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Geheimtipp für den Tokyo Sky Tree | Hakone gesperrt

May 7th, 2015 | Tagged , , | 4 Comments | 1995 reads

Golden Week — Travel time. Entweder man reist selbst, oder man hat Besuch aus der Heimat, denn während eine Reise ins Ausland innerhalb der Goldenen Woche fast unbezahlbar ist, ist eine Reise während der Goldenen Woche – zumindest flugpreistechnisch – recht günstig.

Mit dem Besuch ging es dieses Jahr zum Tokyo Sky Tree, dem neuen Wahrzeichen der Stadt. Eigentlich habe ich jenen seit meinem letzten Besuch vermieden. Zu viel Rummel, zu viele Menschen, zu viele Geschäfte, und die Kostüme der Tokyo-Sky-Tree-Hostessen finde ich einfach mal absolut abstossend. Es gibt also eigentlich keinen triftigen Grund für mich, wieder dorthin zu fahren. Nun ging es also doch wieder hin, und ich hatte meinen Besuch schon vorgewarnt: Da Goldene Woche, wird es sehr, sehr voll werden. And no, wir werden nicht auf den Turm fahren können, weil man einen geschlagenen halben Tag warten muss, bis man an der Reihe ist.

Spasseshalber fragte ich bei der Information gegen 11:30 morgens nach, wie lange es denn dauern würde, bis man hochkönne. “So cirka 18:30” lautete die nicht überraschende Antwort. But then: “Für Ausländer gibt es allerdings jetzt das Fast Sky Tree Ticket. Das kostet mit 2,820 Yen bis zur Plattform in 350 m Höhe zwar 760 Yen mehr als das normale Ticket, but: “In 20 Minuten von jetzt an sind sie oben!”. Look at that. Also zum speziellen Ticketverkauf in der 4. Etage gegangen, and behold — no 10 Leute warteten in der Schlange. Tickets gekauft, und schon wurden wir von einer Hostess zum Fahrstuhl geführt und schon waren wir oben. Is it. It is interesting, dass auch in Japan lebende Ausländer sowie den Ausländer begleitende Japaner das Fast Ticket nutzen dürfen. Das ist ja fast schon eine Geschäftsidee…

  • Tokyo Sky Tree
  • Tokyo Sky Tree
  • Tokyo Sky Tree
  • Tokyo Sky Tree
  • Tokyo Sky Tree
  • Tokyo Sky Tree
  • Tokyo Sky Tree
  • Tokyo Sky Tree

Wo wir gerade beim Thema Tourismus sind — gestern, at the 6. More 2015, hat die Meteorologie-Behörde die Warnstufe für den Vulkan in Hakone auf Stufe 2 (of 5) increases. Infolgedessen wurden etliche Strassen sowie, und jetzt kommt’s, die Seilbahn gesperrt. Wie lange die Sperrung andauert, kann man noch nicht vorhersagen. Man erwartet auch keinen grossen Ausbruch, aber da die Seilbahn direkt über den Krater fährt, geht man verständlicherweise auf Nummer Sicher. If hot, die übliche Hakone-Tour (Zug von Tokyo, Zahnradbahn von Gōra, Seilbahn, Schiff) hat sich für unbestimmte Zeit erledigt, da an der Seilbahn Schluss ist. Mehr Informationen dazu siehe here.

Well — wir fahren dieses Jahr gottseidank nicht ins nahe Hakone, but, again, nach Izu. Mehr und häufiger dann wieder auf diesem Blog nach der Goldenen Woche!


Shibuya – Conversion of a wasp's nest

April 3rd, 2015 | Tagged | 5 Comments | 2131 reads

Mitten in Shibuya

Mitten in Shibuya

Five times a week I have the pleasure, in Shibuya Shibuya migrate. With daily round 3 Million fellow. So this is so, as if the whole of Berlin once daily at a single railway station, from- or switch. In terms of passenger throughput Shibuya making it the world's number 2 under the railway stations (the number. 1 is only 4 miles away, and No.. 3 no 10 Kilometer).

Hikarie in Shibuya

Hikarie in Shibuya

Change in commuter traffic in Shibuya is not for the faint of heart, especially if you are between one of the 4 Rail operator umsteigt – for example, the Denentoshi Denentoshi-Linie or Keio Keiō-Linie JR (Yamanote and several other lines). Shibuya train station and also quite diverse areas in the vicinity are some for very small and dirty. There are quite a few homeless people and all sorts of shady mob. Or as the Berliner would say: The place has character.

Wird bald verschwinden: Das alte Tokyu Plaza

Will soon disappear: The old Tokyu Plaza

But for several months, or. actually already years, is gewerkelt and tinkered come hell. Bit by bit, but it is very fascinating, how to manage large construction sites in Shibuya in confined spaces. Before 4 Years, for example, Hikarie open – a 182 Meter high colossus with numerous offices, Restaurants and shops. Now includes the venerable department store Tokyu Plaza by at least 49 Years – not forever, because the store will be built and 3 Reopen years.

More controversial is the plan, the tiny strip of green called Miyashita Park Miyashita-Park, which begins near the Train Station, rebuild – see here, including: Battle over Shibuya park heats up as Tokyo Olympics loom. This means that the connection with the upcoming Olympics is made, because of course you want to take this occasion Shibuya on track.


Shibuya River

The pity of the matter, that the commonly quite unknown Shibuya River Shibuya-Fluss not fare better than before is: The river runs completely underground in Shibuya, and will probably remain so. For sure,de, the flow is small and on a normal day in his above-ground part toward Ebisu only a few inches deep, but during heavy rainfall events (Keyword typhoon) the water depth increases rapidly to a few meters. Therefore, the most impressive works are also held there in Shibuya, where you can not see it: Under the ground. Namely part of the renovation, a new sump directly under the station.

Who wants to know more about the conversion Shibuya – There is a specially Website. Of course, only in Japanese. Until Olympia there are so finally a few more years.


Same-sex partnerships in Japan equated soon?

February 13th, 2015 | Tagged , , , | 2 Comments | 1752 reads

Today, at the 12. February 2015, there was a press conference at the district administration of Shibuya-ku (Tokyo) a sensation¹: There they gave namely known, that it has filed a request for Equality same-sex unions in the district Shibuya – through which to then in March 2015 to be decided. This does not mean, that same-sex couples are allowed to marry in Japan, but the City Council of Shibuya would, the request is successful, precisely those pairs issue a certificate, that would allow them, to be treated in the district area as spouse.

This is quite a sensation, same-sex partnerships in Japan are simply not an issue: This matter will loudly hushed, and neither politicians nor media seem to have great interest in it, to warm it. For sure,de, TV programs are full of men in women's clothes (Ai Haruna, Matsuko Deluxe or Mitz Mangrove, just to name a few) or oblique types such as Hard Gay, the money with the showing of stereotypes money, but homosexuality, although not illegal, simply is not an option.

Since same-sex partners in Japan may not marry, escape them many common for married people privileges. This is in Bürg- and inheritances off and ends with wills and tax advantages not intended to. How has come in Shibuya-ku on the idea, meet the first municipality in Japan's same-sex couples, is unclear. If the bill, however, be assumed – Shibuya and should continue to remain the only municipality in Japan – the already trendy district can probably attach a new progress star lapel.

¹ See NHK News (Japanese) and Japan Times (English).


Blade Runner or: Landing at Haneda

January 4th, 2015 | Tagged , , | 5 Comments | 2532 reads

Who am Narita Airport landed, usually see first a patchwork of rice paddies, small woods and golf courses. If you end up in the Bay of Tokyo Haneda Airport, usually flies a big curve on the Boso Peninsula, Disneyland past, touching down from the north at Haneda. Rare is because the approach from the south – that leads past the Neuland areas of Yokohama and Kawasaki. This means, one sees only used one: Industry. As far as the eye can see. Unfortunately, the video is below the wing in the way. But the video, Date Added 28. December 2014, has a special feature: Absolute Windstille. This was in accordance with a little bit of Blade Runner.

For sure,de, there are more romantic approach procedures at airports. On the other hand, one can not complain: Japan happens to an industrial nation, and is provided here impressively demonstrated.

Before the whole industry can be seen – in the right season at least – of course even more – one comes from the south, Ohshima Island, for example,, or the often smoking volcano on the island Miyake Miyake-Jima:

Miyake-jima aus 10 km Höhe

Miyake-jima from 10 km Höhe

And of course, there would also be the good old Fuji-san:

Fuji-san vom Flugzeug aus

Fuji-san from the plane

Fuji-san aus der Luft


Flying champagne bottles and a rewarding view

December 21st, 2014 | Tagged , | 5 Comments | 2113 reads

Lack of real news I've dug out a bit on my phone, to watch, I have collected so recently of snapshots. And lo and behold, there were two interesting shots. For once there is the promotional poster of Freixenet (and, who have made the leap to Japan a few years ago). The poster as such may be somewhat inappropriate in this area, because it is not so has the “Happy New Year – and now let's all drink a toast”. From this little thing apart once I find the poster but very well thought – and above all, well done. From close up you can see, finally, only flying champagne bottles – from a distance but is there but actually written something. On a photo it is easier to recognize, however,, what it says – one considers, that the promotional poster is in natura several meters wide and high.


The second photo was taken last week in the Izumi Garden Tower in Roppongi. There I visit almost every week at least once a customer. To arrive at the office, I must first take the shuttle elevator to the 24. Stock drive and transfer them to a lift. On the “Umsteigeetage” There is a huge hall, completely glazed, of course you have a splendid view of the city. Inklusive Mori Tower, Roppongi Midtown and, he should not be missed, Mt. Fuji in the background. If you jedocn of the scenes take a picture wants, you have to hurry – because on the floor housed a uniformed Blockwart, the comes running immediately, hands crossed and calls “No photo! Not”. Why? I do not know.


In this sense, I would then want also to all readers a Merry Christmas. I will certainly report later this year with a Year in Review, but until then I hope, that everyone enjoys the Christmas holidays due!


Tokyo: Ausflugstipp “Nōryōsen”

September 25th, 2014 | Tagged | 6 Comments | 7119 reads

Rainbow  Bridge von unten

Rainbow Bridge from below

Professional, although pleasant reasons it went last Friday on a fun boat ride in the bay of Tokyo. The 屋 形 船 Yakatabune mentioned, small boats I already knew – which are often designed with Tatami and hold for Trinkgelagene on the lake ago. However, this boat was different: It was a great, determined once occupied as a ferry boat for estimated 1,000 or more people. With large Norwegian flag on the chimney, but that does not necessarily mean, that the boat also comes from there. Resourceful businessmen have the boat now converted into a party boat: With stage, Beer and numerous food stalls. Das Boot legt, it seems like every day, vom Takeshiba-Pier (Near Hamamatsu-machi, Yamanote-Linie) at 19:15 and travels afterwards always back up the coast to the airport and Haneda again. With loud music on one of the decks, an admittedly somewhat annoying MC and hundreds of people in party mood. Odaiba, Rainbow Bridge, Approach path of the airport, gaudy industrial plants, etc.. – the ride is quite entertaining and takes a good two hours. The price is also more than civil: 2,600 yen pro Person, and includes All-You-Can-Drink.

Zur Information: It is called 納涼船 Nōryō-sen (“Sommerabendbrisen-Line”) and will take place from 1. July to 30. September statt. Definitely next year. How it looks, many passengers seem to understand the whole as an opportunity for a bride – for romantic nights with your partner is likely that then probably but be unsuitable. Meet and celebrate people but the boat is a round thing.


Self-immolation in Shinjuku and a weighty decision

July 1st, 2014 | Tagged , | 14 Comments | 9594 reads

On this blog, the topic is actually quite a alter Hut, but tomorrow it will seriously: With a crafty trick the pacifist constitution should be annulled tomorrow. Article 9 the Japanese Constitution states,

1) Aspiring sincerely to an international order based on justice and peace, the Japanese people waived for all times of war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of military force as a means of settling international disputes.

2) To achieve the purpose of paragraph 1 be country-, See- not entertain and air forces, as well as other means of war. A warfare law of the State is not recognized.

Will hot, Japan must not wage war. And no army to chat. But the wish to change for a long time conservative circles and of course above all the political rights. Now there has long been great resistance against a constitutional amendment. Morning is to a first, done great step. It is, strictly speaking, to the establishment of the Set Institute claims self-defense (Shūdanteki Jieiken) – Right of collective self-defense. To be concrete: The U.S. is Japan's most important ally. Accesses another power Japan to, is the United States committed, succor. If however a different power of the United States, it is forbidden Japan, to actively help the allies. Passive, For example, with military tanker aircraft, etc., This is, for example, in 2. However, the Iraq war has done.

Prime Minister Abe and his government now want in an extraordinary session of parliament on 1. July, this situation “correct”. However, since a constitutional amendment is quite difficult, engages you in the bag of tricks: For sure,de, there are articles 9. There are also articles 65 in the Constitution, and stating concisely:

Government is vested in the Cabinet. – The executive power is vested in the Cabinet.

And so one decides tomorrow so with a comfortable majority in parliament, the manner, how the Constitution is interpreted, change: Article 65 stings Article 9 from. It's simple. The fact that only one third of the population is this for good and a half, however, is simply¹, is the ruling Liberal Democrats doing pretty much no matter.

The whole is not without protests vonstatten: Today, thousands demonstrated – exact numbers I have to stay unfortunately guilty – in many places, among other things, the residence of the Prime Minister, against the looming vote. Pity, that the Prime Minister no longer live in the residence for a couple of years, since it is supposed to haunt there. But of course this is just a rumor.

Yesterday, at the 29. June 2014, Moreover, it came to an extraordinary incident at the south exit of the world's busiest train station – Shinjuku. A man positioned himself against there 1 Clock in the afternoon began with a megaphone on a footbridge and, to protest against the decision. This went on for an hour so, and in that time prepared the fire brigade air cushions and similar. Against 2 Clock the man doused himself suddenly with a brown liquid and set himself on fire (who has to look at the absolutely – there are of course everything on YouTube² – Finally Shinjuku is this time of day full of people). The fire department was of course included in seconds, to clear the man. That finally came to the hospital with severe burns, but should be accessible. It is interesting, that the planned sacrifice indeed met with much interest in foreign media, in the Japanese mainstream media, however, was hardly an echo.

Political opinion or no – that Japan's war in our own Constitution is prohibited, has its reasons. In principle, yes of the right to self-defense no objection. But the thought of the following Szenarie makes already anxious: Somehow North Korea manages, to sink an American ship and it explains the U.S. just as the war. Decide Japan's hawks, that the alliance case is created so that, and let that transformed the army self-defense forces landing. And already are Japanese soldiers between China and South Korea. Respectively there, I care where everyone is allowed to be – only no Japanese soldier.

¹ See Nikkei Shimbun vom 29. June 2014
² See for example here


Everyday pleasures in shuttle

April 29th, 2014 | Tagged , | 20 Comments | 12579 reads

It is just after 8 in the morning. The alarm clock convinced me somehow, stand up. Today from is 10 a meeting in Shibuya on the plan. Normally it looks like this: I leave the house against nine nine, ride a bicycle 4 km long mountain and valley to my station of trust. The track is spiced with 18 degree slopes and a well- 1 km Bustan, continuous descent. One is awake then. Just 15 Minutes later I'm at the station and get on the fast train. 20 Minutes later, So at half past ten, I'm in Shibuya. As far as, so good.

Professionelle Passagierquetscher bei der Arbeit

Professional Passagierquetscher at work

A view from the window explains the background noise: It regnet. Blast it. My bike is very fast, but one of the reasons for this is the lack of protection plates. With suit and that bike 4 miles to the train station is not recommended. I do not like a wet poodle sitting in a meeting yes. Deshalb Plan B, additional für Rege Tage: I leave shortly after half past nine the house and one minutes walk to the bus stop. The bus comes naturally 10 Minutes late, no problem – I'm only just 9:40 an. The bus to the nearest station: The only 2 km, but there do not hold fast trains. But there are a few semi-express trains. In any case, when the bus is on time. As he but it is not, remains only to wait for the slow train. The drives – also with several minutes delay – finally a, of course, is jam-packed and will remain here and there longer than usual are. Against 9:40 – actually I would be long in Shibuya – I'm finally in Shimokitazawa. I wallow with the crowds the stairs and escalators up to the Keio line. A few scary moments are: The escalator spits more and more people on the platform, but that is already hopeful crowded and people do not come fast enough away from the escalator. At the same time, turn left and right hupenderweise trains.

The Keio line seems to be uncomfortable: The rulers of the station intercom apologize incessantly with cracking voice. A train to Shibuya retracts. The faces of the passengers are so strongly pressed against the window panes, they appear larger than normal faces. The doors go to relentless. After a few seconds, short, before the doors close again, falls a passenger from the exact middle of the wagon on, that he even wants to get here. Suddenly dozens of sources stressed, sallow passengers out of the car and immediately weighed back, after the sleeper has finally left the train. Finally! 3.4 Cubic inches more per passenger! When one leaves the wagon, should theoretically be able to climb at least one new. But it is not. Even the proven fighting technique – Contact with his back to the car in front of the door, cling with their hands in the inner door frame and squeeze in then backward with all available pressure – does not help. It fits no longer purely. Train departs. Nearest train coming: The same spectacle. Third train: Exactly, no one can climb. Finally, at train number 4 (we are talking about a total 10 Minutes), I can “enter”, the elegance of the word “enter” describes the situation not entirely correct. Actually, it's more like Rambo in Afghanistan, only with umbrella instead of gun, and in slow motion. 7 Minutes later, the train is back, namely 100 Meters away from the terminus Shibuya. A few minutes after 10 Clock the door opens. And, Today is another beautiful day!*

*Eggs, I admit it yes: The whole happened before 10 Meet. Today it did not rain.


Interference Factor Handymensch

April 11th, 2014 | Tagged , | 4 Comments | 8350 reads

Docomo, one of the three major wireless carriers in Japan, has spread among the people recently an instructive video, and the video currently spreading very fast. It's about, what can happen, when you walk through the countryside while only looks at his cell phone. The simulation shows concretely, what happens, when 1,500 At the same time the famous people “Scramble”-Cross intersection in Shibuya and all to stare on your mobile phone. Das Score to Simulation, based on the highly restricted field of view of passers-by, said, that only one third may, without prejudice to cross the intersection in time – the rest is either too slow or collide with other pedestrians (about 400 Time) zusammen.
As far as the simulation is not removed from the reality. Since my move I also get into Shibuya to best rush hours to. Here I pass countless stairs and narrow hallways, and half of others going through the course here with the spark in the styluses: Either, to read something, to write or watch TV. Many seem to really doing according to the method “the others are walking around already about me” proceed, but at some point the critical mass is reached – then there are too many cell phone junkies and no longer fits on. The fact, that the said people of course are much slower than the rest, makes me mad each time. In addition, there Naglfar blow at full volume through the headphones, and already achieved an operating, for the next 10 Enough hours in the office.
Of course, some contemporaries let their aggressiveness run free. This includes Bloggerkollege Coolio, as daily by some Japanese. Also I have after 20th homo Mobilfunkensis no desire for Dodge's and make me stubborn. Aah, Shibuya. The exact opposite of a walk through the forest! But here is the video:


Snow Chaos (last part)

February 18th, 2014 | Tagged , | 16 Comments | 2918 reads

Normal auf Hokkaido - aber ungewöhnlich in Tokyo

Normal auf Hokkaido – but uncommon in Tokyo

Three posts in succession snow… but it is worth a further contribution still. Tokyo and the surrounding area have in recent days, the heaviest snowfall since 45 Experienced years: At the 8. February fell around 30 inches of snow in the center of Tokyo, and at 14. February again a similar amount. This naturally leads into Tokyo itself well to traffic chaos, but much arrant it has other hit prefectures. In the prefecture of Yamanashi, and even in the west of Tokyo did not fall centimeterweise, but the meter snow. Central railway lines no longer drive, Highways and many other roads are closed permanently, and thousands of households are without electricity for days.

Some places in Yamanashi and Tokyo are completely cut off from the outside world, everywhere and stuck cars and trucks for days in the snow firmly. Hall roofs collapsed and some of trees fell. 23 Deaths were counted as far as ¹, and the blocked roads begin to have an impact: There are first delivery bottlenecks. In supermarkets, for example,, But even with the big auto companies – several works were forced to close temporarily, because the supplier stuck somewhere in the snow. And as if that was not enough, is it on Wednesday and Thursday already snowing again. This winter thus becomes quite dramatic for the Capital Region. In the prefectures on the Sea of ​​Japan and Hokkaido to fight every year against the snow, but for a region, which brings together an average of only a few centimeters per year, that was just too much times. In other words,: It's about time, that it is a little warmer…

¹ See, among others here


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