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Airbnb will go ahead in Japan

March 13th, 2017 | Tagged , , , | 2 Comments | 888 reads

Jetzt völlig legal: Airbnb in Japan

Now, legally: Airbnb in Japan

Today the Japanese parliament has taken an interesting decision: Airbnb is therefore officially legal in Japan. However, not without limitations. On the one hand may Airbnb providers their apartments or houses to a maximum 180 rent days a year. And: We speak the local authorities the right to, to adopt its own restrictions. Whether the local authorities will make use of, remains to be seen.

The latest figures, visited in 2016 believe it or not 24 Million foreigners Japan (a record – and in Tokyo, it is clearly noticeable: it teems with foreign visitors!), and 3,7 Millions of visitors, i.e. 15%, used Airbnb. analysts estimate, that number in 2020 up to 35 could rise million. Here it is not clear, if so, the number of Airbnb users or the number of nights Airbnb is meant (I guess, rather the latter).

Previously Airbnb was a somewhat risky business in Japan – not for the customers, but for providers – because it was not clear, whether this would be tolerated for Japan new business model. However, the restrictions are likely some providers embitter the joy. On the other hand there is the official approval at the right time: On the one hand increase the number of visitors for several years continuously. On the other hand in the coming years major events on, such as the Rugby World Cup 2019 and the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020.

Personally, I have so far never been used Airbnb. My father, for example, already – on his last tour to Okinawa. If the quality of Japanese hotels in the lower price range anyway so look at, is the proliferation of Airbnb anyway welcome. And necessary: Something is missing, particularly major events, often simply accommodation. Even near the airport Haneda, the yes has more international flights, lacks lodging, which every time is a nuisance, since many flights leave as early or arriving so late, that one is dependent on one night.

Airbnb's Japan side is the way here.


Fundgrube Mandarake

February 24th, 2017 | Tagged | 1 Kommentar | 506 reads

Last weekend I actually managed, a THE main attractions Tokyo (at least for many visitors Japan) to see: A branch, more specifically the primal branch of the company Mandarake Inc. The company launched in the 1980s as to- and selling Mangas, today about 300 Employees and an annual turnover of just under 100 Millionen Dollar. Three branches are in Tokyo – in Akihabara, Shibuya and just in Nakano.

The business model itself is a mother lode, because even in Japan is the book price (Books may not be sold under the printed price on the back so), and Japanese are obsessed with manga. But the capacity of the apartments is limited, So Manga are often sold again, and then the book price is no longer valid. Mandarake bought and buys to make Remainder in and sells them depending on demand times cheaper, times more expensive. The record is probably at 8’000 Euro (or so) a Manga.

Mandarake in Nakano, Tokyo

Mandarake in Nakano, Tokyo

The business model has been extended – today they also give more or less rare toys, Actionfiguren, Accessories, trading cards – just everything, what can beat collective hearts racing. At least the office in Nakano is very interesting (I guess, the others too), because there are three floors countless shops, where you completely problem can spend an entire day. If someone says, the not particularly interested in manga – for Manga lovers is determined a whole week in there.

Especially it has given me the Lego Death Star done – 3'449 parts – I would have liked to buy my son, but the price of more than 300’000 Yen, ie around 2,500 euros, was me then but a bit high. Hmm. Sometime I have to but again there…


Welcome to the gambling den

December 12th, 2016 | Tagged , , | 4 Comments | 656 reads

I can still clearly remember, I in a Cafe 2. Stock waited at the window on a guest from Germany. I saw, as said person came out of the station and along the road went. They came so close to a Pachinko-hall pass, that opened the automatic door. From out door came immediately a murderous noise – and murderous cigarette smoke. She stumbled downright and almost tumbled to the sidewalk. They had not even entered the hall…

Yesterday we had arranged to meet with good friends from our old residence – in the middle, in a well-known amusement- and shopping district (Odaiba). After a few rounds of bowling, Table tennis and the like, it drew the little ones in a Game Center Game Center. One of the places, I try in Japan, to avoid. I Do not Know a Japanese Game Center is the way in comedy Wasabi over quite well. The Game Center in Diver City in Odaiba is one of the major, and requires only a few steps walk from the reception, to stand in the midst. The whole looks like this, and to the atmosphere to enjoy even as authentic as possible, you should set the volume level to maximum in viewing the videos:


Alle Achtung: 100 Dezibel im Game Center

Gee: 100 Decibels in Game Center

Quick downloaded an app for noise measurement, and behold: The level is constant 99 decibels. As one may guess times briefly, where the legal limit for noise in Game Centers in Japan is, where children can play. After all, that is a bit quieter than in pachinko halls, because there it goes up 110 decibel high.

When compared at the description of the volume level in the Süddeutsche:

80 to 100 dB (A) achieve passing trucks,, Saws or angle grinders. Here threatened with continuous noise already of hearing loss.

or by 110 decibel:

At 110 dB (A) the pain threshold is reached. Circular saws and jackhammers are in this area, but also the noise in discotheques or music from the Walkman.

No place so, where you want to stay longer voluntarily. In children, however, is something quite amazing determine: Otherwise very sensitive to noise, seems to them thanks overstimulation the volume in the Game Center to be a damn. However Why meet as many Japanese couples to Date in Game Center, is for me personally something veilful, because a conversation is almost impossible there. But maybe I'm just too old fashioned. Anyway I enjoyed the silence of Japanese expressways and shopping district very after an hour in the Game Center.


Teure Olympische Spiele | Mercedes-Raamen

December 1st, 2016 | Tagged , , | Comments Off on Teure Olympische Spiele | Mercedes-Raamen | 446 reads

Even today there are again two messages at a time.

The first concerns the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020: The day before yesterday, at the 29. November 2016, came IOC members, the Tokyo-Committee of the Olympic Games, Representatives of the Japanese government and representatives of the city government of Tokyo in a hotel in town together, to discuss the state of affairs. The aims were inter alia to the ongoing debate about the outsourcing of some Wettkampftstätten by Tohoku and by the costs of the Games. And there was a declaration of bankruptcy. During the presentation on the Games in 2013 it was said, that all the fun approximately 734 Yen Milliarden, also rund 6 will cost billions Euro. At the meeting on Tuesday, but it was called now, that you will try, not more than 2 Yen Billionen, i.e. 16,5 Billion €, spending for the games, But the new Council mistress of Tokyo, Yuriko Koike, also brought already 25 Billion euros as a possible cost this week. One reason for the cost explosion was quickly found (not by Koike, mind you): The old estimate have just not yet costs for transport, safety etc. contain. Well.

The cost explosion will probably fall the proposal victim, to send the rowers in the hundreds of kilometers further north Miyagi Prefecture – to a facility in Naganuma Naganuma. It was argued, that this an invigorating effect on the earthquake- could have and tsunami disaster stricken region, and that the place is far away though, this should not be a problem thanks to the Shinkansens but, which is so far also correctly. So seen such false idea. However, it will be interesting, how the costs will continue to develop. Similarly, if someone reading these lines just had a déjà vu — right, the Summer Olympics 2012 in London were around 6 estimated billion euros, but ultimately cost almost 14 billion. That one riff in Tokyo for much less money, sounded from the outset rather unlikely.

The second message: As was known now, is Mercedes Benz in the coming days and weeks in his headquarters in Roppongi, Tokyo, Ramen Raamen sell. Stated aim is, to convince Japanese, that Mercedes is more than a luxury brand for well-heeled. And so the famous Chinese-Japanese noodle soup has chosen as touts, because Raamen is “people's Food”, So the quasi, what the Germans his curry- or other sausage. Two versions will be available: Lu riku (Land), with duck and mushrooms, and 海 Umi (More) on fish broth base. In the latter for variant then floats also Mochireis with the obligatory star burned. A bowl will cost probably 1,200 yen (10 Euro), a little more than usual for Raamen, but never prohibitively expensive.

Mercedes Benz-Ramen. Quelle: WithNews

Mercedes Benz-Ramen. Those: WithNews

A veritable marketing trick, firstly because there are countless Raamenfanatiker in Japan, which can be so lured into showrooms, and secondly, there are enough idiots like me, which write about the fingers to the bone. But since I myself ramen fan bin, was me worth a few lines.


Buntes Allerlei: Earthquake | Snow | Abe’s Fehlgriff und Geschichtsstunde

November 24th, 2016 | Tagged , , , | Comments Off on Buntes Allerlei: Earthquake | Snow | Abe’s Fehlgriff und Geschichtsstunde | 896 reads

Unerhört: Schnee in Tokyo im November

Outrageous: Snow in Tokyo in November

Sometime last year, in November or December, reported the Weather Bureau Snow for Tokyo an. This was quite unusual, because if it snows times in Tokyo (recall – Tokyo is at the same latitude as Tunis!), rather then to February around. And lo and behold – It was not snowing, and the wrong prediction was justified, “that it was not cold enough”. Aha. Today however, it has passed. Although the snow was in the center of Tokyo are hardly, but probably in the border regions, including my little garden. And that is something special: The last time, that it has snowed in the center of Tokyo in November, was 1962 – so before 54 Years. The traffic chaos was there, but it remained fairly limited.

About Natur: On Tuesday, the 22. November, morning shortly before 6 Clock, Shook it felt in Tokyo area — This was due to a Earthquake the strength 6.9¹ off the coast of Fukushima – exactly as, where one would rather expect no major earthquakes in the decades. There was even a Tsunami warning edited, but the tsunami was ultimately maximum 1.5 Meters high and caused no major damage. In the stricken nuclear plant, there was probably nothing to report. In the German media, the read everything but so terribly, that numerous acquaintances quite frightened about Facebook and Co. freight, if everything was ok. I am glad you very, but then it was ultimately a relatively harmless quake.

And there would still Prime Minister Abe, the hastened this week to New York, to the first head of state of another country talk to Donald Trump can. That seemed Abe probably very important, to appease tempers at home, because as described here, makes you look even in Japan big concern, what Trump outside- and economic policy all will cause. Apparently, they still optimistic – after a brief nosedive the stock market is for days to Rise, but it is hard to believe, that the situation will improve with Trump. Today in any case came to light, that Abe had a special gift in his luggage: A golden golf club company Honma Golf Co. He wanted the specificity and quality of the brand “Made in Japan” underscore. The whole had only one flaw, as the Chinese media noted with pleasure this week²: Honma Golf went before 11 Years broke and was subsequently taken over by Chinese businessmen. The only, What is Japanese still at the golf club, is the old company name “Honma”.

Too good lastly still a pearl Japanese knowledge. When zapping a program I noticed the other day named Sengoku pot TV ~ somehow history can learn video - (Sengoku-nabe TV – ‘Videos, with which you can somehow get a bit of history’ on. A boy band in Glitter robes sang there with a lot of humor and even more contortions the successions of the various Japanese clans in 17. century down. It was easy to look to divine. Unfortunately, it seems the program only 2 having given years – produced it was sea ​​Wikipedia of 2010 to 2012 the local broadcaster TV Kanagawa, but currently there are sometimes repeats. Whether the video below in Germany is visible and if so for how long, I do not know, unfortunately. But try it anyway:

Conclusion: interesting approach. Could imagine, that some people have really learned something thanks to this shipment.

¹ See, among others here
² See for example here


Shibuhallo – wenn Fasching auf Japan trifft

November 1st, 2016 | Tagged , , | Comments Off on Shibuhallo – wenn Fasching auf Japan trifft | 2101 reads

Halloween ist in Japan seit ein paar Jahren schwer im Kommen — und das nicht nur bei den Kindern. 2012 kamen ein paar Clubs im Tokyoter Trendviertel auf die Idee, sich zusammenzuschliessen und regelrechte Kostümballe zu veranstalten. Und es gibt viele Clubs in Shibuya. Nach zwei Jahren lag die geschätzte Teilnehmerzahl bei über 50’000, doch diese Zahl hat sich 2015 und auch 2016 vervielfacht — wobei es schwer ist, genaue Zahlen zu schätzen, denn bei weitem nicht alle gehen wirklich in die Clubs. Stattdessen brodelt die ganze Gegend zwischen Bahnhof und dem oberen Ende der Dogenzaka. Und dieses Jahr dauert das ganze Spektakel auch noch 4 Days – from 28. Oktober bis zum 31. October.

Da ich sowieso in Shibuya umsteigen muss, habe ich mir heute mal das Spektakel kurz selbst angesehen. Die Stimmung rund um den Bahnhof war ausgelassen, und es war extrem voll. It is estimated, dass die berühmte “Scramble-Crossing” genannte Kreuzung pro Tag von einer halben Millionen Menschen überquert wird – während des mittlerweile liebevoll シブハロ shibuharo, von SHIBUya HALLOween genannten Events hingegen von einer Millionen Menschen. Die sind natürlich nicht alle gleichzeitig da, daher die ungenauen Teilnehmerzahlen.

Trotz der enormen Menschenmassen verlief das ganze bisher immer recht friedlich – mit Ausnahme einer Festnahme im Jahr 2015, als ein paar Vermummte einen Polizisten angriffen. Der Vorfall fand in den Medien viel Beachtung, da vielen diese neue Grossveranstaltung ohnehin suspekt ist. Die Polizei hingegen kann nur gelobt werden: Die auf ihren typisch japanischen Polizeiwagen stehenden Beamten mit ihren Mikrofonen sind bereits unter dem Namen “DJ Police” berühmt geworden und versuchen nach Leibeskräften, die Kreuzung freizuhalten und für ein bisschen Ordnung zu sorgen, was nicht so einfach zu sein scheint. Anbei ein kurzes Video, heute gedreht (leider hatte ich nur mein Handy dabei):

Mir fielen jedenfalls viele Ausländer auf — überall hörte man koreanisch, Chinese, aber auch Englisch und andere Sprachen. Ganz offensichtlich hat sich die Veranstaltung über die Landesgrenzen hinweg herumgesprochen. Und warum auch nicht: Shibuhallo ist Tokyos jüngste Attraktion und ich hoffe sehr, dass es nicht zu Zwischenfällen kommt, denn dann könnte die Veranstaltung sehr schnell verboten werden. Übrigens sieht das ganze weniger wie Halloween sondern mehr wie Fasching aus: Gruselkostüme sieht man zwar oft, aber noch häufiger sind harmlosere Verkleidungen.

Bei der Recherche zu aktuellen Zahlen bin ich auf diese Seite hier encountered, wo auch auf die negativen Begleiterscheinungen aufmerksam gemacht wird. Dazu zählen die enormen Müllberge, aber auch die potentielle Terrorgefahr. Ungefährer Wortlaut: “Da die Menschen verkleidet sind, one does not, ob sie Ausländer sind oder nicht, oder ob sie gefährliche Waffen dabei haben”. Dieser Satz macht mich wirklich sprachlos. Scheinbar ist das Gedächtnis hier sehr kurz, denn der schlimmste (und eigentlich einzig nennenswerte) Terrorangriff wurde eben nicht von Ausländern verübt, sondern von *reinrassigen* Japanern – den Verrückten der Aum-Sekte.

Anbei noch ein paar Fotos:

  • Shibuhallo 2016
  • Shibuhallo 2016 - Bahnhofsvorplatz
  • Shibuhallo 2016
  • Shibuhallo 2016
  • Shibuhallo 2016
  • Shibuhallo 2016
  • Shibuhallo 2016
  • Diese Polizisten sind echt
  • Diese auch: DJ Police bei der Arbeit
  • Shibuhallo 2016
  • Diese Polizistinnen sind jedenfalls nicht echt
  • DJ Police
  • Mitgehangen, mitgefangen
  • Shibuhallo 2016
  • Armeeeinheiten sind auch dabei
  • Mehr Fasching als Halloween

Tokyo's response to the Berlin Airport BER

September 19th, 2016 | Tagged , | 5 Comments | 963 reads

Mit Grausen verfolge ich seit Jahren das jämmerliche Gezerre um den neuen Berliner Grossflughafen BER. Die geballte Inkompetenz und die grandios unterschätzten Baukosten eignen sich wunderbar zum, wie heisst es doch in letzter Zeit so schön, “Fremdschämen”. Aber zum Glück ist Berlin nicht ganz allein, schafft man doch so etwas auch in Hamburg… and what it looks like, auch in Tokyo. Zwar hat man dort vor ein paar Jahren in rekordverdächtig kurzer Zeit den Tokyo Sky Tree mitten ins Stadtzentrum gepflanzt, doch ein anderes Grossprojekt nimmt ähnlich groteske Züge an wie der BERühmte Möchtegernflughafen: This is the new location for the famous Tokyo fish market Tsukiji Tsukiji. Das jetzige Gelände ist seit 1935 operation, nicht ausbaufähig mangels Raum und ziemlich in die Jahre gekommen. So kam man auf die Idee, die Markthallen zu verlegen – und zwar nach 豊洲 Toyosu, einer Neulandinsel im Distrikt Koto und keine zwei Kilometer Luftlinie vom jetzigen Standpunkt entfernt.

Die Baustelle des neuen Marktes auf Toyosu (aufgenommen im November 2014)

Die Baustelle des neuen Marktes auf Toyosu (aufgenommen im November 2014)

Actually the entire wholesale market should – are handled in the year approximately one million tons of goods (two-thirds of fish, one third fruit and vegetables) in February 2017 move into the new buildings on the island of Toyosu. From the beginning, however, there were protest, because on the new site was formerly a huge gasworks of Tokyo Gas, and – justifiably – was feared groundwater- and soil pollution. These fears were confirmed by a study: The limit values ​​for benzene, cyanide, Lead and arsenic were clearly exceeded partly. However one looks at the history of the current location at Tsukiji, is a also fear and worry, because here was not only a poison gas laboratory of the imperial navy – Here you burrowed several tonnes of tuna, brought home the a Japanese trawler from the hydrogen bomb test sites in the Pacific. Said boat named Fifth Fu Long pill Daigofukuryū-Maru came then unconsciously in a test area – 23 Crew members were heavily contaminated part.

In an inspection of the nearly finished, new halls last week you met with an unpleasant surprise: In the basement of the hall was an enormous amount of water, and you could not even tell, where it comes from – from rain or from the underground. The pH was also extremely high, which could, however, come from the concrete. Furthermore, it was found, that the entire surface is not seemingly, as originally planned, was completely sealed and paved, consisted but of gravel, the one has cast a thin layer of concrete. At the same time appeared first inconsistency in the contracts. Although the city government initially rejected the project on several occasions, nevertheless, a contract was eventually placed – conditional, which were obviously not respected. The then Governor of Tokyo, Ishihara, was at an initial survey of, to remember anything.

The move in February next year will therefore probably fall into the water, and possibly to be established in Tsukiji round 1’000 now defend trading companies completely against the move. The halls would have then quasi built entirely in vain. It will be interesting, how the problem up to the Olympic Games in 2020 will solve, because Toyosu is located almost next door to the planned Olympic village and numerous competition venue sites. Since I have flat out, the city government, otherwise you have soon a Japanese version of the BER in the middle of Tokyo,de.


Schlechtes Omen? Japan von Taifunen regelrecht überrannt

August 25th, 2016 | Tagged , | 4 Comments | 1233 reads

Taifune im Dreierpack (22. August 2016)

Taifune im Dreierpack (22. August 2016)

Usually experiences in the Tokyo area once or twice, sometimes not, a typhoon. Friends of this impressive natural phenomena come but this year increased their money, and the facts are worrisome. So the season for typhoons actually begins in September, but this year since the beginning of August it is already highly ago. Usually the nursery of typhoons is very far south, in the vicinity of the Mariana, doch dieses Jahr hat sich das Entstehungsgebiet sehr stark nach Norden verschoben und lag bei einigen Taifunen (10 bring the total to date) even in Japanese territory, a few hundred kilometers south of Honshu and Shikoku. Und normalerweise hat man es mit nur einem Taifun auf ein Mal zu tun – in sehr wenigen Jahren manchmal auch mit zweien kurz hintereinander. But in the past week moved three typhoons in a time by Japan. One of them went directly on Monday in Tokyo on land, but he was quite lenient – about 100 mm of rain (one fifth of the annual quantity in Berlin) fell within three hours, but the storm was limited. The third typhoon in Bunde, Number Taifun 10 named Lionrock, but perhaps even make a stir: This also was only a few hundred kilometers south of Shikoku and one week moving almost from the spot – the were also the inhabitants of some islands of Okinawa Prefecture to feel. Now he takes on a sudden trip and is becoming a super typhoon with wind speeds of up to 270 Kilometers per hour. Yet the exact path is difficult to predict, But should this typhoon rotate in about three days to the north, and this is quite probable, is Tokyo are haunted by a monster storm (If that is the case, This is to the 30. Around August happen). Meteorologists refer to him now as the worst typhoon in history, Tokyo directly threatened.

And, typhoons have increased. But this year, piling up of very high concern, so unprecedented weather phenomena, which can only mean one thing: The sea south of Japan must be much warmer than usual.

Taifun Lionrock und die berechnete (befürchtete) Route

Whether the typhoons now turn directly or not – For two weeks, they now see to that in the Tokyo area for extremely humid air and urplötzliche, violent cloudbursts. How it looks, will not change anytime soon. So if you currently bored in Japan and studied perhaps in the mountains for some cooler air, should make daily knowledge definitely, because in the mountains are typhoons and their spurs a real threat.


Olympische Spiele: Joyous excitement and a Mario Abe

August 23rd, 2016 | Tagged , | Comments Off on Olympische Spiele: Joyous excitement and a Mario Abe | 738 reads

Doomsayers found the Olympics now but instead, and especially in Japan looked to this time particularly attentively – Finally, Japan's next (und es gibt noch viel zu tun – man weiss zum Beispiel noch nicht einmal, wie viel der Spass eigentlich kosten wird). And Japan has in recent years apparently something done right at the sports promotion, because with 41 Medals there was so much precious metal as never before. Among them there were real surprises, because no one could, for example, Japanese sprinter at the 4×100-credited meter Relay Men, to reach podium – but an almost perfect interaction of the individual runners less successful four provided a sensational silver medal. One of the four is also a “half”, Thus a semi-Japanese, with the clearly typical for Japan name Cambridge – and saw probably the same time as it, that became friends more Japanese the idea, that “half” not necessarily half people but sometimes Japanese like you and … no, I do not.

Abe-Mario bei der Abschlusszeremonie

Abe Mario at the closing ceremony

Prime Minister Abe's appearance as Super Mario during the closing ceremony struck with numerous reactions in the Japanese social network. As might be expected, and more: From the Häme to admiration. The appearance also hinted, with which Pound Japan at the Olympics 2020 will proliferate in Tokyo. Even very old officials agree, that from the Geek image Japan much capital is beating, and why not: one nation, which for their video games and unusual ideas known? There would be worse. In this sense it will be interesting to talk to the opening ceremony in Tokyo. That way, although another four years, But as it turns out at all Olympic Games, is a very short time, finish everything. Almost like Christmas, that indeed every year quite suddenly and unexpectedly is coming.

Unter dem Hashtag #Abe Mario tauchte übrigens das untere Bild heute auf – entitled “首相、よく間違えなかったな。” – “Prime minister, Glück gehabt dass Du Dich nicht verlaufen hast!” (zur Auswahl stehen die Ministerpräsidentenresidenz, Rio und der Yasukuni Shrine):

Abe-Mario: Zum Glück nicht verlaufen!

Abe-Mario: Zum Glück nicht verlaufen!


Einmal als Mario im Go-kart durch Tokyo fahren

August 16th, 2016 | Tagged , | 2 Comments | 651 reads

​Heute nachmittag habe ich an einer grossen Kreuzung in Shibuya einen triftigen Grund gesehen, endlich mal die Fahrerlaubnis zu machen: An der Ampel warteten vier Go-karts, mit als Mario und Konsorten kostümierten Fahrern, die offensichtlich sehr viel Spass an der Sache hatten. German, wie ich bin, war ich natürlich erstmal perplex, dass man mit den Dingern ganz normal im Strassenverkehr mitmischen darf, denn die Vehikel liegen so tief, dass schnell mal ein Bus- oder LKW-Fahrer die Dinger übersieht, und das Ergebnis dürfte klar sein. Erstmal dachte ich auch an den Batman-Fahrer in Chiba, aber ein genauer Blick auf die Karren machte deutlich, dass sich jedermann die Dinger ausleihen kann. Provided, of course, man hat einen japanischen oder einen in Japan anerkannten Führerschein.

Im Go-kart durch Tokyo

Im Go-kart durch Tokyo

Ich bin zwar kein Mariospieler, aber ich könnte mir gut vorstellen, dass es ein Riesengaudi sein muss, mit den Dingern durch Tokyo zu flitzen. Das geht entweder im Pulk und mit Führung oder auch allein. Die auf der Website inserierten Preise klingen jedenfalls vernünftig: 8,000 yen für 2 Hours, including. Gasoline, klingen zivil. Wer sich einen Mariobart dazu ausleihen möchte, muss noch 250 yen pro Stunde draufzahlen, aber der Spass ist es sicherlich wert. Man konnte auch sehen, dass die meisten Menschen, die die Gefährte bemerkten, schnell ein Lächln auf den Lippen hatten. Und für 8,000 yen Tausenden Menschen ein Lächeln auf die Lippen zu zaubern klingt nach einer guten Idee. Das funktioniert übrigens auch mit dem Fahrradhelm vom Sohnemann:

Fahhradhelm mit Iro

Fahhradhelm mit Iro


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