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Connect Filemaker with MySQL database using ODBC

Task: To use a remote MySQL database on FileMaker The setup: Client Side: —————- • FileMaker 12 Pro (though older versions can do this to) • Mac OS Mountain Lion 10.7.5 Server Side: —————- Linux (Cent OS 6) – though this shouldn’t matter MySQL 5.1.69 (this matters) Server hosted on Amazon The steps: 1. Preparing the […]

Custom Function for Filemaker: Find Matches in 2 value lists

In a Filemaker database, I had to come up with a quick way to find out which values in array myitems also exist in array list1 and array list2. For this, I created the following function: _FindMatchesInTwoValueLists(list1,list2,start,myitems) This is the function – as you can see, it’s recursive. The variable “start” is usually 0 when […]