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Tabibito's Czech-travelogue

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Generally useful sites

  • www.czech.cz
  • Gateway to all official institutions. A useful and well-done site.

  • www.mapy.cz
  • Maps and city maps. The zoom-function is quite useful.

    English Tschechisch
  • www.supernavigator.cz
  • Also good for city maps. The virtual maps show important places and their addresses, too.

  • www.vlak.cz
  • Official Website of the Czech railway company. Train and even bus connections as well as fares can be looked up easily.

    English Tschechisch Deutsch
  • guide.travel.cz
  • Contains a lot of useful travel information and introduces many places of interest.


    To be extended. Do you have or do you know a good website on Bosnia? Don't hesitate, let me know! After checking it, I would love to add to the link list. Please note that commercial websites will be declined. For e-mail link see menu on the top.

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