories, Thank you. I am a regular reader… :-)

  • BigAl says:

    My comment above is very misleading, I've just realized only.
    I wanted to say, that the Japanese take the risk of radioactivity probably, unfortunately, is not serious enough, because they do not immediately affect, but not until many years later.

  • Julia says:

    @ True: Clearly you have not read what, But when friends or family do it and then come to one with “sag mal, du bist doch Japanologin…” or “and since you want to go back?!”

  • Mb says:

    Na ja, nerves are known to all.

    If only the “0.1 Microsievert” in Tokyo sind, then it would not be so bad. The question of realism is more like / had such values ​​are, if you have radiation in China, USA, etc.. could demonstrate. According to data from Greenpeace 30 Km away from the kiln radiation levels from 100 Micro-Sievert per hour measured (today). If one then looks, as on Japan Times 8 Microsievert Fukushima are given.. as I said, nerves are known to all. It will be seen sooner or later, how the information content was.

  • Anonymous says:

    Sanna danke :-)

    Have just seen that the link was not found to article

    Mouse trail to the car, There are probably never “right” Time for such a withdrawal. Nevertheless, a country must still dare to hope once the beginning and we are many implications. If not for ourselves then at least for our children, which we hope will be born healthy and grow up.

  • Juergen says:

    @ Dentus
    Perhaps it is because, that is stimulated in D already in school to question. May have something to do with the story. If, in countries where only learned by heart stubborn possibly. different. Be critical in D is as intellectually, and I have the impression, that many if something is criticized without thinking happy to jump on the train, so you are then on the safe side. So we very quickly against everything and everybody scrapes together the arguments and. Be critical and criticize everything's just not the same.

  • Flo says:

    Here is a time “independent” Page on which it is at least twice daily situation reports to the nuclear and radiation doses are.
    Everything objectively without fear-mongering media attention.

  • menzeline says:

    Do you know this already from the Süddeutsche Zeitung?

    So if that's true, I think that's really degrading.

    Menze greeting line

  • Juergen says:

    @ Dentus

    Mention must also be the duty of care of the state, the warn and protect its citizens MUST.

    Especially problematic in that commitment kidnapping a German citizen abroad (z.B. Piracy in Somalia), since one is almost forced to pay ransom, to ensure the protection.

  • Thomas says:

    Although I agree about with you on many points, I made similar reasons also still staying in Tokyo, about it beyond believing as a physicist, assess the situation itself can be, I find it, Takeda is to enjoy that blog with extreme caution, alone when one reads the following quote by, what is sometimes a real smokescreen now:

    “To us, from the problem than that of "what to do with the water nuclear power plant" has been an issue newspapers and television, "The sea is what dirty", and "What ends around the time", came to be inside the nuclear power plant less ”

    Greetings from Tokyo!

  • Anonymous says:

    My mum @ bigal, It has taken quite well this morning on the dot. Japanese are worried, scared like everyone else. Why do they stand still and not everything can be, should be clear if everybody he uses his brain. For those where this is not to get the number one and inspiring models, which also affects my self => Family! Who does not believe that we follow the advice to protect us, more wrong.

    Must continue to work because sometimes…

  • margaret says:

    Hello and thank you for your reports. You are still of the opinion, that the nuclear energy supply for the importance of Japan's? I think nuclear power is not safe anywhere and people would never have to touch the. But since it's obviously a lot of money. And if in a country then passes through a district, then the boundaries of the country unfortunately does not hold for the problems other countries simply to. And I also think it is right and good, that the foreigners leave Japan. I had so much time to visit Japan, But I would never do it.
    All the effects we are only able to accurately detect all years after.
    Do you know, as the uranium is gehändelt? For this reason alone there should be no nuclear power plants. Thuringia and Saxony have to do today, even with these contaminated sites.
    There is a documentary film “inkognito terra-Die Wismut”.
    You and your family all the best, it greets friendly

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