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Lonely Japan: More than half of the 18 to 34-year-old partnerlos

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Demographic Change 1930-2055 in Japan: Those:

Today, the government published The National Social Security, Population Institute (National Research Institute for Population and Social Security) alarming Forschunsergebnisse. Alle 5 Years, the Institute surveys of this type. Interviewed were well 10,000 Japanese of all ages, social class and gender – including well- 7,000 Men and women between 18 and 34 Years. The main finding of the survey: 61.4% the men surveyed and 49.5% the women of that age group said they, no partner to have.

In principle, want some 86% the men and good 89% Although the women get married someday, but the 18 specify up to 24 years, still too young to feel this – the 25 to 34-year-old can not somehow never pass the ends or the Related. It is interesting the way, that the survey explicitly with the attribute Opposite sex – isei (andersgeschlechtlich) is asked: Homosexuals are not so. On the other hand, would also make sure the cabbage is not fat. The proportion of lots Partners is the largest since the survey: That increased in recent years to 10% in men and 5% in women.

Surprising Results? In principle, yes. It was already clear, that the proportion of partners is large lots. But the study shows, that everything is much worse. The problem in this country is not such a high divorce rate, or too few children: Already at the very first step, it falls short. I look around me here in my area, I can confirm these figures only. Quo vadis, Japan? If I were a fairly young politician in this country, I would make me very very concerned at any rate.

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