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Anti-nuclear movement in Japan – Demonstration in Japanese

March 19th, 2012 | Tagged , | 11 Comments | 1056 reads

At the 21. March 2011 - The situation in Fukushima was always explosive in the proverbial sense, I have these thoughts in this article written:

Anyone who thinks, that there are in Japan now and anti-nuclear protesters are gathering, which was said here already anticipated: No. How We Roll not the country.

And it has been reported since then, especially in the German media of anti-nuclear opponents in Japan and shown pictures of demonstrations Selbiger. Well - today I was randomly himself witnessed such a demonstration, and indeed in my home. My city has 160,000 Population, and I've lived here for now 7 Years. Actually I'm pretty well informed about the, what happens in this town - but a politically motivated demonstration, I've still never heard let alone seen.

And this was the demonstration:

Have taken part approx. 30 People and at least as many police officers accompanied the action (If you're wondering, why people wave to me in the video - they do not wave to me, but my daughter, who was sitting behind me on the bike). But the MC Accompanying caused enough noise for. He was pretty good, But I felt a little sorry, because no one wanted to really set the mood. At this point I would have given some evidence, to learn, how many of the participants are actually from my town. But it does not really big role.

At least the MC is certainly of the Shonan Group. This is not an official term, but a name, which eventually formed in my head. Shonan is the area west of Kamakura and marked by long beaches, very many beach huts on the American model, Surfers - cool people (not meant to be derogatory), here in Japan narrowed try, find their own lifestyles and living. This naturally includes the right music. And as recently seems to have a political opinion.

What I was there on the roadside tools? From the beginning of a new kind of public awareness in Japan? From the beginning of a grassroots movement broadens consensus in society, it soon creates, to displace nuclear power in Japan (yes there are good arguments now more than ever before)? If you fight too soon with the police, if anywhere, a new station is built?

I like not believe it. Is protest against nuclear power in it increasing mass, but rather takes place elsewhere (For example, in town halls). Demonstrations of this kind may increase, but they do not still propagated in the Japanese scheme. But that is lost to an organization in our city and there the trouble, to book a demonstration and to get approved, is remarkable. I would not mind, if I was wrong with the above prediction. But I will take good care, Japanese friends and acquaintances here foisting something.


11 Responses to “Anti-nuclear movement in Japan – Demonstration in Japanese”

  • Henry says:

    Shonan Group encroach wonderful! I finds good! Whether 2000 or 30 If, however, is that people show, home is better than moving images on television to pursue. Whether it probably still needs a nuclear power plant accident, until at last the Japanese on the street is? How about the here That was on 3.11 been a really tight thing and just 130km from Tokyo. I really hope that someday the spark jumps over the width and mass is active.

  • Dean says:

    Haha, Shonan-Fraction! X-D
    Remember that it was then the Iraq war for so, never more than a heap of people on the road against the passive participation of Japan demonstrated (or should I say “Billboard advertising” did?). And if you look at archival images was the, with the exception of the student unrest of the 60s, not much different. Even if you are a westerner, seditious impregnated since the French Revolution, No matter how much the great revolution and the “Awakening of the masses” hopes, I do not believe that the W.. Historical character can be applied here as simple. Even if it would even be big trouble, to a “Demokultur” I do not think this would still lead. That mal sehen, Who knows what the future holds.

    Almost cute was the little troop, led by a foreigner of the global movement Occupy last year. I just could not solve the impression, that some of their foreign counterparts in the little troop just wanted to do a favor and therefore mitzogen.

  • Lori says:

    Agree with you completely because of. Demos do not fit into Japan. There are a number of explanations, But I guess, that the mindset of many Japanese when they see such a demonstration like this look “While you are right, But these strange chaotic, with whom I will have nothing to do!”. And if all think so, then there is no motion demo.

    Yesterday there was also an editorial in The Japan Times (not very good, but w / e)

  • margaret says:

    There are so many things between heaven and earth, where we say, oh that does not fit here. But times are changing, also with us. Why do not you at?????????? Whether your children to think and act more like her, them even if their much mitgebt?
    I wish you and your family a beautiful spring


  • Gojira says:

    I have the best night to be excavated fallen police officers, involuntarily extended the demonstration have to double ;-)
    As you were writing, were Japanese demo pictures for a while in the German TV and there were quite popular subjects also showed significantly larger groups, but in a very similar pattern: ambintionierter cheerleaders ahead, amount of displaced looking after, still acting out of place, oversized police convoy makes it only a mass.

    As Ostbirne I have of course a lot of other demos in the memory and the knowledge, it certainly can make a difference. It would of course be positive, when out in Japan is a real movement on its own, But why should not the people of the Erfahrungn the “Home” provide a motivation for the journey?

    The shift seems, albeit in a different form, so slow to get going. Recently I saw a very good documentary “The Fukushima-lie” (auf Phoenix) with a very insightful interview with Naoto Kan and former employees Tepco. I suspect, which was not aired in Japan?

  • tembridis says:

    Correct me please, if I could have a false impression. I had been more like, that the citizens engangierten (offer any subject always) rather their local government representatives on the biscuit, because to go to trial. But I fooled myself because.

  • Dean says:

    @ Tembridis
    I experience exactly the same. The meetings with government officials take the angry citizens do not mince words. The enraged citizens, the one in the West like to see in the street carrying posters, one finds in the city hall where the concerns come directly from those responsible for hearing. Given the current mood on the ground it is probably of little tolerant society due to violence, that the representatives do not need police protection.

    It is by no means so do not change in Japan or the times that the younger generation thinks the same as the older, On the contrary,. Only change things not just on the way as we know it in the West, or perhaps would like to see.

  • coolio says:

    @ Tembridis & Dean
    Yep. I was at a “Presentation” Tepco of times in my Kuyakusho easy to set and was very surprised how many really evil words on the part of the population on the “Specialists” interacted by Tepco. The situation escalated to such a, that of “Keynote speaker” Tepco had to pass by, he may have no personal opinion on the subject and therefore can not answer as many questions. That was too much of a good thing for so many citizens and the speaker panel was stormed. The Tepcotruppe has then been under verbal desert place by the back entrance from the dust. The information transmitted back material and various notebooks have them out the window (3. Stock!) thrown at. There were about. 150-200 People present, of which approximately. 50 have stormed the podium. Impressive!

  • Terry says:

    Very tidy, as the state police force of the colorful hinterherstiefelt. What has really pioneered the pretty banner, which carries the first advance in police block, for significance? Is that common?

  • tabibito says:

    I can vividly imagine. Is not that, that Japanese officials ever touch her with kid gloves. Find the tone in Japan because sometimes rougher than in Germany – even more so in the private sector.

    Hmm, looks like the pennant of a tour group :) Not, that a colleague suddenly wrong turns and suddenly directing traffic. In earnest – no idea. The icon tells me, at first glance nothing.

  • Dean says:

    Very nice anecdote, were I like been there. Especially the flying laptop I would want to see, this video is probably no?
    Similar events often have you noticed on TV or heard, but never found entrance into foreign reporting. Is probably not what you want to hear in the news.