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Robot, half-naked women and business

October 3rd, 2013 | Tagged , , | 3 Comments | 9366 reads

Roboter + α: Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku/Tokyo

Robot + a: Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku/Tokyo

Yesterday a meeting with two business partners had agreed – Japan both seasoned experts from the English-speaking. One of them had already been arranged long before a suitable place for the meeting: Das Restaurant in Robot Shinjuku, more precisely in the infamous Kabukicho district. From my own experience, the host suggested, to meet before dinner, of the Robot Restaurant Restaurant ist ein zwar, However, the emphasis lies mainly on the first word.
Said, done. Ah, Shinjuku! Before 15 Years I was almost every night in Shinjuku – either to work (weekdays) or pleasure (Rest). Shinjuku was my playground, and this playground was me from the outset rather than Roppongi. In recent years, however, there was a lack of opportunities, and so I hardly recognized Shinjuku. But how much everything changes in a few years. The first thing a lot of my Chinese tour group on, ran a flag waving behind the swinging guide. Well at least they look like the real. Japan. Cough.

The Robot Restaurant is located in Kabukicho midst of all the more or less ambiguous Establishments, because the offer group rates at the massage parlor and… no, which is too long. Even in the blazing Kabukicho still gleißendere Robot restaurant is immediately on. The pricing structure is simple: 5,000 Yen pro Person (also rund 40 Euro), no ifs and buts. Just go to is not – you must book in advance. Then you wait in the entrance area, in the schiesen immediately thanks to the decor tears to my eyes. It glitters and sparkles, the senses over themselves. And – Japanese people have to look after almost. Almost all visitors coming from abroad. Eventually you will be under the
Out earth – three stories deep. There: A small arena, with three staggered rows of seats on both sides and in the middle of a wide side. There are two employees and sell beer from plastic cups. At the entrance you also get inside a cardboard box with food. I had to open not only, to suspect, why should we eat before. No, here you certainly can not go because of the food.

Farbige Panzer und nackte Frauen. Nun ja.

Colored tanks and naked women. Well.

Eventually it started. Many aufgetüterte, half-naked young women with cup sizes, which can not be described by the first three letters of the alphabet, jumped bawling, screaming, swords- and flags waving around the room. Well, the normal average woman just. There were video installations, a kung fu panda rip-off, the fight against villains (then fly across the room) usw. Particularly noteworthy: The drummer with a very sporty, colorful dragon tattoo, which covered half the body. Gee. Sometime yet been finally. Distributed light stick, with which one should waving in rhythm, And most have also gone through properly.

What Forgot? Oh, and, Robot! The course, there was also, ton and in various forms, manned and unmanned. These strange vehicles and much more. After one and a half hours, the show was over, and all left either happy or irritated the local.

Now, I've long since put myself in another world for the first time. And with all kitsch: If you just forget everything around and just does the thing, makes it quite fun. Predicate: Very nerdy, but well done and, if not always, as yet largely, very entertaining.
Well: From the food, I would stay away. The convenience stores, the better.

Here are the Link to the official website.


Doraemon and a typhoon

September 15th, 2013 | Tagged , , | Comments Off | 3243 reads

Taifun Man-Yi. Mehr zum Werdegang siehe hier:

Taifun Man-Yi. More career see here: JMA

September is beautiful – There are two holidays in September, and the heat can gradually. Most of the time. Now, the next Monday is free (and the following Monday as well), unfortunately only have just this weekend a great typhoon ravaged the country for. The typhoon was Man'nyi (Yi Wan) Man-Yi baptized – named after a strait in Hong Kong. This typhoon has, however, not except to Hong Kong, but the most densely populated regions in Japan. Currently it looks like, as if he were on 16. September, also am Montag, will pull away directly over Tokyo. And as so often pushes the Taifu much ahead of it – on Sunday a lot of rain to fall.

Since fail with high probability several railway lines, So it was called, to make at least something from the day on Saturday. Not so easy with pretty sultry 32 Degree. From given occasion there so I went with the children to Tokyo Tower, because there is currently an exhibition in honor of the 80. Anniversary of the manga illustrator Fujiko · F · Fujio (Fujiko F. Fujio). This is certainly not the right name – was born of the artist as Hiroshi Fujimoto. Unfortunately, he can not celebrate the birthday also, because the artist died already 1996 on liver failure – quite literally at your desk, with a pin in its hand (so at least he lost consciousness – Three days later he died, without waking again). Fujio’s Leitmotiv war SF, he does not as “Science Fiction” would have understood, rather than 少し不思議 Sukoshi Fushigi – “something peculiarly”. And that is by far his most famous character: Doraemon Doraemon – a large, Blue Cat, but more on that see Delicious: Jean Reno meets Doraemon.

Fujio & Doraemon-Ausstellung am Tokyo Tower

Fujio & Doraemon-Ausstellung am Tokyo Tower

But we are in Japan. The entrance is quite violent for the, what is offered: 1’500 Yen (also rund 12 Euro) for adults and 900 Yen for children over 4. And 2 Hour wait we must expect, we were told – and you really have to be present at that time with the children. Ultimately, it took only an hour. The beginning was quite furious: A mini cinema with a small, white space, state in which only a desk. The whole proved to be a three-dimensional projection, in the books suddenly flew through the area and much more – without 3D glasses, mind you. Even my 2-year-old spontaneously clapped their hands, saying something and wishing. The rest of the exhibition was indeed interesting – in many places, however, interesting for parents, are indeed all grew up with Doraemon: It should under no 50 geben in Japan, does not know the blue cat.

Let me mangas usually cold, but when my children look Doraemon, I sit like this: The characters are pretty funny, and the stories undoubtedly stimulate imagination as. Sometimes you also learn that his employees know better. As an employee of mine once a translated text and the subject line 翻訳こんにゃく Hon’yaku Konnyaku (hon'yaku = translation, konnyaku = typical Japanese ingredient of Konjac flour) sent back, I thought only a witty play on words. But no – Hon'yaku Konnnyaku is a miracle of Doraemons tools: If you rumkaut it, one can understand foreign languages.


Simply dropped into water

July 30th, 2013 | Tagged , | 5 Comments | 12441 reads

Last Saturday found, As every year on the last Saturday in July, two of the largest fireworks show in the Tokyo area instead: The 隅田川 花火 大会 Sumidagawa firework festival in Tokyo and the Fireworks Urayasu Urayasu-Feuerwerksfestival. The former took place this year on 36. Times, attracting an average of three-quarters of a million visitors; the fireworks Urayasu (and, I just tinker at this new website) found to 35. The event has on average half a million visitors (the city has just 160’000 Population).

Both events last a full hour, during more than 6’000 Go off firecrackers. And are meant fireworks: Made by hand, Annual Kawenzmänner. A spectacle. As we live in Urayasu and fireworks is even introspective, if one sits down with food and beer out there somewhere, we went trotting again this year. To a more distant location directly on the shore (The fireworks were launched from a platform in the sea). Among the crowds we did not, because we would very quickly lose sight of our youngest.

To start to 19:30 (and, there is in Japan, even in the summer the light) saw everything from still all right. But that changed within a few minutes. First came a few drops, then threatening looking clouds, and finally, Other strobes, which clearly did not belong to fireworks. The wind freshened considerably on – and after a few minutes it was closing time: Shortly before 20 Clock it poured with rain and lightning flashed and crashed everywhere. Fortunately (or. the foresight) We were right next to a subway, so that we could hole up there. It was better that way, Umbrellas would not have helped because, and the temperature dropped abruptly from 30 on 22 Degree. Although the underpass is very broad, came there, the water almost everywhere.

Bedrohliche Wolkenkulisse beim Feuerwerk

Menacing clouds crowd watching the fireworks

Also the Sumida fireworks had to be canceled – for the first time in its 36-year history. Had the situation can not be estimated beforehand? – The Hobbymeteorologe should be noisy here. Since I have a bit of background information about it: The odds were in my opinion 50:50. You took the risk, because the fireworks are so much preparation time and costs with you. The storm front slumbered already north of Tokyo. But the speed, with the front then rolled towards the sea and was always greater, was truly remarkable and difficult to predict. And you can again draw only his hat to the organizers and the participants: In many places it would come in a downpour with thunder and lightning almost a Millinen people in a small space a riot or panic – already done everything (For example, in football stadiums). But eventually all came while wet, but intact home.

The weather plays this year anyway some capers in Japan: It was the rainy season started much too early. Then it rained not long. Then the rains stopped far too early to. Finally, there was a decent early July heat wave. And for weeks, the Northeast and the West Japan is plagued by record-breaking rainfall, together with floods. In Tokyo, however severe and sudden thunderstorms have become part of everyday life.


Smoking obstacles on the rails

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Japanese trains are known worldwide for their punctuality yes. The opinion was slightly changed, if one day in years, day out is traveling by train in Tokyo, but all in all the railway traffic is remarkable. This affects not only the timeliness and cleanness of itself, Instead, the system simply: Draws, for example, someone on one of the many JR lines in Tokyo the emergency brake or presses the alarm button, a driver, available within seconds, all JR lines (There are also numerous other, private Bahnlinien) still. Only when the Einatzzentrale has become clear, what happened where and why, move all other, not affected paths again. And then the really remarkable: Although everything is clocked down to the second, “recovered” the system very quickly. In a network of dozens of railroad lines, with trains, often in 2-3 Minute drive, this is really amazing.

What I also appreciate the railways – and what has always driven me, for example, in Germany on the palm – the information strategy. If a train one, two minutes late in Japan, will be announced in due time on the display panels and speakers. And as long, until the train comes. Since many trains are now equipped now in metropolitan areas with TV board, is also shown in the trains, currently the reasons which have delay lines. Sometimes there are 0, in extreme cases up to 23 Lines (the highest, I've seen so far – with typhoons and earthquakes by). Sometimes amusing is the English translation for the reasons of delay. The most common are

  • Inspection of door / vehicle – Wagon / door inspection or. Problems with the selfsame
  • Signal Suites ra bulldog – Problems with the sign Alan Long
  • Strong wind – Storm
  • Personal accident – Personal injury
  • Abnormal noise – Strange noises

represented. No.. 1 and 5 are quickly resolved, at 2. it can sometimes take hours, at 4. typically least 2 Hours and at 3. one can only pray, is the weather better. Sometimes, however, one reads about creative reasons:

Trouble on board

Trouble on board

The reason for the delay is always right: “Trouble on Board” usually means, that people get into the wool or a full drunkard has fully rolled the wagon. It happens, especially the latter…

Smoking on Tracks?

Smoking on Tracks?

In this case it was the result display to “Smoking on tracks”. What had happened? Someone had smoked on the tracks? Only gives information about the Japanese: Smoke on the route.

Obstacle Thing

Obstacle Thing

Unfortunately, something difficult to detect, as recorded from a distance in the well-filled train: Here was a “Obstacle Thing” – a “Hindernisding” root of evil.

Who wants to know the way, as it looks, if so please rest pretty much all lines: See the advert (these are found in the major interchanges) below. The display is normally completely white. Orange stands for lines, the only run late or limited, red represents lines, the complete stand still. The photo was taken on a Taifuntag:

(Nahezu) kompletter Ausfall

(Almost) Complete failure

Yet – the most beautiful announcement I once heard in Germany. In EC from Strasbourg to Frankfurt / Main somebody said somewhere before Darmstadt: “Dear passengers, at the present time we can not say with certainty, that this train will make it to Frankfurt. We have a Lokschaden. Those in a hurry, may change in Darmstadt in the ICE, But perhaps (!) We also manage to Frankfurt”. Simply divine.


Democracy is a delicate flower

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Lage von Kodaira (Quelle: Google Maps)

Location of Kodaira (Those: Google Maps)

Throughout Japan, it is sausage, whether there is a new road is built there or tipping a bag of rice. Ganz Japan? No! Since there is a small town called 小平市 Kodaira-shi (Shi = Stadt) a few kilometers west of Tokyo (and still Tokyo-to belonging), in which it was intended, to be rebellious. The stumbling block is a highway, of the Fuchū-Tokorozawa north of the city until after Kamakura and thereby lead to 1,4 Kilometers in length to pass through the city from north to south. It should disappear as planned, a piece of forest. The planning of this road was already before about. 50 Years initiated ¹.

So just wanted one then but not beaten. A citizens' initiative was established, and submitted the signatures of 7,183 citizens, demand for such a referendum. The city has the way 188’000 Population. The request was granted, and so was yesterday, also am 26. More 2013, first (Fanfare!) Referendum in Tokyo statt. However, only participating 35% of voters in the survey, how last night turned out. The referendum, however, would only be valid, when at least 50% participate. And even then it would have no legally binding effect. Ergo: Nothing there, the road will be built.

However caused outrage today's decision of the Election Commission of the City, not count the votes, since the referendum would not anyway reached the necessary turnout. Voices of criticism were immediately loudly, and not to the wrong. Sure, The referendum was seen as unsuccessful, but the city council should not still be interested, what does a good third of its citizens?

Much will certainly not happen here. Perhaps the city administration bowing to pressure and allowed the counting. Demonstrations with people, which bind to trees, it will not come. But a referendum on the subject of urban planning is a rarity in Japan. After the 2. World War, there has been only 19 Referendums, ultimately led to legislative proposals: The first took 1949 instead of, the last (successful) – 1952. And most of these Umfragungen turned only about, to be explained a town / place at an official sight ².

Who somewhat more The voice of the people needs (however, only in Japanese) – some comments on the subject in the Huffington Post (see first link below) are quite interesting, but one has to bear in mind, to the publication of comments at their discretion.

¹ See here: Huff Post Society: Full Kodaira residents voting, the voting rate of 50% ni ka ず session is not established
² See here: Wikipedia: Special law passed through the referendum


Tokyo Station … and a bored army

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Tokyo station is actually not such a big station. When compared with other stations in Tokyo. Weltweit ist Tokyo Station “only” ranked 8 the world's busiest train stations: 396 Million passengers, So more than one million per day, go into Tokyo Station, from or to. However, there are 4 Bahnhöfe in Tokyo, The more passengers muster (lone runner for a long time: Shinjuku myth 1.4 Billion passengers per year – See more numbers here). Berlin Hauptbahnhof it brings to just 100 Million.

Tokyo Station is still something special, because the main building dates from 1914 and has gone through a lot. Recently a major overhaul in 2012, to make the conditions for Tokyo truly historic building earthquake safe. Since then, the structure is even a direct hit of Strength 7 (on the Richter scale) can put away.

Incidentally it has in recent years also still the same a few minor, but quite classy skyscrapers raised at the station and the ground with numerous malls “refines”. An ideal place, when it rains. Who dwells in the rainy season in Tokyo or in principle just unlucky with the weather has, can do the following:

1.) Of the Marunouchi Line (Subway Line) to Keiyo Line run. There are two routes, and both are approximately. 600 Meters long and completely underground. As long repeat, until you no longer runs, and you have around half a day.

2.) Hang out in the malls under the Yaesu outputs. There is a lot to see – and of course plenty to eat. Where the station stops and where the brand new Daimaru department store starts, is it hard to say.



However, if you are with kids, especially those, growing up in Japan, ventured into the bowels of Tokyo Station, be warned: Difficult to get out again. These include, for example, makes this shop here: Tomica is the Japanese version of “Matchbox” (small model cars), and little boys just love them.

If one small Japanese guys auditioning the song cleverly made Tomica, happened about the here:

The attraction is enormous. My son, just 2 become, Although not yet “Toilet” say, aber dank Tomica & Co. He may nevertheless already “Ambulance” say. Well, fast. Actually is not the ambulance in Japanese “Kyūkyūta” but “Kyūkyūsha”, but still.



So that the children will also be pressed simultaneously in the right roles, there is just across from the Tomica business Precure-Shop, and you have to meet two conditions already, for there not to throw overboard his mind: You have to be a little girl, and you have to grow up in Japan. The original song Suite Precure I will not do that to you, so here is the variant of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces. I think, they are all on drugs. Tanks and helicopters in the background, and in the foreground plays the Chapel “Suite Precure”. What can I say.

More on the Tokyo Station at some point you again. I think, I deviated from the topic…


Kappabashi – the kitchen paradise

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Südlicher Eingang zur Kappabashi-Passage

Southern entrance to Kappabashi Passage

The beauty of Tokyo is, that the specialization of individual districts on specific services or products is still strong. Previously, there was also in the German cities – but usually only announce them the place names, whereupon the district specialized.

The best known example is probably in Japan Akihabara. After the Second World War here growled the black market, where everything somehow need- or. actionable sold. This was a collection of shops, the electrics- and electronic components and products for sale. But there are many more:

・Suidōbashi (between Iidabashi and Ochanomizu) is specialized in printing and publishing products
· Jimbocho (north of the Imperial Palace) specializes in bookstores
· Asakusadōri (Ueno, Inaricho) on Butsudan (Home altars) specialized
· Tsukiji specializes in fish shops
· Shinjuku 2chōme is on… We let the

There would also Kappabashi between Ueno and Tokyo Sky Tree: Here it specializes in all, what is in the kitchen and gastronomy needs. Of Stäbchenablageteilchen (Hashioki) up to giant pots, in the loose one, two children can fit, there is everything, but really to buy anything. This includes of course also stores, specializing for example in Japanese or Japanese ceramic knives. Other stores specialize in everything, what you need as a coffee lover so – For example, who wants to roast his own coffee, find just the right thing.


Knife Shop

Voted, for tourists, are the shops of ユニオン Union – there are excellent knives and 田 窑 Dengama – a shop for pottery from different regions of Japan, To most reasonable prices, and みくら Mikura, a shop, the experts only on chopsticks. Union is located on a street corner in about the middle of the mall-Kappabashi, Dengama at the southern end (compared to the department store with the giant cooking on the roof) Mikura and at the northern end of Kappabashi.

A visit to Kappabashi can however be equated with Ikea: You will definitely buy something – even if you do not know until then, that you really need it. As long as you do not repent later…


Käse frame!?

December 21st, 2012 | Tagged , | 3 Comments | 773 reads

99 Ramen in Ebisu

If there are two things technically eat, can vorlocken me behind the stove, then the cheese (now well, apart from the Harzer Roller) and Ramen – This spicy noodle soup, which makes me even more tempted than usual soup connoisseurs repellent storm of excitement. Well cheese, as such, tend not to the standard repertoire of Japanese cuisine. Consumption seems to be increasing again, but usually only in the form as harmless, ie odorless representatives. Japanese still amaze, when I look at my cheese Yakisoba brösele. It actually fit together like cheese and Yakisoba the ass on the bucket. And so well, that there are even instant yakisoba with cheese. I should apply for a patent… Even with pasta cheese fits almost always, particularly, if you married the right cheese with the right sauces. Pasta mit Olivenöl gebratenem in Chile, Basil and garlic, for example, in Italy, usually served without cheese – But probably the only, because people do not know, like the whole thing with grated Emmenthal tastes. And I do not mean to substitute Emmenthal (which it is not anyway in Japan). But as much as I also love cheese – if it does not fit, it does not fit. Japanische Apartment Aiko-Pasta (with spicy roe) For example, I would not sprinkle in life with cheese – that would just be wrong. At least that is it like.
Recently, however, I came across a report on Amun from ninety-nine – 99 Ramen – a shop in Ebisu, my workplace. That store boasts especially its cheese Ramen, has other things in the program. In order to keep supply tight and self-image becomes “mysticize”, you only make 200 Serving Käse-frame pro Tag. Latecomers, hat halt Pech. In my yesterday's lunch break so I went on the road. Publicly I was not too late, But it spoke to the shop, I, even though it was half past one in the afternoon, had to wait briefly – noon for most eventually already over. Inside it looked heimelich, and the store is a ramen stall quite large.
So sieht's aus - Käse auf Rāmen

What it looks like - Cheese on Ramen

No 5 Minutes later I was sitting in front of a bowl of noodle soup dampfelnden – and it is a mountain of white, shredded in a specially constructed machine cheese. The slowly but surely into the soup and disappeared at the bottom of the bowl turned into a slimy mass. As expected, the cheese had no strong taste, and anyway, I wondered, what cheese they use to actually. I could not taste it properly allocate. The miso soup was made on base and very mild. Had with the 辛 味噌 Kara-Miso – spicy miso nachgeholfen be.
Predicate: Edible. And the store is right in principle well. But cheese and ramen is then not so right – eating I felt suddenly hungry “correct” Ramen. Next time, then. Why not 99 Ramen, but without cheese…



Ishihara or good news and bad news

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Shintaro Ishihara, 2006-Sep-1By MCSN ADAM YORK, USN (Public domain), via Wikimedia Commons

One must not have been too long in Japan, to know his face and his name: 石原慎太郎 Ishihara Shintarois political veteran. The 80-year-old, often as a right-wing populist politician respected, was in the 80s and Transport Minister and Cabinet Member for 1999 Governor of the prefecture's capital. And thus quite a political heavyweight.

Ishihara was once a writer and even won 1955 the most important literary prize in Japan – Akutagawa den-Preis. Who he is sympathetic, could call him a politician with heart and soul, because Ishihara has rarely taken a mince. Who is it less sympathetic, would describe it more as the appointed nationalists and populists. He holds the Constitution in part imposed by the occupying powers (which he has admittedly not entirely wrong) and she wants to change accordingly – so with safety and the pacifist clause in Article 6. Ishihara also with his Proposal in April 2012, buy the Senkaku Islands, one of the most serious foreign policy crisis between Japan and China triggered since the normalization of relations in the 1970s – This dispute still smolders in front of him and beat big waves (see for example here).

Despite or because of his conviction and despite numerous verbal gaffe Ishihara is very popular and has done a lot in Tokyo. This afternoon, at 15 Clock, he has offered in a special press conference his immediate resignation. That's the good news. The bad news (and, I am once again very subjective): The good man does not go around in pension, but in the country's politics. He wants to start his own party may (currently he is parteienlos), and what it looks like, he seems to hope, this is also the currently very contentious, but at many popular mayor of Osaka, 橋下 徹 Hashimoto Tōru, with 43 Years old almost half as much as Ishihara, undertake jointly to. It also seems quite possible, Ishihara establishes that no completely new party, but the relatively new party たちあがれ 日本 Tachiagare Nippon - etwa: "Stand up, Japan” “accepts”.

What comes to Japan? Ishihara is very influential, and Hashimoto also. Both politicians have, for Japanese political relations, Charisma and are very popular in certain parts of the population. They have accordingly the chance, political events stir up properly. And that is a reactionary ideology that Ishihara's not a pleasant thought.


Tokyo Sky Tree – Experience Report

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Go up because it is so

As already here described, Tokyo is starting this year a new attraction, denn der Tokyo Sky Tree, currently with 634 Meters, the highest tower in the world, is now open to the public.
Yesterday I even took the liberty, one day above ground abzubummeln. The plan was as follows namely: Weekends should hopscotch on Sky Tree in motion, so you probably can not watch everything at rest. It is certainly better, on a perfectly ordinary day, when all work, there aufzukreuzen. A fortiori, when all Chinese tourists visited the country avoided like the plague. That's the theory. In practical terms, the plan was totally a waste of time, because at the Sky Tree was definitely heaven and earth. Sacrament, have they all do not work!? What is wrong with this world merely?

Since you have to somehow go long ... and woe betide if not

But first, one by one. Months after its opening it was only possible to the tower, if you had previously posted online. You can do that today still, but you can now also show up on the tower and a so-called 整理 券 seiriken get – a waiting number. There will then be on it long and thick, at which time you can do for the actual tickets. We emerged from 14 Clock on, and authorized us to, between us 18 Clock and 18:30 to hire. Good 4 Hours 2 extremely impatient children – the smell of fun.
Initially was not immediately apparent, when we have to stand in line at all how and why. Everywhere stood around boundaries, times with people inside, times without. My wife, not lazy, unceremoniously climbed over a rope, order to target the location inside, But one of the church wardens – dressed in an extremely ugly uniforms – umgehendst was on hand and snapped my favorite woman look at toxic: “Way as! This way is not long! Get out!” The breath away even my wife's language (and that comes very, very rare), but not me. I answered her not a threatening “Expression!” (iikata – actually “Speech”, But here in about: Beware, as you talk!), which is followed by a tower guard “Sorry” (Moshi wake arimasen – Sorry!) been tormented. They looked, as if she had just bitten into a lemon.

Tower guard while trying, scare my daughter dancing from the elevator ...

We quickly, that many seemingly tower guards underpaid, instructed bad, revised or whatever were. Something you will not find too often here, but you may also only wanted to ensure, that foreign visitors do not feel too foreign.
We were not even sure, if we really want ultimately to the tower – On this day at least, as it was quite hazy. To the aquarium but we wanted to definitely. That is next to the tower. Admission for adults: Proud 2’000 Yen. A steep price, even by Japanese standards. When sushi shop I can look for the same price ot only fish, but also eat the same. At the price board was however something else: Annual Pass 4,000 Yen. That was a no-brainer, as they say – I'm sure, that we are within a year dragged again by the children here, then why do not equal the annual pass. We were ushered into a side room, where the annual season ticket – with photo of the owner – immediately issue. The staff here: Across the board very friendly. When I was at the range when photographing, I still had the little one in her arms, she said more in jest: “Maybe I should take a photo with him”, whereupon the employee immediately: “Na clear! No problem!” said. There you are, it is nevertheless. Manager of Aquariums: Top. Manager Turms: Flop. It's that simple.

Pinguingehege im Sumida-Aquarium

The aquarium was just full of people – it was a real art, a few fish to catch sight. Nicely done, it is certainly, with a large, cylindrical tanks, in the underwater world of the Ogasawara Islands is mapped, and a large, open pool with glass walls for a large pack Penguins. And a series of aquariums, where you can see, like jellyfish grow from day to day. The work of the keepers is made publicly visible in the aquarium, what children is certainly interesting.

After the aquarium, it was 4 Clock. It was, another two hours to kill. We succeeded in the halfway “Solamachi”, a computer connected to the Sky Tree Mall, which was also overcrowded course. I would not know to be honest, what is going on there at the weekend – It must be sheer lunacy. To avoid long waits, Finally, we went just before half past six to tower. And were immediately steered to the checkout. There were at endless lines of people with red cards – this probably had pre-ordered on the Internet. We had the yellow cards, and no 5 Minutes later we had our tickets right: 2’000 Yen for adults, 600 Yen for up to 5-jänrige. At least the kid was purely for nothing. But one runs but only up to 350 m high 展望 デッキ Tenbo dekki(Viewing platform).

Copper cherry blossoms in spring lift

The elevators are spacious and designed with great attention to detail, not to say – noble. Each elevator is a season dedicated. Too much time has not however, to admire the interior, because the elevators up to 600 m per minute boot. In 50 Second one is up, together with 40 other people per load. This makes virtually 800 Euro per ride for the operator. Times more likely… 4 Elevators make the tour theoretically 30 Mal pro Stunde. Or to put it better 20 Time, allow more time for a- to allow entry and exit. 20 times 4 Elevators times 40 By 2 people’000 Yen = 6.4 Million yen per hour. Since children etc. ride, simplicity 5 Million. The tower is of 8 to 22 Clock open, i.e. 14 times 5 = Million 70 Million, also rund 700,000 Euro. Who on the top deck 450 Meters, the 展望 回廊 Tenbo Cairo, View tour will, paying extra on again to another cash 350 m – the costs half, i.e. 1,000 Yen per adult. Not all go up there. Perhaps half of those, the drive to the platform, so let's say it again 100,000 Extra Euro. 365 Days times 0.8 Million euro = 292 Million €, minus 92 Million euros in windy days, where the elevator does not move, days or fewer visitors. The cost was well 400 Million €. Of course, you must withdraw a lot of money for them and the staff to operate and, but considering, that the rents of the shops there, bring some television and pay for the use, The tower is expected to pay off pretty quickly for operators. The whole thing is all about hitting roughly, But I think, one can reasonably get an idea of ​​the significance of the tower for the city and operators. The expected way 5 Million visitors, who want the tower, and 20 Million visitors a year the whole complex par excellence.

The 100 m high, upper elevator shaft

Once at the top, It was also difficult, to get to the huge glass panes – the crowd was just too big. And half the people on the discs do not look as out of the vast sea of ​​lights, but on the screens of their mobile phones and cameras, to watch, whether the hastily shot photo has become something. We introduced ourselves while at once, at 10 Minutes later to hold tickets for the upper deck in hand.

In the elevator to the top revealed itself then the – in my view – real highlight: The elevator shaft is bathed in blue-ultraviolet light, and the elevator has a glass roof. It looked very futuristic and was simply impressive. Hats off to the, had this idea.

A marvel 450 Meter height is worth the extra admission fee. Tube-like turns of the walk around the tower, slightly inclined – the upper end is 5 Meters above the start of the tour. And yes – whether 450 m or 350 m altitude does make a difference. It was still somewhat hazy and of course long since dark, but the height is impressive and reveals a unique view on the major streets of the city, The many rivers and bridges …

View of the lower end of 450 m high tour

Conclusion: Without any problems around 200 Euro spent on the tower, and a lot of stress, but worth seeing. Anyone interested in architecture, the tower should not be missed. However, if you simply want to just take a view of the city, which was the town hall in Shinjuku recommended as an alternative – Although this is only 243 m, but free and for a view of Tokyo always sufficient. If you can justify on the Tokyo Sky Tree – I can only recommend, to go to the top, even if it costs extra (a bad habit, which it had taken over from the old Tokyo Tower). Below are a few photos – Unfortunately, in many questionable quality, there simply was not the time since, take pictures in peace.

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