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Report: Antiatomkraft-Demo in Tokyo

July 17th, 2012 | Tagged , , , | 17 Comments | 1468 reads

Today, at the 17. June, I've just thrown my good intentions overboard: Actually, I had my self-imposed, not to be politically active in Japan - ie, I thought it was questionable as to, whether I have the right to, me to participate in demonstrations. Finally, I'm just a guest here. If a persistent host.

Demobeginn in Yoyogi: Everything beautiful colorful

But if I Herumgeeiere in terms of nuclear power here so see, I see myself forced to really, my principles to jettison. After all, my wife had our son, then 1-month and 4-year-old daughter at that time because of the ultimate home-made disaster of Fukushima a hurry to leave town. And now it is the policy, convince the people, that it should fire up the more nuclear power plants again, otherwise the lights go out. Only 16 Months after Fukushima. You just learn not to, and instead of looking for alternatives, wants to continue as before.
Today (a holiday) found for this reason the 10万人 集会 jūmannin shūkai – 100’000-People meeting instead of. They gathered at noon in the large Yoyogi Park in the center. Famous musicians (For example, Ryuichi Sakamoto) and writers (For example, Nobel Prize Kenzaburo Oe) There were, and at the end of the demonstrators marched on three different routes through the city.
Participate in a Japanese demo is basically unremarkable and similar dangerous, like taking a 2-year-old the candy. Violence can be expected under any circumstances. No chaotic, no black block, No stick wielding policeman. While I was still But they make you a Exploding from the ear, but since it's only a matter of principle: Apparently the policy in Japan does not matter, what people think, But there must be even in Japan, a pain threshold for politicians. Located at the 100,000 Demonstrators? Apparently not. One million? Who knows. So go first. Even my Schwiegeeltern decided, to go (their first demo) and are specifically made a sign.
Actually, I wanted to go with his wife and children, but we had to cancel at short notice.

Sehr clever: Solution easy to stick umbrella!

Such crowds of around 35 Degrees and blazing sun comes in small children not so well. So it went off alone. Without a shield. The Ringer! In Yoyogi, more precisely, around Harajuku Station, all hell broke loose, because while there was the show “Disney on Ice” instead of. What a mixture. Hovered over the park 5 Press helicopters, and hundreds of police ensured order. Many participants had homemade signs while, other conveniently pasted their umbrellas with slogans. A young band played live on a trailer - very refreshing and very unjapanisch. Of course, because not all participants own pieces. A few political parties and organizations send out their people. All in all it was very colorful.
As the trial itself expired, was typical Japanese: Very, very ordered. Only a portion of the road is blocked, So the whole entourage moves into the length. In addition, the convoy also chopped up by long traffic signals, But somehow we meet again. The police presence is massive, but only, to maintain order and all in all, quite favorably. After an hour the train was already over.
Whether it does what? According to the organizers were 170’000 People there. According to police, 70’000. The true figure is somewhere in between are according to experience, But the chances are not bad according to, it's really more than 100’000 were. One can only hope, that the movement does not fade away, because the government will next week give permission for the upshift of another reactor. And that is worrying, for thus will you step by step to the back “Normality”. And that is anything but normal.

We have also attached a short video – most frequently heard the following phrases:

再 稼 働 撤回 Saikadō Tekkai – Take back the re-opening
脱 原 発 Datsu-Genpatsu – Get out of nuclear power!
原 発 反 対 Genpatsu Hantai – Against nuclear power!


17 Responses to “Report: Antiatomkraft-Demo in Tokyo”

  • Dean says:

    Yes, the unusual thing today was already ne! An unbelievable number of people and very unusual for Japan, “civil disobedience” seen in this scale. For this typical Japanese organized by zoff absolutely free and fully. Food stalls and drink stands were all represented, as if it were a summer festival. Vending machines were filled regularly, Toilets were available and subjects were given pre-printed with anti-nuclear slogan. Practically.
    The number of press helicopters in the sky must have got lost on the way home, was for the evening news again reported only sparsely. Although the majority of people in politics seem to be little or not at all able to express, but it was good to see that some have understood very well, How much has it beaten Clock.

  • Caraway says:

    Finally, something happening ;-) …will not only help a lot. I think (myself am involved in the energy sector), that the reconnection mainly commercial and possibly. is still driven capacitance-driven…previously they had all coal and gas (Gas-To-Liquid) replace, which is relatively expensive-shit.

    If you continue to be ridiculous, in the nuclear force, the consequential costs and possible accidents aside, It is unfortunately still the cheapest.

    I would be interested, how to deal in Japan with the wind-energy, or there are technical reasons, the other hand, tend to speak, since the risk too great, that go with every typhoon that things hops ?

    Times would be an important future-XX-year plan of the government, Geothermal, Wind, Solar, whatever…You also need to renovate their network, is even more of a stand-alone grid, Hokkaido is not even connected clever…and then the 50/60 Hz Thema…

  • Hanayagi says:

    Oh, You were there too? Had we briefly closing times will. My report follows later :)

  • Henry says:

    Despite all the skeptics, My call was answered by Aufgebaeren. The demos are just the beginning not the end. Want to have in Japan has begun a new era and it was not it should regard themselves… :-)

  • zoomingjapan says:

    Very interesting!
    I find great, how you use yourself!
    Have you discussed where Japanese? That would indeed be interested to know me.

  • R.E. Krumm calibration says:

    Who insisted, then again here!
    Demo was not the, It was a parade (Paredo ~ japanisiert). This is a world of difference. The, made the demos, are now at my age, alt68 ~ '74 in Japan. And since that time but it went right down to business, They are standing in the FRG in nothing.
    But awakened Japan. It is 3 before 12. And we, not the foot health, are.
    In place, I like Japan, exaggerating with my arguments, my hearty really quite large clientele of 18 – 81 Years quickly the tears in your eyes. Many, by using “vaccinated” attended the paredo ;-)

    • Henry says:

      Monday Demon 89/90 was there and yes I'm just about forty. ;-) Tabibito was certainly present, guess we know what it heist to go on the road and keep your head down if it can also engwerden. Face of these experiences, I have the gegenwertigen パレドデモ [paredodemo] \(^ O ^)/
      I'd rather have. Get up there and the thing does not lose sight of the!

      • krummu says:

        As you rightly say E., I would now also be found in Cologne no longer paving stones and my arguments today myself be hurtful, as the end of the 60. I have next to 2 Years psychol. Fighting force (BW) and learned several studies. How words can be swords and weapons of mass destruction, without a drop of blood to start flowing. But then plenty. 33-45 and other. ;-)
        I always hope, my word that violence is not in the original sense of the word “Violence” ~ Gebarudo / Japanized understands.

  • tabibito says:

    @ Dean
    That was very strange with the helicopters. But in the late news, the demo after all, for almost 30 Seconds above. Interestingly, the figures were once again: 170’000 According to the operator. 70’000 According to the police. “Fast 200’000” According to ARD. Sounds better, of course,.

    @ Cumin
    Wind energy is used quite, but unfortunately only in very, very small scale. Typhoons seem to be no problem since, because in classical Taifunschneisen wind turbines are.
    But of course – an overhaul of the network in addition to standardization would be more desirable than. Also, decentralization can be slow in coming. In puncto Solarenergie gab is bad die ja 100’000-Roofs Initiative and interesting projects such as the zero-emission commercial premises in Kawasaki, But there is a lack of large follow-up projects. Probably the most noteworthy initiative is the ecopoints – energy-efficient refrigerators who, Air conditioners, etc.. buys, get points credited, saving money.

    And, There were apparently a lot of people because, I know, I have made and for none :(

    Most were too busy chanting various slogans with the, and because of the burning sun, I had a scarf on her head – I fall so amazingly, seems less. Therefore – no, Surprisingly, I was (hardly) a raised. There were however a number of other foreigners here.

    @R.E. Krumm calibration
    I wish you every success in the future at the grassroots initiative!

    @ Henry
    No, I'm not as old as you :) Was then 15 and could not leave my boarding school on Monday evenings…

  • Julia says:

    Has not directly to do with the topic, but I would like to commend your attitude. How often have I myself annoyed by people, who went voluntarily to Japan and still only times all Japanese (and I) had to explain there, what is wrong. Then remains at home?
    (My favorite candidate is the way the, the Japanese can not and then complain, why nobody speaks English in Japan.)

  • Lena says:

    Märtyrerin im Atomstaat “Nuclear worker Karen Silkwood” possibly. recalls the one or other of this film!

    PS: seen in the German cinema – long has it been!

    • krummu says:

      even here there are a lot of “Märtyern”. I would but rather with Tepo and Noda & Think consorts and they denote little collateral damage, are factored in such large-scale global projects already in the planning. However, it must still “some” more to come, otherwise the plan numbers do not hit back.
      Sorry,en, I only have my Sarcasm

  • ProAtom says:

    From on Renewable Energies I do not believe. Nuclear power plants have established the wealth. Without it, a country falls back into the middle ages. Are nothing “renewable energy” as the Middle Ages technologies. Windmills, Water wheels or heating with wood, etc are just toys. Propagated Alles. No animal and no human can survive within 20km next to a wind turbine. Electricity prices will be priceless here in Germany even before the nuclear phase-out.
    This is also one of the reasons why I want emigrates from Germany.
    Anime and manga have piqued my interest in Japan and I think the great blog, but Japan should introduce the Green dictatorship it falls away as a possible country of emigration.

    • krummu says:

      Stay in your Manga- und Animeland, wherever that may also be.
      What I do know, it is not on this planet. Fantasies in this comic direction do no harm, and had you indulged whole-heartedly further.
      Only you are sure, that no normal person here waiting for you. Therefore, the loss of pain holds our hand within narrow limits. (I pretext here specially the simple plural form, nicht Pluralis Majestatis ;-)).
      Alles andere, which flowed from your pen, defies description. Hence 0 comment ;-)

      Gruss REK

    • Henry says:

      @ProAtom >>Japan should introduce the Green dictatorship it falls away as a possible country of emigration.

      Was a short dream of Japan!
      Tagesthemen 23:00 Clock, 29.07.2012

  • Robert says:

    On the subject of nuclear power plants, there is a very interesting study, in the 2010 was created. It is indeed almost obsolete, because they u.a. already disconnected NPPs (u.a. Biblis A B) under the microscope, but you can also as a non-technology expert to take many things from it about how to deal with dangerous and highly complex technology in Germany (z.B. on the part lax in repair- and maintenance measures):

    Risks of old nuclear power plants
    Study commissioned by the Parliamentary Group of Alliance 90 / The Greens
    created by: Renneberg Consult UG, Wolfgang Renneberg,
    Bonn, June 2010

    Fits to a then post about what a nuclear insider Author, Poets and thinkers from Hanau (NUKEM) have whispered (Stichwort RBU) about “Security” German NPPs:

    AmEnd ! Günter Amendt nachgeschrien
    Habes attempt obituary
    Published on 14. March 2011 Hartmut von Barth-Engelbart

    And here the testimony of a nuclear power plant manager (Tenor: German NPPs are safe) from 17.10.10, So a few months before Fukushima:

    Question: The reactor Biblis A and B were 1974 and 1976 ans Netz. Making them some of the oldest German nuclear power plants. What would you build safety differently today?

    In Biblis we have safety significantly upgraded and used components, For example, in the control, which will also come in EPR for use.

    The above study by Mr Renneberg shows what of such a statement regarding the adaptation of old nuclear power plants is to keep: Not much, because new errors and possibly even greater risks arise from time- and money printing. Correctly, the error-prone old nuclear power plants were shut down over a year ago – without Fukushima, some of which were still running. But also in France a lot of time bombs ticking.

    The main source of energy in industrialized countries is currently still saving energy.