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“Japan - a modern reader”: Tabibito als Buch

July 19th, 2012 | Tagged | 14 Comments | 1217 reads

Japan - a modern reader. Available at Amazon, among other things (see here)

So, since it is therefore. My first book. Well, not quite, I had to 18 ever written a book, was still using a typewriter (It went through a desert-mannered trip to Moscow and Russia 1992), but the book was and is not intended for the public. Nearly three years ago I wrote then to a first publisher - if I wanted to work on a guide. I said yes, and then but no personal reasons. Good year and a half later there was another offer, But I also had to turn down for the time being. This time I have not knocked out.
The idea of “Southwest German publisher for academic journals” is actually quite simple: They have developed a system, The author makes the, Cover etc. to make themselves. Within a given mask, understood. Or the publisher can thus automate the process. The book is now also under the publisher “bloggingbooks” appeared - an imprint of the above publisher.

Has the Schmöker 240 Pages and contains the first two thirds of a mix of some 100 (of almost 700) Blog entries from Japan, obviously edited, to the book form and language to do justice in terms of design. The last third is a chronicle of the events during and after the earthquake disaster in 11. March 2011. The book is, what it is - a real reader to all sorts of topics, sometimes with a slight, sometimes difficult to digest foods with.

Detriment of the whole: The book is expensive. The smaller the publisher, more expensive. This is logical. And because of the fixed book price can not sell it cheaper I. But it was worth a try, and the book design was indeed stressful, but quite interesting (I was four weeks and cost several hairs celebration evenings).

Is it worth the purchase for a regular reader? I'd love “and” write, but… The book is certainly different, but the contents are 99% borrowed from this blog. Someone, of this blog from beginning to end knows, will know the most. But no matter: Maybe looking for one or the other for a gift or a book recommendation for someone!?

The book is about Amazon and various other online book stores are related, and probably also in all good bookshops. Theoretically, it can also be ordered with me, if anyone wishes, But it makes no difference in price (I can add more than an autograph :)

So, it was time for an article on its own thing. Of course, it goes back further in the next post modest.



14 Responses to ““Japan - a modern reader”: Tabibito als Buch”

  • Julia says:

    I'll buy it probably does not (bin arms Studentin), recommend but I will definitely, just in case someone seeks a real book, and Japan not as a tourist cottage cheese, where a reporter for two week time just flies over research and then considers an expert.

  • Terry says:

    Well, at last, I've been waiting on it. Several columnists get their outpourings also published in book form yet again. Successfully. And your blog is more than worth it, published in a book to be.

    Congratulations! All the best! And stay Munter!

    P.S. which hair?

  • tembridis says:

    In, that's a perfect gift for a good buddy, I'm going to hijack this September in Japan. In which, if I would give him the choice, he would probably opt more for a voucher for one of the special venues in the Kabuki-cho. But what does not do anything for the education of his friends.

  • HamuSumo says:

    Congratulations on your debut! Just 44 € is no mean feat, but I have times on my Amazon wish list.

  • Shizuka says:

    Na Denn, Congratulations!
    It looks very beautiful, and when the book was fun creating, then it was well worth the stress. I'll watch the marvel and like a friend – it is expensive, But the good literature of any kind is almost always, not?

  • zoomingjapan says:

    Really toll! :)
    And, small publisher = expensive.
    I have also been published, combine with others to my Unizeit.
    I would write so much a book about traveling in Japan – off the main tourist attractions, But I'm not a good writer and I lack the time simply.
    I bet, that was a lot of work, also Hut ab! :)

  • Heydal says:

    Gratuliere Tabibito !!!
    It will not escape me, your book can stand on my bookshelf have to. Especially since I'm looking forward to your selection. And I have since also been a candidate to bring it as a gift to the man. Your contributions are much more profound than Japan, than most of what we read in the local print media.

    How convenient that I wanted to go today anyway for my bookstore. I'm curious.

  • Thuruk says:

    Too expensive (;-)) But congratulations and I wish you much success with it. :-)

  • Oh tip!
    I want to also congratulate!

    4 Etc weeks after work. working on it seems to be still manageable. I would have thought something lasts longer!

    Hope you can sell a lot of copies! Good Luck!

  • Totoro says:


    Congratulations on the book only once.

    Now what else, today is a report in the
    Print media Bzgl. the final report of the Investigation Committee of Fukushima disaster.
    Is probably not gone well – Government – Media – Tepco.
    All have lied , glossed, discreet.
    But one would have to listen more to foreign media,
    or even in spite of the “Panic” do.

    Mata will

  • Maves says:

    Sounds exciting – but why not as an eBook for Kindle? So you could get the book cheaper at the man. :-)

  • Kidney says:

    Amazon has worked quickly and the book is already a week on my desk. Where am I to do because?

    The selected entries are selected super and have also helped me in understanding the language.

    Time to what negatives, unfortunately, the punctuation, slipped on some pages in the previous letter, But it remains still readable.

    A nice summary of the blogs Tabibto and a great assortment of events after 11.03.11.

    Thank Dnak for the book and what little money I could afford just yet. :)

  • tabibito says:

    @ All
    Thanks for the positive feedback. With the price you have right of course – it's just expensive, and I like that not even. On the other hand I do not have the time, I struggle with various intermediaries, to find a publisher, who wants to bring out my lyrics. I hope times, perhaps one or the other publisher provides the book and perhaps interest has. The next book, it's one thing, then definitely cheaper, um, I mean cheaper.

    @ Kidney
    Thanks for the review! Unfortunately, this is neither mine nor the editors noticed. I can not even confirm it, I myself have not even seen the book :( So slowly but it should roll along with me in Japan.

  • ppm says:

    Good idea! Surely you have already started thinking about Book on Demand. Then runs though (depending on the design) self-publishing (with ISBN), for accruing costs only, if orders are triggered. Upon request, the printer sends the orders directly to the customers.
    Disadvantage: You need either a layout or even layouted. There is no advance as in the regular business of publishing.