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Snow Chaos (last part)

February 18th, 2014 | Tagged , | 16 Comments | 2973 reads

Normal auf Hokkaido - aber ungewöhnlich in Tokyo

Normal auf Hokkaido – but uncommon in Tokyo

Three posts in succession snow… but it is worth a further contribution still. Tokyo and the surrounding area have in recent days, the heaviest snowfall since 45 Experienced years: At the 8. February fell around 30 inches of snow in the center of Tokyo, and at 14. February again a similar amount. This naturally leads into Tokyo itself well to traffic chaos, but much arrant it has other hit prefectures. In the prefecture of Yamanashi, and even in the west of Tokyo did not fall centimeterweise, but the meter snow. Central railway lines no longer drive, Highways and many other roads are closed permanently, and thousands of households are without electricity for days.

Some places in Yamanashi and Tokyo are completely cut off from the outside world, everywhere and stuck cars and trucks for days in the snow firmly. Hall roofs collapsed and some of trees fell. 23 Deaths were counted as far as ¹, and the blocked roads begin to have an impact: There are first delivery bottlenecks. In supermarkets, for example,, But even with the big auto companies – several works were forced to close temporarily, because the supplier stuck somewhere in the snow. And as if that was not enough, is it on Wednesday and Thursday already snowing again. This winter thus becomes quite dramatic for the Capital Region. In the prefectures on the Sea of ​​Japan and Hokkaido to fight every year against the snow, but for a region, which brings together an average of only a few centimeters per year, that was just too much times. In other words,: It's about time, that it is a little warmer…

¹ See, among others here


Record-breaking snowfall in Tokyo

January 14th, 2013 | Tagged | 9 Comments | 1829 reads

Well, the weather today, at the “Days of growing up” (a national holiday) would not be optimal, we knew. Strong wind and rain at +6 Degrees were predicted. It is not pretty, but you can not have everything. Shortly before noon, the pouring rain, however, was somewhat fuzzy. My daughter said “look here, which should lie even”, and I said “Nonsense, that shines just as the rain”. Then the temperature dropped a few degrees, and an hour later, everything was white. The difference to the previous day could not be greater – yesterday they were good 12 Degree, it was sunny and definitely too hot for a jacket.

Schneemänner und -frauen

Snowmen and women

In the Tokyo area are today at the 20 Inches of snow fell (if not more). Of course you can see the 20 cm nowhere directly, since then it's too hot but, but even our main roads were blocked, the buses were stuck with snow chains and numerous cars stopped. Fortunately, it was a holiday: Even with less snow, the road network in Tokyo is often overloaded. But with the strong wind along the weather today made it, that many railway lines not wrong, hundreds of flights were canceled – and many bridges and roads have been blocked. So much snow – and unannounced especially – there was no longer a good while. Zumal es in Tokyo, if at all, often until the end of February / In early March snow (we remember: maritime climate embossed – Seasons temporally offset slightly).
The snow has stopped mittlerweilen, but at night it will almost 0 Degrees, and this is expected to rush tomorrow also be quite adventurous. Since there's not much snow, and certainly is not really cold, Of course it lacks the winter service. (although – the missing, it seems, even in areas of Japan, where it snows often).
So, and now all: “I’m dreaming of a White Coming-of-Age-day ♪”

P.S.: Section “What you always wanted to know”: Snowmen are made in Japan are generally of two segments, in Germany, however, three.



Hurricanes devastate villages in Tokyo

May 6th, 2012 | Tagged , | 3 Comments | 1062 reads

Looks kind of ominous: Sturmfront über Tokyo

And, it does not always have to be earthquake. It is also different: Today, more mature tornado devastated populated areas in the prefectures of Ibaraki and Tochigi. At least three tornadoes were counted – including in 真 冈 市 Moka-shi (-shi = city) about 100 km north of Tokyo and つくば 市 Tsukuba-shiabout 50 km north of Tokyo. Especially in Tsukuba were the devastating damage, as the tornado swept through a residential area directly. About 50 People were injured, some seriously, a 14-year-old was killed, when the storm his house along with concrete foundation (!) from the anchor broke and left a few meters next to fall backwards. Furthermore, there was hail damage and other prefectures in Hokkaido wide blackouts. A resident filmed the tornado up close, and one can only respect her pay for her courage. Well, actually, these were rather naive, because in their place I would have fled to safety:

Hurricanes arrived in Japan has always been before (in Germany – although in both countries rarely), but today's weather was unusually. A long, but narrow front rain swept across the country today, pushing just hours before the appearance of a strong storm in front of them. It looked like this from our point in the picture above right. The wall and the lightning on the horizon looked so impressive, I immediately tore daughter of scooters, she sat on my bike (between the handlebars and saddle, on the transverse rod – something you can see, interestingly, not at all in Japan) and cycled home. A little later flew with us only as the bikes through the area.

As so often, of course, is the calm and clear the air refreshing after the storm – it became evident this evening of brand new Tokyo Sky Tree in remarkable clarity (The tower is exactly 10 km away from us).

Tokyo Sky Tree at dusk

Here again, for the first time in ages the word of the day: 竜 巻 tatsumaki – Hurricane. Consists 竜 tatsu = “Drachen” (The old sign is still used frequently: Dragon) 巻く und maku = “drehen, swirl” together.


Spring Storm / Weather for visitors to Japan

April 4th, 2012 | Tagged , , , | 5 Comments | 2283 reads

Traffic display in the station: Red indicates complete standstill, yellow means delay

The storm, which drew almost all of Japan today, it had the capability. There was no typhoon, But there was a typhoon in nothing: It paralyzed the traffic from Kyushu to the north of Tokyo, There were floods, Numerous trees and overturned trucks, at least 3 Dead and hundreds injured. Even in downtown Tokyo were wind speeds up 110 miles per hour measured. All lanes, do not go below ground, Standen still, number of flights were canceled. In Fukui Prefecture, a large stranded, unmanned cargo ship, has broken loose.

Record-breaking season for these? Not quite – as. once in ten years something happens in the spring. This time, warned the people quite well: A lot of companies, also our, sent their people home in the afternoon. I had to 15 Clock unfortunately an important meeting, and my apologies Compared to several times, that there would be no tea, because all the people are already on the way home. Well – after the meeting, it was probably already too late, and so it went back to the office, Ride out the storm. Since I've now been through several typhoons here, I know about, when and where trains which fail. And a little thrill after work doing quite well. So it went in the evening just before 8 Clock to Ebisu Station. As expected, did not drive my line, So it went with the Yamanote loop line to Osaki. The line from there drove – as expected, because almost all the way underground runs (no, no metro!).

Shin-Kiba was called in to change, But of course, did not drive the line, because the line runs from there and always on stilts along the coast. A gentle breeze, and the line represents. Since 14 Clock. So get out of the station and taxi rank. Amazingly, there were waiting only 3 People. The front man, A young Japanese, asks me a matter of course in Japanese, where I am heading. “After Urayasu!” I answer, and he says, beaming “I also! Do we want to share the taxi?”. But like it. 15 Minutes later, we split the bill – 1,300 yen for each. Ultimately, the journey home took it even a little shorter than usual. Is it. Before 9 Clock I was at home. My line was only after 23:30 again to operate on.

Recently, a Japanese visitor, and asked readers understandably, where one can experience as a Japanese visitor in advance of such weather conditions. Now, The JMA (Japan Meteorological Agency) maintains a very comprehensive website on English, and a casual glance it may be very useful for travel planning: / jma / indexe.html

In particular, the following pages are important to:

Severe weather warnings
Taifunwarnungen (November bis June)
Weather forecast
Advanced: Rain radar (with predictive simulation)

All cards can be clicked areas.


70%-Chance of a quake in the capital over the next four years?

January 24th, 2012 | Tagged , , | 15 Comments | 3176 reads

It's just one of those days, where it all comes together. Looked through the morning news – and the following message when I catch the eye: Chance for a severe earthquake within the next capital 4 Years is at 70 Percent. Before the severe earthquake last year, it was said in this regard: 70% in the next 30 Years. From these calculations, one may think, was man will, but the fact, that the plate boundaries and dislocations on since the quake 11. March 2011 have lost stability, can not be dismissed out of hand. In recent 10 Months, there were on average 1.5 Magnitude earthquake 3 to 6 in the Capital Region – these are 5 times more than before the severe earthquake. The widely feared Suto chokka 首都 直下 地震 Jishi – Earthquakes directly under the capital is expected for a long time, because even in the capital there are numerous faults – for example, in northwestern Chiba and Hachioji in. When an earthquake is expected with a thickness of 6.7 to 7.2 and a death toll of about. 11’000 People – partly caused by fires, you can expect with certainty in such a densely populated area.

Well. In the evening just before 9 – I was in a meeting – It was also the same again a lesson – the office began a little longer, to wiggle. But this quake was not in Tokyo, but in Fukushima, and it was also “only” a 5.1. There went out to the point, however, gradually: Heavy snowfall, sometimes accompanied by thunder and lightning, began. No, it is not really boring here.

If the 12. February 2012 is opened and hopefully withstand earthquakes: Die 2'933 m lange Tokyo Gate Bridge


Severe typhoon on its way: Warning for Nagoya, Großraum Tokyo etc.

September 21st, 2011 | Tagged , | 4 Comments | 2983 reads

Taifun Roke: Erwartete Route

Taifun Roke: Expected Route

The typhoon, of the march is just, it definitely deserves, here mentioned to be: Taifun Nr. 15 (want to be called, the 15. in the typhoon season in the eastern Pacific), by the International Taifunbehörde “Hands” (spoken: Rookie) called, is already here, to inflict severe devastation – and he has not even enter country. Currently the typhoon moves east along the Pacific coast, and tomorrow, at the 21. September, may draw directly on the Tokyo metropolitan area. Today he has been left mainly in Shikoku and its traces in Nagoya: Just in Nagoya went an 890,000 Population evacuation warnings out, as a result of heavy rainfall the 庄内 川 (Shonai-made, -Gawain = Flow) entered on the shore.
The special feature of this typhoon is the fact, that he has since extended his stay in Okinawa again built up his strength. Currently the wind speed near the center is around 160 km / h, with peaks of up to 200 km / h. Intermediary being, has been promoted to the highest category of the typhoon so. In the Tokyo metropolitan area is expected to 400 mm of rain over the next 24 Hours (Berlin: 571 mm per year).
If you are not in the dubious pleasure of a typhoon or. Cyclone or. Hurricane came: The extent of damage depends strongly on the topography of the affected area. In Japan's case it is usually less wind, of causing damage, but the enormous amounts of water: Since the majority pours over or in front of the mountains in the interior, virtually every area near the river is in danger, a fortiori, if they are former floodplains. Unfortunately Taifunrouten nachwievor relatively difficult to predict. With luck, this typhoon spared Tokyo, But it does not look good at the moment.

Unwetterwarnung am 21. Sep 2011

Taifun Nr. 15: Severe weather warning on 21. Sep 2011

Was tun, if you're just in Tokyo? Not much. It should be easy to go out every principle of it, that the transport comes to a halt tomorrow night for. Furthermore, it is recommended, are deep and allow the car, To avoid riverside areas.
This year is truly remarkable way, in terms of typhoons: In the 1970s it was 4 severe typhoons in Japan, in the 1980s, no major typhoon, in the 1990s and 2000s, each again 4 – but “Hands” has what it takes, The second severe typhoon in this decade to be young: No.. 12 this year, “Talas”, was slightly less, taught but in August / Septemver severe damage, especially in the Wakayama Prefecture: 67 People were killed, 26 are still missing.
Thousands of times link, But for security again: Returns the current Taifunstatus it in English here.


Two days Kyoto, An earthquake and a typhoon

September 6th, 2011 | Tagged , , | 1 Kommentar | 1204 reads

On Sunday morning we went to Kyoto – with the first day of the Shinkansen, morning at 6:00 Clock. No, not Verlustierung, but to work: In Kyoto was the first “Extensive Reading World Congress” an (and, There is also something), with many eminent figures from the “Scene”. And what can bring even a Sunday, the morning at 4:30 begins with getting up? A few minutes before departure, I got on the Shinkansen. As always, there was a long speaker announcement in Japanese and English, so that the train passengers were warned, where the train will stop anywhere, and where the poor smokers, smoking may actually still etc. usf. 5:55 The train slowly began to wiggle in front of him. Drive off without. It went by nothing. The speaker came to an abrupt announcement, and the passengers and people on the platform looking at a bit puzzled. All had the same thought, I'm sure: “Is that an earthquake or am I the only one?” No, It was definitely an earthquake, Strength 4.7 and directly in Tokyo. It does not matter, Now not only can be confusing.
One hour after departure, behind Shin-Fuji, the weather has been interesting: We drove into the foothills of Typhoon No.. 12 hinein. The Shinkansen slowed, and you could see some places outside absolutely nothing. Nevertheless, it was soon 320 km / h on. And there were interminable excuses before Kyoto – due to adverse weather conditions could have been sadly 2 Minutes late – “Sorry I was busy” – “Especially when you're in a hurry but, is not an appropriate excuse us”: No, this is not a fertile imagination, but simple, very common form of polite language in humility.
Kyōto? There was something. Well, Temple, Culture, much to see. When typhoon – Rain. At a conference: Rain, as seen from inside, far away in the beautiful University of events.
No, no point in this story. Taifun Nr. 12 incidentally, was somewhat unusual: Until a week ago it looked like, as if he was directly hit Tokyo. Thanks to the highs to the east of Japan, however, he was suddenly pushed to the west. “Thanks” is seen from the perspective of the capital city. Although the typhoon was growing weaker, But he was alone on the size of her grown into a monster. As is so often the wind was not devastating, but the rainfall, the spill, especially in rural areas in the mountains on a regular basis throughout the hamlet by mudslides. Result if: 37 Dead, 55 Missing person. The death toll is rising every hour.
Well: This is such a thing with the Taifunbezeichnungen. The Pacific Rim affected by typhoons have agreed on a list of products 140 Names agreed: Each country was allowed to bring in their own name, even Hong Kong and Macao. A typhoon reaches a certain size, is a name selected from the list. If the list is exhausted, is started again from scratch. Typhoons can visit Japan any time by the way – even in winter. However, the typhoon season from June to October period, with the peak period in the early fall.


Record summer and what has to go one

September 2nd, 2010 | Tagged | 14 Comments | 3408 reads

Now it's loud JMA (Japan Meteorological Agency – Japanese Meteorological Agency) So officially: This is the hottest summer since records began 1898 – The temperatures ranged from June to August with a national average 1.61 Degrees above the average. A large proportion of this was the month of August – in many places, so auch in Tokyo, the temperature was nearly 3 Degrees above normal, and 3 Degrees are a lot of: For weeks, it does not rain, The daily temperatures are constantly in 35 and the temperatures at night 27 Degree. Measured in 1 m height over a vegetated open space, understood. In other words,: It is overbearing hot, and still no end in sight.

Well, my little one, you've lost you?


Appear in the media in connection with the summer get new, less appetizing news to: Thus, there are probably more likely otherwise be moved further south on the types of roaches march northward – including up to 5 cm-long Wamon Kakerlaken (those are pretty aggressive and often fly) and to 4 Satsuma-Kakerlaken Langen cm. Did you know, that some of which up to 1.5 cover meters per second? 5 cm – the right almost a badge must be worn!

The heat seems to get really good with animals. In our old apartment we had been served 5 Years before the rest critters – not only have we got to face – But in early August which appeared occasionally on (and that two days, after the tenant had moved out about us…Accident!?). In the new apartment we have not seen any, but in the bottom floor near the stairs. Incidentally, in helping to move more often cockroaches plague: If you have really a lot of these animals in the home, attract mostly those with – in the form of eggs, of clothing, Pockets, Bags, etc.. usf.

The Word of the Day: Breeding su ru hanshoku suru. Multiply, spread.


Skip spring

April 15th, 2010 | Tagged | 7 Comments | 675 reads

Right now it seems, as if the spring of this year will be skipped: Even the cherry blossom festival this year was technically more of a weather disaster – Temperatures that were oft bei ca. 10 Degree, , there was not much wind and rain (but this battle-tested cherry blossom viewing drinkers did not prevent them, through with the usual yearly ritual). Now there was at least halfway normal last weekend (normally does around this time 11 Degrees at night and just 20 Degrees during the day), But this week it goes back quite clear in the winter. The Weather Report by Yahoo in the iPhone / iPod Touch with the already very unreliable values ​​brings the whole thing in a nutshell: Low 7 Degree, High 9 Degree. Current temperature: 5 Degree. Liebe IT’ler bei Yahoo for iPhone: Could you please add the following line in your program:

if recentTemperature < lowestTemperature then lowestTemperature = recentTemperature

It's simple, and logical thinking average user does not need to pinch the cheek each time to remember, that, otherwise, everything is real.

Even the people at the subway and the trains seem to beat the weather again mind: In three of four days this week, chaos reigned on several lines, on a day on the grounds, “because it's raining”. Are we in Abu Dhabi or what!? So. That had to be said. Whoever dwells on the moment in Tokyo visit: Sorry,en, Tough luck! Is not always so! But Sunday is probably no better…

The Word of the Day: Bitches guchi. "Stupid – irrelevant”. Together: Grouse, Complain.



February 9th, 2010 | Tagged , | 8 Comments | 896 reads

Not, that work does not have to burn the air would – there are numerous major projects have gathered in a heap (why only) and that often means more than the usual ten hours to spend in the office. This should not be filling enough.

Instead, I propose myself the moment even with the “Japan tabibito podcast” Result 1 about (almost done), I'm sorry but quickly determined. Actually me and the other pages of this blog enough to keep up to speed. And since all this were not enough, knocked last week and already the deadline for a new article in the journal Midori at the door – This time there was an article exclusively for the magazine. But visit, perhaps he will at some point the way here.

After all, there is a public holiday this week – Thursday is free. Well, and when I do exactly one week ago so beautiful about New zealand have written in Tokyo: Today we were here 19 Degrees and blue sky (I certainly could exploit in the office again most). Small consolation for all Central Europeans: This interlude lasted only one day probably, From tomorrow it will be cold again. Well, also fast. Probably scarce 10 Degrees or so.

The Word of the Day: Busy tabō. To German: Hard at work.


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