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Two hours queuing for 'ne sausage / The Meat Guy

October 25th, 2011 | Tagged , , | 17 Comments | 1909 reads

Würstchenbude in Tokyo: 2 of 4 Varieties sold, two hours of waiting time

No, The speech is not a soup kitchen or a refugee camp, but from Germany Festival, which took place yesterday in and around the German Embassy. 150 Years of German-Japanese friendship should be celebrated as – The highlight of the year, the German-Japanese friendship. Cheers!.

On the outside wall exactly that message, which Shortly after the first earthquake had even taken to safety, without informing the citizens registered at your Federal somehow, stuck gigantic posters, on which the exploits were celebrated, to Germany for the long-suffering Japan after the disaster volbrachte – Machines with photos of Cargo, High pressure cleaners, Clearance equipment and the like. I think, ein Photo vom THW, Although the site quickly, but disappeared even faster, I do not think it was.

But this does not spoil our enjoyment of all. I was too curious, so I'm driving with my daughter to Hiroo. Finally, it should indeed occur, even the President. He did well also, but we were too late, and my daughter would surely also have been interested not so much in a speech. Even at the station by Hiroo it started: Crowds, as far as the eye could see. Somehow child to the cafes pulled over to the park – Crowds everywhere. Down to the pond in the park, then a few steps up – there began a snake, stretching to the upper part of the park. The sausage snake! A wise man coping with shield “This end of the line” good-naturedly answered the question about the waiting time: 2 Hours. For God's sake.

There was much excitement. Countless people, countless children. Quick buy something to eat? Impossible. Well, something played, something played, short crying fit, just won because of helium balloons flew up to heaven… after a half hour before it was already getting dark, and so we went back to the way back. From this perspective has been the festival be a success.


The Meat Guy

About Wurst: Today I stumbled upon a website, which I have never noticed before: “The Meat Guy”. The name itself has been beautifully. And program. The shop is run by a foreigner living in Nagoya – and the offer looks fantastic. There are even (Fanfare!) Whole Duck – with 6,600 yen, so good 60 Euro, pro Tier (although small) even relatively inexpensive. Even bacon he has. Well, sold out at the moment… I was so excited, I'm here for nothing but promptly advertise the store.
The site is way bilingual (English & Japanese) – and well done. Say, The item descriptions are downright amusing. Click here for the Meat Guy.


Culture shock train

May 11th, 2011 | Tagged , , | 18 Comments | 2523 reads

So, I'm back in Japan, after a good week at home. Now I was “only” 2½ years is not in Europe, which is certainly in comparison with many other not very long – But it was enough but then again for a couple of little culture shock (which begins at the airport, when you see, Like all people crowd simultaneously from different directions in the bus, rather than to hire).
For a culture shock first-class qualified, however, the German rail every time, because apparently there is to constantly strive, the service and the whole system to deteriorate permanently. My very special because I had fun at the ticket machines in the station of Halle / Saale: There, I wanted to buy a one way ticket to Leipzig. Well chosen destination, and happy it went: Since the box asking me but, regional or composite. select the route – I had four options to choose from: About Schkeuditz, of Delitzsch (I think) and two other nests, of which I had never heard in life. I was lucky: I remembered, that the shortest route through the airport and Schkeuditz, and that's why I chose the route. Puh, that was close. Quick answer some more questions, and then it went to the payment screen: 6 Euro. I had not coins, So I pushed up my smallest bill: A 10-euro note. Then the machine told me gleefully, that it can currently only accept a maximum of 5-euro notes. Class. Did not matter, I had just 10 Minutes. So the next automatic queue. When my turn, I already knew the answers. The machine seemed to have so much taken aback to, that he crashed the same time before the payment screen: Good two minutes I admired the spinning icon and gave up. An Automat 3 It finally worked. And thank God I was just another time, that I may cancel the ticket before departure must be.

Hardly a Japan travel guide comes around it, to mention, how complicated the transport system in Japan is and how difficult it is, as a foreigner to buy the right ticket (However, all show a way to: Just buy the cheapest ticket and if the goal is bare in the machine – this is not possible in Germany, because the system is completely different). But the German Railway brings mid dwell not only on price with Japan, but also in terms of complexity of the machines. I am struck again and again, that one starts at the Deutsche Bahn it simply, that the passenger-depth knowledge about the start- and destination and the distance between them has complete. Otherwise I can not explain the structure of the system. This is certainly not new. When I change once I actually in an unfamiliar city and had at the scoreboard and in the designated train timetable was not easy, I went to the information, to ask me what was wrong. There, I was told: “Well the drive works because now more 10 Minutes earlier and from a different platform from” – and pushed a too soon “But that's been around for three weeks so!” after.


North Korea corvette sunk / Haribo

May 20th, 2010 | Tagged , , | 10 Comments | 999 reads

In, when the times are not two widely separated topics.

For the first – yet because of the geographical proximity, we are interested of course in Japan for very, what happens on the Korean peninsula Sun. Because, of course, beat up again about two months, the waves, as a corvette of the South Korean navy on the sea border with North Korea suddenly exploded, broke into two pieces and sank. Many sailors were rescued, but for 46 Man came too late to help. South Korean Corvette? Border with North Korea? Very sudden explosion? Since no one has to be Vinci Code fan, to conjecture as to a relationship. So we put a “independent” Commission of Experts (consisting of South Koreans and Americans) a. Cause explosion? Clearly, starting from the outside. Explosive? RDX, with markers, pointing to North Korea. In addition there is a torpedo propeller, with a serial number, which font is used mainly in the north.
Today the South Korean government finally gave out the report: The corvette was sunk by a North Korean torpedo. North Korea denies. South Korea announces, take tough measures.
Tough measures? Because I'm curious. Military retaliation? This means, to draw up a hornets' nest. UN Security Council to call? Sanctions? Ever a naked man caught in the bags? Ehrlich – in the skin of the South Korean president, I do not like to be now: He is utterly powerless, and whatever he will now make or not make is rather – It will be the wrong thing.


At midday: Business in Brazil with two Englishmen in Harajuku. In the evening: Meeting followed by short drink with an American, a South African and a Briton in a Japanese-British Bar. See what a short time after my glassy, inflamed eyes directly above the train door? For a brief moment I was there almost sentimental: A great advertisement for Haribo! Nanu! “From the country of gummy, and came.” proclaims the famous bear there – “From the land of rubber, I'm coming from!”. Aha. In fairness, I should say here equal to, that the Japanese word used here for rubber (gumi) has no connotations. “Gumi” stands for jelly, enough. Haribo for years one can see very well-stocked supermarkets, But an advertising campaign I've seen for the first time.
Let's see, whether they also try, Licorice snails marketing. That would be a fun.


Very large class, Passport love designer!

April 18th, 2010 | Tagged , , | 15 Comments | 1545 reads

My old passport expired and was also fully, and so it was time, to get a new passport – So a biometric passport. This was not a problem if all. After the exhibition had the new passport by the Embassy in Tokyo as the next valid visas and powers, etc.. be transferred – the need to make to the immigration authorities can and should supposedly “quickly” go, But this “quickly” lasts at the Central Immigration Office, I can think of at least, sometimes just half a day. Luckily, done something for me but the company.
What remains is the rewriting of the alien registration card, and this can, yet, at least, can make in the local town hall – and even on Sunday. So we went there today. The friendly staff takes so my new passport and my ticket and goes to his computer (Open-plan office – you can see everything). A short time later, he not only rigid, but with him two other employees at my passport and the screen. Ouch, what is going on now? Now flies to, I have been paying council tax to be paid quarterly recently three weeks too late? Or that I had recently run over by a bicycle at a traffic light red? I would rather not waste the day before the Einsammeltages, but really only at dawn to Müllsammeltag 7 Clock put out? Has anyone seen as the Office, I recently before the station at night, smoking a cigarette, although currently the “Night smoking campaign in front of the station” (bis Ende April) is?

The clerk came back. I should mention at this point, I love the local town hall in addition to employees: Very friendly, very fast, and very competent. No joke! He was a little embarrassed: “Could you help me maybe – We are not sure, how to read their passport number”. I wonder briefly – the passport number was not always a … Number? Then I see the dilemma for the first time: No, This year there is an alphanumeric value, and ends on my passport 00. His confusion can quickly understand, when you see the rest on the main page of the passport data: There is absolutely no difference between “0” (zero) and “The” (oh) – both are simply identical.

We finally agree on a few minutes of mutual shrug it, I still come back later once.

After a, two minutes internet research I find out, that some letters are not because of the confusion in code, including the “the”. Alright – two zeros so. This is still evident. And wherein A- or emigrate to countries with equipment, the machine code and / or the chip of the passport can be read, should there be any major problem. But I can guess, what follows: 10 Years full with problems of boundaries and the airline ticket purchase, because no one knows, if the zeros or O's are. I wonder quite seriously because, whether it too much to ask, to use a font, when one can recognize, whether it is a zero or an O. Many hundreds of thousands of German citizens could go so many millions of questions out of the way.

Apart from that: About the Code (see photo) is still “No.”. Did I not really paying attention? Methinks, a number is really only of numbers!? Perhaps even more than with a hyphen!? But as I lie maybe wrong. And we do not want to be more Catholic than the Pope. It's all finally just about the most important document of the German, the passport.

The Word of the Day: Passport pasupooto. Der Passport. Also available on Japanese passports “Travel vouchers” ryokōken – Travel Document – But in spoken Japanese is the rarely used.