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Sanriku-Kanto-Erdbeben – Update VII: Close your eyes and

March 16th, 2011 | Tagged | 55 Comments | 4264 reads

Day 5 after the quake.
I'm still in Tokyo and my family – at least women and children – in Kobe. So far, so good.

The Situation:
People – Foreigners such as Japanese – are apparently divided into two camps: The, have more afraid of the aftershocks, and the, have more fear of nuclear. I belonged to the second group, But the powerful quake last night (Yamanashi/Shizuoka) and at noon today (Chiba) let me momentarily drift off to the first group.
What can you say to the NPP. Everything is bad, and after the last people were removed, It is definitely not better. According to experts of several reassuring reports Tokyo is probably pretty safe. I bet it does not finish, But at some believe something must be yes.

Japan hat rund 30% its refineries “lost” – they are either destroyed or closed as a precaution. This becomes especially noticeable north.
The current is in and around Tokyo nachwievor more or less off schedule, But there is much confusion about, because times are changing constantly.
In recent days, it was also easily made without heating, But today there is a cold snap across the country, what the situation especially in the north, energy technology but should also be aggravating to Tokyo.
After all, almost every endeavor, To save energy – reduced opening times and partial illumination are two popular measures.
It looks like in my city / apartment now, I do not know, but the representation, from Thursday to again supply water to, has been canceled and postponed to a date to be determined.

Well; While it was almost impossible yesterday, in a convenience store here to find something edible in Ebisu, It looked a lot better today. There were things – more than I thought. Up to normal but it is still a step, but the first is of secondary importance.

Meanwhile there was already the first donation from a loyal reader in me. Thank you very much! Sure, this event also tear into our household budget more or less deep holes, But I hope, at this time, that we are already done so. Among other things, so I'm still in Tokyo.
Anyone wishing to donate, I would therefore prefer “Doctors Without Borders” commend. I support the organization every month for years and I firmly, that the organization is very, makes a lot of. Currently they are also more active in the earthquake area in Japan. And though long after the THW. That could have been there, really looking good.

– The media and news from Germany I express myself better for the time being not, messages such as “Geiger counters sold in Germany” etc.. make me tame.

– Now it's official: I am Japanese! Proof, see here:

there is:

Here is a blog of a Japanese man of German can


55 Responses to “Sanriku-Kanto-Erdbeben – Update VII: Close your eyes and”

  • Karl Eduard says:

    I keep my fingers crossed and wish you the best. Here, in Germany, is a sentiment stoked, as would be contaminated and Germany shortly before the fall, while it has yet hit Japan.

  • Stine* says:

    Hello Matthias ???

    Thank you, that you give us a view of the whole thing a little “just RESET” As Karl Eduard has already written; here it is a mood as we were concerned.
    If there is anything, how we can help, let me know.

    “Doctors Without Borders” I have supported for years by small donations.

    Maybe you can get in touch if you've got the head back slightly and free the full extent of a little “clear” has become.

    Thanks again for your reports and all the best for you and your family

    Greetings from Potsdam

  • dlink says:

    I think, both links have an error. At least for me.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ah, thought I had missed something (yes but much is not missing for Japanese;-)).

    I have in my local private radio a colleague of yours this morning (Japanologe) hear report, that now the Japanese were captured by the German hysteria:

    The pollen was used!

    Well, because some comes to the Japanese. According to colleagues that the radioactive radiation in Tokyo to be so high, that, if one of those 400 Days is exposed at a time, the dose, are exposed in the year by the X-ray which German, could be achieved. Maybe you can push this colleague completely on the side of the first group?

    Weather seems again to be radiation-Friendly. Means that if a “Supertot” enter the NPP's, hopefully at least the few nuclear radiation (which certainly is dangerous in its immediate neighborhood) blown away by country!

    Everything will be fine! (and perhaps even better)

  • Gray says:

    @ Tabibito
    with the “Doctors Without Borders” I also see it.

    Furthermore “All the best !”

  • Anne says:

    @ Charles Edward: Pissing me this lame comments. The thumb presses to someone in an examination! Du hast recht, it relates yes “only” Japan. So you can sit back and wish the best to the people, in which some increased radiation. Quiet scorn on people, see this disaster as the, what it is, even if they themselves – more – are not affected.
    @ All: Be happy, that the press reports. The real scandal would be, if the media would downplay everything. Whether an accident now linguistically correct “Super”-Gau call or not, does not matter. What is then the lame malice on the ignorance of the population? Are we all nuclear physicist? And how thick-skinned you have to be really, to draw lessons from these incidents, NO? Sit quietly on the sofa with a bottle of beer and look at the pictures on TV! But remember off: It is not a jungle camp of RTL. If no auxiliary want to expose its employees danger to life, I understand also. Finally, there are also people. It is enough, if the staff of the damaged nuclear power plant life or health lose.

  • david Yao says:

    Hi,Nachbar,All Gute.Bald everything back to normal.

  • Sarah says:

    You need to get out of Japan, as long as this goes some way! Do you want to expose themselves and their families radioactive radiation? No amount of money can make up for it. But you're probably out of conviction, then you is not going to help. How naive you have to be, if one believes, that “soon everything will return to normal”. Nothing will so quickly back to normal, on the contrary, the situation escalates more.

  • Anonymous says:


    I think most commentators here are not sitting with a Bieflasche front of the TV and is pleased with the Japanese reality show! The German reporting disgusts me! It's all about Fukushima I and the Super Trooper meltdown. People in Germany obviously have completely lost the relations. There are statements, as di Mr. Yogeshwar or a British expert on the BBC a real boon. But obviously no one wants to hear, that a radioactive mega disaster will not happen. Yesterday was the explosion in the block 2 reported. Moving pictures of explosion have not been fulfilled yet. You could clearly hear the unspoken unfortunately! The destruction of the nuclear plant and the resulting radiation exposure are bad. But I am convinced, that the consequences not nearly as serious as the problems in the north due to the earthquake and tsunami.
    I wish you much success with further information filtering from the tabloid (when I look at the headline from today, makes me sick!). And I congratulate you, you abstract, the- and helplessness many a commentator aptly to recognize.

    And THW: because I lack the words! I fully believe Gray (Kommentar 33 from yesterday's post)an. The Agency for Technical Relief is an institution of civil protection and no vacation club (I apologize now all helpers, was for many years one myself). Especially the water treatment and technical assistance in disaster areas was and is a core task of the THW. To my knowledge, the radiation exposure to the north is low, if not to “normal” Level. 500.000 Homeless people without access to clean water would have been glad thrilled with the help of the German. And now the!

    Who really just a little bit with the nuclear accident is concerned and not permanently pays attention to hiobsbotschaftsgeile Reporter, but also other opinions accepted, will be observed, that the NPP is not the problem for most Japanese but the upstream natural disaster.

    And: some comment may sound a little cynical. But it is often a reaction to this country (FRG) guided nuclear debate. And it does good to watch, hear or read, that some just sees the. The relations
    of events and their effects must be put right again.

    So, puked enough.
    Everything will be fine!

  • Juergen says:

    I admit “Geiger counters sold out” is a very stupid message and can be quickly created the image of a panic. But I think the statement of the largest electronics Conrad Shipping “the pre-orders would be amongst the hundred range” (at 80 million people) debunks the whole thing as duck. Geiger counter which after all 300-500 € cost, were certainly not before the disaster of the seller has reserved in large quantities in stock.

  • Juergen says:

    Full approval! Thought I'm the only one here who thinks so

  • Stefan says:

    Congratulations on the unofficial citizenship! The title, "a Japanese, the German may "is really awesome.

    However, I can not find the statement on the website. Was it because already removed?

  • Saitama Lilie says:

    I can only agree with Terry and Charles. I find it impossible how to get from from Germany “high horse” from looking down on the current events, all of Hollywood – dramatic. I can only assure you that stay all who choose to do so in Japan, not because they are stupid and unregenerate (pah), but precisely because they are about the real situation with their consequences in the clear. German journalism these days is shameful.

  • Myon says:

    100% Approval

    @ Anne
    No. The real scandal is already, that the media escalate everything and exaggerate! I would be happy indeed, would they report nothing.
    Their role, in fact INFORM: Sharing facts(!), based on each person himself can determine its position and reaction. And no alarmist or Ängsteschürerei.

    I do not want to read “ENHANCED RADIATION MEASURED IN TOKYO! COMES THE CLOUD TO GERMANY?” – I just want to know, HOW high radiation WO is exactly and what that can mean concretely risk. Nothing more.
    Whether frighten me or I can live with it, is my personal decision. Not the media.

    To describe a what-if scenario, is all right. But what are e.g.. Headings such as CORE MELT IN JAPAN!? – THE SUPERGAU?! in the news?
    You can not say for sure about what is going on inside, so you have to shut up. At most one can – as do not German media – explain the methods (prevents Stammtisch Atomwissenschafterei), on the basis that currently attract scientists to draw conclusions about the state of the nuclear power plants. And falling all from not half as dramatic, as the German media would have it.

    What lessons should be drawn for? Nature is uncontrollable. Point.
    One can do his utmost, but not. And that is the Japanese clearly conscious than eg. the Germans. For the Japanese live for centuries with these hazards – and therefore they HAVE the best and safest buildings / NPP / whatever.
    That nature is always some numbers greater still is immutable.
    German mindless activism such as nuclear power plants shut down does nothing. What would happen if there were no nuclear power plants in Japan? If the disaster thereby failed perhaps less? Loose to cope? Less shocking? Are any future radiation deaths to regret perhaps more than the victims of the tsunami? This is nonsense hanebüchender!

    You should rather quiet times put on the sofa, instead alá senseless panic tips here “Verlasst alle Tokyo! Flee to the mainland, the world is big enough” give.

    (Oh damn, now I'm addicted again this stupid discussion…)

  • Peter says:


    What then is this stupid fear mongering? He will surely still can best assess. Such comments're really just beside…

  • Heiko says:

    Fairness for THW!

    The forces located in Japan will be deducted, because in the Japanese. Government assigned territory can not do anything more, not wg. Radiation exposure. More waiting in D forces were not yet of the Japanese. Requested government, who are frustrated by the day-long standby reports,1518,751146,00.html

  • Mb says:

    It is certain that “Bild”-Oriented and extremely Press on sale. This is not really something new.

    However, one should, I think, unschätzen not the subject of radioactive Stahlung.

    The facts are, perhaps 3 Reactors are leaking (mind. 1he), a fourth caught fire and the remaining reactors are already warns.
    Although the original sound to reactor 2 was, is still “nothing happens”.

    Yesterday is officially 400 Measured millisievert, already 1000. The current use of helicopters had to be aborted because of radiation exposure. And it seems to be the last conceivable measure.

    Also, I think it is risky anything here “sure” to name. Control sees chronology of the last days of different. Möglichliche consequences are hardly absehrbar. Honestly, I would not make my fortune depends on the wind direction.

    Then I would have a headline “Geiger counters sold out” ignore.

  • blogreader says:

    Gambatte Tabibito.
    Think of you and I am a little beunruihgt on the Continuing strong Erdbenen. These are available in this strength / Time interval for not typical main quake. Hope this nich happen even more.

    I think that you can trust the Japanese government to the extent, since they now share the information with the International atomic energy authorities, and so nich simply can obscure things.
    They have mainly started very early with the evacuation of the surrounding area, that shows me that they entscheindes conceal nothing!
    I did an apprenticeship as physics laboratory assistant and have thus certain basic knowledge about nuclear energy and radiation sickness.
    I should point out, that each of a 'Antom accident or' Radioactive radiation’ speaks a layman / complete idiot.
    One should only moment in orientiern to the measured radiation values. Everything else is not serious.

    When you do not put off by a few panicked people here. If the situation is not massively worse I do not think Tokyo is in danger.

    Good report erstatung there are currently at BBC

    and Kyodo News (and English, always get the latest information)

    For other media, I am currently critical of.

    Ears Stiff Hold, Tabibito we think of you!

  • Anonymous says:


    I've also read the article. I do find it strange, that at first because of the reasons Rücker tailings are rumgeeiert and now the assigned area is finished searched (or at least no longer expected to survivors). Probably the assigned helpers are also “only” Rescue Helpers. In the report on the decor of the THW for use in Japan but it sounded quite different (Water treatment, Notstromaggregate, Behelfsbehausungen). What has become of it?

    It may also be, that nearer charities are preferred. Those must not transport over 9.000 km organize. All of these are sure to call and receive factors for the Japanese government assistance. It can be seen in today's helper Reports, which in any case does not come from Japan and are apparently not deducted. Recover the dead ones, because at some point the Japanese forces are exhausted and at the end of their tether.

    And I find it then but also incomprehensible, for example, the helper I.S.A.R. are not used. These are mostly doctors and paramedics, which certainly can be also the survivors page. But perhaps the supply of physicians in Japan is just enough in contrast to developing countries such as Haiti.

    I myself was 10 Years THW. There was disaster operations in Poland and development assistance abroad. The inserts was aligned with the, what was needed. It seems, because communication between the local charities and Japanese makers have failed.

  • Spokekiller says:

    I would like to have a live interview on the morning of 14.03. (AGRICULTURE) want to obtain the ARD / ZDF Morning Magazine.
    There, the team leader of the “Locating and rescue squadron” (n.meinen information ~ 40 man + Dogs, which could be seen in the news) are deducted because “no prospect of recovery Survivor” there. He specifically said they would not deducted for any possible radiation exposure. I do not want to imagine, This interview should “gefaked” have been. In the overall context like the salvage team “not be able to help a lot”, but I agree with my limited information about, that the infrastructure specialists of THW extended period of time can help ensure.

    There are also 'small miracle'. A Japanese friend of Sendai, the tsunami, including the family survived. More accurate, I do not know yet. She had only a short time the possibility to send an e-mail by phone yesterday (one of the many phone and charging stations have been set up).

  • Anne says:

    @Terry: I do not read IMAGE, not super ILLUSTRA but Süddeutsche. Since there is a very detailed reporting, if you would like to inform you once. With sensationalism that has nothing to do in the bedroom. But of course there is not: “People, do not panic. Everything will again ..”

  • Julia says:

    The problem is, that the German media are more concerned about the (safe) German population makes as to the Japanese. Currently some sound awfully News “the wicked because irradiate us”, and THIS is really no.

    @ Sarah: On liebstens I would also every, I know, Get out immediately from Japan, but so runs the now not. An earthquake, the Japanese are accustomed to and expect them, an entire country can not evacuate anyway, and they do not want to abandon their homes understandably.

  • Samuel says:

    Hallo Tabibito,

    as a regular “places” Reader of your blog I want you and your family just wish all the best for the coming period. Take care of yourself.

    Thank you, you also now so often correct test in this incredibly horrible situation.


  • Mb says:

    News Info; German Embassy.

    The situation in the power plant in Fukushima I was also on 16. Mar. not stabilized. An immediate health threat posed by nuclear radiation for the population outside the current security zone 30 km radius around the plant is distinguished not yet from, can, however, exclude less and less.

    If you are in eastern Japan including of Greater Tokyo / Yokohama, Tohoku space, Hokkaido and Yamanashi prefectures, Nagano, Shizuoka and Niigata reside or stay presently there, recommends the Embassy, that you temporarily leave the area to western Japan, until the malfunction is eliminated in the power plant in Fukushima I.

  • Heydal says:

    @ Sarah

    How is this to be understood; “Conviction”? The assumed so that the Japanese are not only responsible for this disaster, but they have also consciously created together.

    I think, with all due courtesy of all you are on the state of the people in Tokyo misjudges. Panic is a very bad adviser and their calls and accusations anything but helpful. In fact, rather Offensive, with respect to the affected people.

  • Joe says:

    I want to apologize to all the Japanese people for the behavior of my fellow citizens. The main problem is, that more than 40 % our “Journalists” choose green (and the rest red). Therefore, now the panic-media campaign, comparable with the swine flu. That comes out, if the “fourth power” itself is a party, but are neutral.

    I wish you all the best and good that you're standing on the aftershocks.

  • Anonymous says:

    @ All
    If the dig at the THW was unjustified, I apologize. In some reports, it came over as, that THW, ARD- and other reporters, Lufthansa and many others left the country because of the radiation risk.
    That the THW complained about the lack of tasks / Communication, is logical – in the north is everything, really collapsed everything and so is of course difficult to coordinate.

    I'm beginning to feel like the last German in Tokyo, but this certainly is not the case. Thanks (?) the blog I will currently Radio- and Fernaehanstalten and other media inundated with requests. The most I do not answer, a few things already. A fortiori, when an acquaintance of MDR asks.
    So, probably tonight at 19 To see the clock on MDR something short – I can not look at me sadly (is probably better that way). But is probably a week to see in the media.

    For my part, I will most likely go Friday night to my family in Kobe.

  • Daniela says:

    Thank you I can read here and I continue to wish you and your family the courage, with you report us about the real situation.
    What lessons should be drawn? Nature is uncontrollable.

  • Seriously says:

    First of all thanks for the info up close and good luck out more.

    And in general. Love alarmists and pseudo-anti-nuclear experts, Please, ask you first create at least one Basic to know about the, what there is of just equip. Not all experts are bought by the nuclear lobby and it's funny, that actually point out to all serious assessments on, that the radiation is not to really assess on the spot in the NPP, but that there is no direct danger in any case for Tokyo and will probably also give nith. It is disgusting to see, as you vultures waiting, that what bad happened then to say, did you know it so complacent and sit down in your warm armchair. Because I'm really comes up everything.

    Respect the technicians there still afford their service and try everything possible and I hope they succeed.

  • Ulti says:

    Third Fukushima reactor intact!
    There is a glimmer of hope: Contrary to initial fears is not the third reactor have been damaged.
    Tokyo is spared!
    Tokyo has a blessing in disguise: Currently in the metropolis threatens little risk by radioactivity from the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant. The wind has turned just in time, as recent levels of radiation from Japan's capital.

    Certainly, the situation is not good, However, there is hope! I am convinced that everything will be fine!

  • Sarah says:

    With “Conviction” I mean, that one endures in principle, even if rational reasons to the contrary. It's indicative, that the French are now advise their compatriots to leave and turn into unusually sharp words to the Government. The French are known for their diplomatic tact. Everyone has to decide for themselves, but the news situation clearly speaks against the assumption, the situation was under control. And to make the whereabouts of the current favorable situation dependent, I think Harakiri.

    But everyone should do, what he thinks is right. I do not know, what motivated me, empathize with the blog owner and to advise him, to choose the safe way. Best wishes to all.

  • Fabian says:

    Hello Mr. Reich,

    I stumbled on the phone today with a pharmacist from Jessen. She told me about you. As the conversation was actually already over and we are somehow taken japan.

    I myself am an editor at Radio Brocken here in Halle.

    You have already written in your blog, “please do not call”. We would of course still happy times call with you, takes only 2 Minutes.
    It would be just super, since you also come from Saxony Anhalt.

    Would appreciate an answer and of course a number of you very.

    Best Regards

  • Royko says:

    Hi Great,
    thanks for the objective reports, which can not get here in D.
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed you! It forms an at least, that people in the past 25 Years (since Chernobyl) learned and to the extent have the technology under control, to avoid disasters.

  • G.Heim says:

    I am honest beeindrukt of the diary blog.

    If anyone is interested in information on the situation in Fukushima nuclear plant:

    Ihc try there in my comments a little unexciting facts and background to ring.

    The link to this blog, I've found on the Trackback to obrigen block.

    I wish the author and his family happiness health and a long life.


  • Terry says:


    Oh, because I have to apologize times thick! Have you confused with another Anna yesterday. Those Which was filtered namely their information from the image. SZ is of course a very different category. But at the time I do not give a lot to the German reporting. Tabibito had published a link elsewhere and I imagine the Just have a look here:

    The British see the matter much more differentiated. And I do, that the French have similar to the Germans asked their fellow citizens in Japan to dodge southbound.
    I'll give my best next time to look deeper and not with false facts to throw me.

    @ Tabibito:

    I also had the impression, as if one cancels the tents because of the looming threat from the nuclear plant. Other foreign aid organizations are still in place and help the Japanese assistants. As a former THW I was frustrated, that it is the flagship departments water treatment and infrastructure appear to play no role in the further planning. If you look at the ganza Angelegnheit a little rational and at a distance is necessary to establish, that Japan's third-largest economy and a corresponding civil- and Civil Protection network has. If now almost 100.000 Soldiers in the crisis area are it can happen, that are the helpers on each other's feet. The same know-how and technology are surely present. But when you see the many Ofer natural disasters, However, no one understands the rejection (?) of appropriate specialist.

    So, now I seek your entry in the library.

    Everything will be fine!

  • Dennis says:

    Thank you so much for this blog, Tabibito

    I wish you, Your family and all the Japanese people by heart all the best!

    and user Joe obendrürber is absolutely right with what he says. Coverage in Germany is precisely due to this reason,. Sad.

    all love

  • Ulti says:

    New power line to Fukushima

    So far, the cooling of the fuel rods in the Fukushima nuclear power plant has failed – now there is hope: Technicians have placed a temporary power line to the kiln, to supply the cooling devices.

    It's vorwerts!!!

  • Peter says:

    Local Esoblogger and their followers are probably among those,the Geiger counter or acquired. have pre-ordered solid. While it is easy to say from Germany,but still : Let
    not make tame and not give in. All the best!

  • Jens says:

    THE EINFRACHSTE but radical method is to throw the defective nuclear power plants or nuclear bombs Wasserstoffbomen.. Although there is 50 km around everything flat but the beams remain only in the region

  • Economy Worm says:

    This faith healers are just as bad as the alarmists with a difference, that their reasons are much spongy. The German, the English and the French Government now suggest their citizens, to leave the Greater Tokyo. This should be taken seriously. Employers can not hold, however, because in my opinion.

  • Oliver says:


    I know I am repeating myself, but thanks for the info. You are the decisions that have to meet you currently really do not envy, so I'm relieved that you have not lost a sense of humor (I mean the reference to your honor as Japanese ;) )

    But at this point I would like to say sometimes, I in my area of ​​a panic or anything similar experience (Fairs. Sale of Geiger Counter). It's always just a godsend for the media.

    Also, I'm really impressed with how many people stop at once a doctorate in nuclear physics. Really, this talk makes every Stammtischrunde green with envy.

    The most important thing: Stay tuned.


    warm airway for the second child you're wirklch a real japanese and go after what your duty ? I can make this world among gangs journalism will also no longer bear I wish I could help spot after tschernbyl europe is also not died a little luck needs japan course ganbarimasu greeting ralf

  • Mb says:

    I mein`s only good Tabibito; hau of Tokyo from. I would not wait till Friday. I do not think, that the head of the US Nuclear Authority of media was influenced, when a 50 Mile radius as the minimum set. Everything else is tired of life.

  • Michael K. says:

    Here I can only agree with most, as far as the German reporting. This is appalling. I have after 4 Abandoned days and read / watch prefer the Japanese…

    The sources of the German international press, the Japanese sources, otherwise there is no particular regarding. AKW…What are the Lessons respect. Rotation of Detials ?…no comment.

    Who does not want to read SZ can e.g.. on (if necessary. also with google translator, what if the sinnvoles spits) find out more and judge for yourself: or. jp/
    (Yes I know, TEPCO is evil).

    …might have other better left…continue to exist in Germany via satellite dish NHK World…what a boon to the German waste.

  • Anemone says:

    I wish you strength and courage in the coming days and that you go to your family as soon as possible. Am neither faith healers still alarmists, read image and generally not n-tv I consider a panic stations. Many television journalists in Germany have to deal with Upper embarrassing and bloody stupid questions, they could really save. Many programs are safe stupid unnecessary.

    Nevertheless, I understand a lot of the fear after Chernobyl ago 25 Years. In my case, the compassion with the triple-stricken Japanese. Also, I'm afraid there for the people worse because of the damaged reactors, although I would not dream of the idea in Germany iodine tablets or any other nonsense to get me. The concern of Anne and Sarah earlier to you, I understand; there is no reason to insult them.

    The THW is obviously not completely retracted s. ->
    I think it is a matter of course, that they think first of their own safety. Would be even nicer volunteers expose to unnecessary risks, if it were, what it is not obvious. Not really wants to help her, This impression pushes me more to. That after so many days under the rubble probably no more survivors are, but is more realistic.

    I'm sorry, that you have to endure so many aftershocks. My sympathy is with the Japanese. Tepco to believe I still think is very naive. And understand each, trying to get out of the danger zone. Independent scientists because I would have more than believe all companies and politicians. Good luck yet!

  • Anne says:

    Thank you, Anemone, for your beneficial post. I had actually decided, not to mention, I'm scared bissel about the reactions. I wanted to offend anyone, especially no Japanese. Of course, Japan knows better, what to do now than I here in faraway Germany, from a layman and Info 5. Hand. What I do not understand, is the general excitement about the reporting. That tabloid press in all countries of their business so constructed that only display leaves with an editorial component, is to pop, but is generally known. That should just ignore. There are serious enough to participating Press and transmitter, if you want to find out. What shocked me briefly, is the hatred against Green, SPD voters and opponents of nuclear power, comes in the forum by MDR many comments expressed. By private individuals, I suppose! The only times I have come to understand. Not since Guttenberg apparently shift towards technology, To present critics as perpetrators and defame. I know many intelligent people, who make honest worries and thoughts are with the Japanese. But that's probably natural.
    I wish good luck to all concerned!

  • Heydal says:

    @ Anne / Sarah

    The situation in Fukushima is threatening, no question. Your care and concern is understandable. You feel with Tabibito, and are concerned about his safety. I also share this concern.
    However, the repeated appeals in turn he should leave immediately Tokyo, are problematic.

    Of course, the escape of a single person is not a problem, and it is a personal decision for each individual. However, should the 34 The metropolitan area of ​​Tokyo connect millions of refugee movement, this would be a bigger disaster, when the earthquake and tsunami.

    The evacuation of as many people can not be performed, it would not be possible in accordance with such an uncoordinated mass exodus to take care of the people around the nuclear power plant and in the tsunami area. When you call to escape from Tokyo, take it in stride, the people who are actually in danger to life and limb, the necessary assistance can not be provided. And take into account the many people during this mass exodus injured or killed.

    Of course, you have only Tabibto encouraged, to leave the city, but applies here, Tabibito why only and not the other 34 Million ? Because we feel connected to him ? That's what I'm doing, but also with all other people who are in the disaster area. And the most important thing; Tokyo is not the disaster area, the radioactivity in the Tokyo area Gros justify in any way a panic.

    Therefore please, so dear meant their concern, it is not constructive, and if you look at it more closely not solidarity.

    The Japanese are a strong community, are prudent and solidarity, what is already being seen now Impressively. And whatever the future of the Japanese demanded they be come along with it, I am firmly convinced.

  • Sarah, the other says:

    I should point out, that this is different for two “Sarah” is. I'm the one who, the Tabibito has advised the person to leave Tokyo and then made her remarks again clearly.
    The Sarah, which Tabibito has called conviction, is another!
    If you'd read my comments in more detail, have you seen, I wish all people of course Japan in Tokyo and all the best.
    I do not only feel solidarity with Tabibito but also with all other people in Japan, whether Japanese or any other nation.
    I have lived a long time in Japan, so do not get me with the comment, I would not be in solidarity.
    Furthermore, I think your generalizations à la “the Japanese are so and so and we are different so we are worse, we would have been panic, Blood and thunder” very difficult. So you just construct a mental existent contrast where you can only choose black and white. Unfortunately, the reality is more complicated.
    And as has been said elsewhere: I am aware, that the evacuation of Tokyo is not possible and that a mass exodus is counterproductive.
    The call was just an expression of my concern. And now for realistic:
    Just because I have said a blogger on a German side he should take off, will find no mass panic instead. It may be, recognize that this comment as inappropriate. Equally inappropriate I see your generalizations about the German press, Japanese, German and other.

  • Sarah, the other says:

    I do not understand your criticism and total. I will continue to flee either all or none, but better because of the possible stampede no? Apart from the fact, that I can not reach everyone in Tokyo (again a generalization of you), I think,
    a) I would not be the first nor the last, people encourages them. The have some certainly have also heard it all before from someone else.
    b) all human beings are autonomous and I do not consider myself omnipotent, so that all people without will follow my instructions.
    So please do not so, I would tear through these calls to a single autonomous person wholly or even Tokyo Japan to destruction. This moral index finger to you is not to.

  • Sarah says:

    In the response of Heydal is the key, why the German Embassy silent, now let other nations during their citizens even pick up with military equipment.

    The answer is: “The jacket is closer to me than the pants”. Solidarity with the world is not possible, but this blog operator speaks my language, it connects us with the same citizenship. This healthy sense of belonging was us but attracted Germans generations thoroughly. There are enough reports of German, the left felt abroad by our embassy down and could leave the country only with the help of other embassies in dangerous situations. The Austrians, the Swiss and particularly the French are therefore to contact in an emergency. They are usually more helpful than our diplomats.

    It is not solidarity, to go down to the ground, just because not everyone can be saved. That's just stupid.

  • Julia says:

    @ Sarah (whichever):
    I think, They do not understand the problem. If every person, who lives in Japan, it is said by someone, he should leave, and indeed everyone does, how would the situation look like?

  • Sarah, the other says:

    No, I believe you do not see the problem. They go by a highly theoretical construct of thought!
    a)It's not about making my actions valid for all à la Kantian imperative, accept you and Heydal.
    b)It is not possible, that everyone in Japan is said that he should leave and then do all the collective also! They underestimate or speak one's will of everyone so that from!!
    c)They overestimate the scope of this blog grossly!
    d)I have not contacted me at all the people in Japan and also recommend anyone to guess all the people in Japan to escape! You see it already in this blog, that does not happen!!!
    and)I have repeated many times, I realize that, that you can not evacuate Tokyo and performs a mass exodus definitely the greater chaos.
    and)I have already geäußerst, that I'm sorry, when I stepped Tabibito with my statement to close, After all, it is in this difficult situation and I do not, and most of this blog not.
    f)I do not know, why are all excited here about this statement as, Finally, it is just a blog where people do voice their opinions and not a political meeting at the important recommendations on how to proceed with the situation in Japan are given! And no medium the opinion-forming effect on the entire population in Japan!
    g)BUT THERE IS NO MASS GAR SUITE WITH PANIC!!! So listen up to something here to summon! From such an alarmist you advise but from all! What do you want so actually?????

  • Saitama Lilie says:

    I can not tell you how I next “Sarah” Abschlusssatz find. I understand very well why do not address the problem that Julia responsive. Here you only external features, no matter how outrageous they are contrived.

    Sarah values, have you considered maybe, which is also known as “German” u.ä with German citizenship instead. official Padam nevertheless as ” Japanese” can be understood in the sense of being at home? This solidarity would be better to understand. To describe the feelings and decisions of people as stupid their background and motives can not paint black / white is more than sad.

    But I'm also only “Conviction perpetrator”, therefore you enjoy my word with caution. (As much as I can not roll my eyes as I want ..)

  • Terry says:

    What have we done here?

    you have my full support! It already works purely logistical not, 34 or 36 Million people to evacuate. This would certainly be a panic. When the mass of people then can not be estimated, what result would have these panic. The problem of Hilfeentszugs for the north, I had still had to be recognized.

    One can very well recognize the representations in Germany in the discussion here. No one can understand, as the Japanese with a quasi stoicism disaster(n) and bear the consequences. An attempt is made to derive from their own experience the actual logical consequence of action and says, there must be something not right in Japan.

    But how one can detect in Tabibito, appropriate measures have been already taken. Those who do not necessarily have to stay or for personal reasons in the danger zone, also gradually leaves this area. And the vast majority of the commentators here does not attempt a discussion about the accuracy of any power supply systems from the fence to break, but to analyze the situation and appropriate behavior.

    In terms of helper I do not want to repeat myself. Obviously there were communication problems. The representations of the THW I think is understandable. If the help is not necessary, but this could also represent and not my, that survivors (comprehensible) will be niht more to find. And it is also true, that the helper must first think of his own safety, otherwise runs the Help into space.

    Matthi, you know best what you are doing! You have the info, you need. And I also believe, you can best assess your risk.

  • Julia says:

    @ Sarah: You make it here panic. And I think, They did not even try to understand, I wanted to say.