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Oh, oh, Olympics…

August 3rd, 2012 | Tagged , | 7 Comments | 791 reads

So completely I can not and will not close myself to the Olympic Games. At least some sports like I am right, it allows time. But since the Japanese television can provide the non-Japanese viewer sometimes hard to be patient sample. In my case, the particular case of two completely different words in the case.
The first is しかし shikashi and means “but, however”. This is usually so: The sports reporting murmurs to himself, everything looks smug, but just at the moment, in which one thinks “There you are, is still!” is the magic word: shikashi. Three syllables, and then everything goes wrong, only. Na toll. Not, that it would be particularly dramatic impact on my survival and that of the rest of humanity now, when the Japanese wrestler in the 150+ kg weight class to fight for a spot on the podium does not lose or, But bad news is bad news nunmal. And, Japanese sports reporter, I always find it anyway, a wonderful sense of, to place those three syllables like a bomb. Say, they always use the same drama with reports of previous events: Only the positive elements, then the three syllables, and what follows is a sequence of small disasters, where the main character (at New Germany: Loser) Never blame was. Debt was either the weather, bad food on the plane, the nasty foreign enemies or whatever. You do not believe? Simple summaries of times volleyball tournaments in the Japanese watch TV, because as you lose most enjoy watching.
The second word is a little more complicated: 彻底 分析 tettei bunseki, in German “thorough analysis”. This word is used by sports reporters, if the first word unfortunately can not be used, because the object has gained coverage. Something will happen, and it comes at the current Olympics, even relatively common: Japan lies down in recent years not only in football, but also in other sports into the right stuff. If a medal is won (such as in gymnastics yesterday by Uchimura), is the celebrated television miserably long. This is of course fully in order – can be realized in this performance Solz. But the news will start with “In the sports section, we will of course analyze thoroughly, why XYZ has won. Um, I wonder why? Because he was better than the other? Word then come to the former primary school teacher, the wife along with children, if present, the bedridden great-aunt, any random characters from the same village and so on and so forth. Of course, this all somehow knew and expected. Best then is the part, where the Japanese television Fritzen foreigners indiscriminately (in this case in London) Stop and ask, whether they were so impressed by the Japanese athletes XYZ. A reporter reported here today proud, that he has specially painted to a sign, order to be able to tell these poor victims. On it was written in spidery handwriting: “Thanks you”! And, happen gerner! The guy gets at least no gold medal for foreign languages.

I hope, that Japan will continue to win many medals. So many, that they become accustomed. But that will never be the case. One need only look at popular films and TV series on Japanese television, to know, that most Japanese are obviously in this kind of drama. Would indeed prefer to watch live stream on ARD, But I do not want, I therefore once again alone to deal with a variety of proxy must be. Because: Olympics or not, abroad may not be shown live stream. In this sense,: More free!


7 Responses to “Oh, oh, Olympics…”

  • Klaus says:

    I, so isses!

    Olympia is not an international but a purely Japanese event – at least as regards the reporting. Not even the medals you get to see, only that Japan is so and so place (if indeed at all). And Internet – been nothing jau with me, ARD and ZDF are just only “pure Germanic” at your disposal. So we content ourselves with the written reports – still better than continuous repetition number 68 Japanese TV * _ *!

  • Saitama Lilie says:

    Sport frei hm. For Japan, I would find Deal with, machs not, machs better!” even more appropriate. Very your senses, or?

  • S.Roth says:

    I found the Japanese sports coverage also always terrible.

    Pointed Incredibly lurid and dramaturgy no longer goes to the.
    Since I praise our bit cold factual ARD / ZDF.

  • gojira says:

    Does not the euro sport player because of Japan also? In TV, I prefer the Euro sports broadcasting, because the commentators are not as boring as ARDZDF and the sport of choice usually (for me) is interesting and varied.

  • Terry says:

    Schon mal mit probiert? Do not know, if that works. Since I'm abroad if only briefly, I can do without well on German TV.

  • tabibito says:

    @ Gojira, Terry

    Eurosport-Player? Does not go. Zattoo? Also does not (went earlier times but, I think). Without much Rumpfriemeln with proxies really goes hardly what, and so sharp I am then not on television :(