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“Spice” or “How quickly reacts the Legislature?”

July 23rd, 2014 | Tagged | 4 Comments | 841 reads

Warnung: 'Lass Dich vom Begriff Legal nicht täuschen!'.

Warning: 'Do not be deceived by the term Legal!’. Those:

For several weeks, the Japanese press shoots at a supposedly biological, but studies show that probably more synthetic drug called Spice a. This is in Japan for a couple a few years increasingly popular, but does not mean becoming an increasingly popular, that millions of people on “fly”. Spice is the way this country under the bumpy name 脱法ハーブ dappō haabu known – literally “Law – flee – Herbs”, or. Gras, that the law bypasses. The Spice dealers is the name of course unpleasant – it is preferred the term Legal herbs – gōhō haabu, literally “legal Gras”.

Developments of this kind are interesting to watch, especially in Japan. Finally, make the law and public opinion here already marijuana on a par with heroin, Cocaine and Co. Drugs are drugs in Japan and all of them absolutely refuse as such (enormous amounts of alcohol and nicotine, however, are perfectly fine – of course you have to set priorities and draw clear boundaries). But the Legislature in Japan, to say the least, relatively sluggish, and so it lasts quite a while, to the legislature the voice of the people (better, there Stimme der Presse) follows and is. That was one day already with the magic mushrooms so – already 1993 banned in Germany; but were in Japan, amazingly, to 2002 Völlig legal. In Germany the trade in Spice was 2009 prohibited – in Japan, it will last until the ban probably still a bit. However, should accidents such as the increase in the past week, at which a stationary under Spice motorists on a busy street lost control of his car, killed a passer-by and 6 some seriously injured, must be the policy faster than usual to respond. Until then, various spice vending machine or online retailers such as this here still trying, To cash.

Since Spice but already with the name “De France” – escape the law – a smelling of illegality name got missed, is the drug (or non-drug, just as you would consider) anyway not get far in Japan. Since it remains rather then the alcohol.


Chauvinismus not utnah

June 24th, 2014 | Tagged , | 16 Comments | 7394 reads

That was strong stuff, of the 18. June was offered at the Assembly of Deputies of Tokyo. Those with 35 Years a) amazing young and b) Surprisingly, not male MPs Shiomura appellierte an expedient the Meetings, something to combat the continuing for many years, worrying to do low birth – for example through the promotion of activities for mothers and children as well as aid for couples, which can not readily testify children. In Japan, the – not surprising – a downfield: There were heckling as “You should soon bear children” or “If you do not marry more quickly?”. Laughter followed. The MPs still finished her speech nimble, but you could see your, that the spells they have pretty much taken.

This all may perhaps even go, when the heckler would reveal themselves later, but that is what happened, of course, not. It pinpointed the culprit while in the Group of the ruling Liberal Democrats, but the fraction held tight and even tried yet, to point the blame from himself and to assert, that could have come from a different group.

The pressure was ultimately too big. The scene took place abroad compliance (see for example here), and at soon found themselves on 70’000 People, who demanded, investigate the incident. Today, Suzuki is now joined by the Liberal Democrats before and apologized publicly(keitswirksam) bei Shiomura. The was, justifiably, that the excuse I'm a little late.

Chauvinism in Japan is a, now so, interesting matter. Because: Chauvinist sayings or the Blonde jokes-like Clown to insult women can be heard in Japan hardly. This may be because, that you tell no jokes in Japan. In Japan, the chauvinism, I have certainly often the impression, boshafter, he sits deep, rooted deep in society, has the right of the female half of clear expectations: Learn as much as, good education – to find an attractive spouse, To father children and then on around the house, To look after children and husband. And – I do not write for the first time – the Company has the working environment in Japan formed so, I like to submit due to the many adversities the female sex against quite a few Japanese women this scheme.


But currently surging an interesting discussion in Japan. In the devastating low birth rate and the progressive aging of the population, Japan will it no longer can afford perhaps too long, just so to half their population to abandon the labor market. And that suggests itself more and more: Of course, the following observation is very subjective, but I think so, more and to see more women, who work in appointed, which actually are traditionally male-dominated: On construction sites, als Bus- and taxi drivers, Parcel delivery, Train drivers etc. Needless to note, that women are inferior to men in doing nothing. And cold comfort remains the Japanese women ultimately: At home have clearly they wear the pants.

Anbei noch – actually that was really long time tradition on this blog – the Word of the Day: Wild timesSpice – the interruption or. the heckler.


In order to raise a child…

June 10th, 2014 | Tagged | 8 Comments | 12715 reads

…it takes a whole village. So anyway, is an African proverb, that now also in Germany is familiar. And I think the saying in the form in order. Sure, it is the responsibility of parents, the child set the moral compass. But children should best grow up in a society, in the society in education plays a role. A positive course. But how do I get on this spiritual outpouring?

On Saturday we did with the kids on the train to a town very close to. The train was relatively full – Seats no longer existed. My youngest, 3 Years and proud 16 kg, So called from my only three times heavier woman, to be taken standing in the train on the arm. He usually asks, I'm going, me. But he was tired, and the permanent rain is probably gone to him already on the mind. Now I'm actually not overly cautious, but I think it is still not a good idea, if my wife has to keep the chunks into a swaying train on the arm. A slightly faster curve, a careless passenger, a short braking – and already flying 16 Kilograms by the train. Not a pretty thought. But as I 5 times more weigh (and have a little more power), I offer him a compromise: Come over here, I carry you. As I said,, normally this is no problem or son of man in the train even preferred, because then he can hold on to the strap itself.

On Saturday, however, it was all a bit different. Wall Mama Es musste. Full necessarily. No Other. And because we only 3 Are years old and have a thick skull, the mine in nothing stands, we raise our beautiful in the whole thing purely. Well. So we have two thick skull in a relatively full train: One wants to, and the other wants to avoid exactly. Otherwise we create yes perhaps even a precedent.

What do Japanese in this case? They yield. Why? Thus the child is silent and does not draw attention to themselves. What makes a stubborn, German father? He tries his son, explain, why the, what he wants to do just, not a good idea. What naturally degenerates when Dick head in Heulkrämpfe (the real tears come naturally when exiting: Comin '! Potato! Potato!? Paaapaaaaa!!!!). In addition to crying son and in a hushed voice in German on the child being certain ligands father so is the Japanese Mama: Piqued light pale around the nose and clearly. “Is it good now! Eggs, I'll carry you!”. Counterproductive. Absolutely counterproductive. I know the solution: I go alone into the next compartment with son. Since he no longer sees mom and can be distracted very quickly and is so quiet.

Too late. A mother with daughter, that is approximately 12 Years old and has Down syndrome, provides mother and son screeching their seat on and can not even convince, that it was not necessary. Man beachte: Mother with a child with Down syndrome.

And the moral of the story: The “Non-Attracting attention” and “Load-drop for non-” carries over in Japan on parenting. But I know my son: He will know to exploit the… Whether I him therefore, when he again makes a big fuss somewhere, let everything go through, because other people might possibly be piqued? Probably not. And I should note, that he, so we are just traveling as a couple, he is the funniest and artigste child of the world. But that should be the same everywhere on the planet.


Taste of Japan in 20 Years

June 7th, 2014 | Tagged | 2 Comments | 11945 reads

Too much currently happening. It showered since yesterday with rain, but that it may also – Finally, just the rainy season started. Softbank, recently the number. 1 in the Japanese mobile market, has a pioneering, new robot presented, the supposedly can respond to the emotional state of the other person. And that also leads already wonderfully on to the next topic – a potential target group of gefühlsduseligen robot. This refers to a headline in the online edition of the Japan Times from today: More than 250 Demenzkranke gilts in Japan as vermisst¹. The Japanese police figures published accordingly, that 2012 almost 10’000 Dementia were reported missing, and in the year 2013 more than 10’000, or good 700 People more than last year. Found two-thirds of the Applicable were missing while on the same day; one third, however, after 2 to 7 Meet. And: One-third were found by family members, the rest of the police. At 32 People it took over two years, until they were found. Paranoide Anmerkung: When people with dementia 2 Years may withdraw a search, how easy is it for criminals?

The numbers I think is alarming, because they are only a foretaste of, which adds to the Japanese society is rapidly aging,. Also, we have in recent years 3 Times with dementia “found” – twice in the neighborhood, why other people, which they already knew, they took over, and further away in a case somewhat, where we had to deliver to the police station, the woman got lost in the latter case, since they did not seem to originate from the area. This phenomenon might in any case in the next two, increase sharply three decades, and it will be anxious to see, how society and politics respond. After all, is important to remember, that there are many people with dementia, no immediate family members have more – and are therefore not reported missing.

¹ See here: More than 250 people with dementia missing in Japan


Just a little word

May 9th, 2014 | Tagged | 6 Comments | 13554 reads

It was in the autumn 1998 – half a year, I was now at the Japanese university, and a professor asked me, if I wanted to keep at a seminar at another university, a lecture. The theme was Cultural friction – Cultural differences (literally actually: Cultural friction), and the presentation should be kept in Japanese. In the university, there were the small カリタス 女子 短期大学 short Caritas University for Women¹ in the posh district Azamino (Yokohama). Of course, I said to. Why not. Es ging ja nur one of Seminar. So a week later I went to the said University and were conducted in the auditorium. There sat… about 150 giggling about the 20-year-old students. Ah ja. Under seminar I had imagined something else. So I took to the podium, together with two further foreigners and two Japanese women. The Japanese woman next to me began as a first, read her speech from the leaf. 5 Minutes they talked about, as they did to them was, that Englishman at getting off the bus the driver “Thank you!” say. She had been recently there, and this kindness she had so fascinated, that they promptly wrote about a five-minute speech. Aha. And she was right, of course: Japan is extremely demanding in terms of service, and it is expected of everyone, that he is doing his job properly kindly, and woe betide if not. And since people are paid so finally, is unnecessary redundant communication, for example in the form of Thanks.

But what I had when I moved to the West of Kawasaki, only 5 away km from said Azamino, experience: People here take a bus drivers “Arigato gozaimasu!” to getting out! All! Even the agent- and high school students, and who are not necessarily famous for their politeness in Japan!
What was in the past 16 Happened years? Was there some point a “Be nice to bus drivers!”-Campaign? It might be possible. Several local chapters pave the area with “Let us build a friendly town! Greet your fellow man always nice”-Posters to (and I think that even well!). So something happened and maybe wore accordingly fruit in the long time. In other areas of Japan I have at least not yet experienced in buses. I think it's beautiful: People get off, say thank you and thank the bus driver back.

As a responsible !? Father bleut to his children, of course, a, always nice to say thank you. Since I can be very pushy. It is interesting, how fast children learn, flip the lever language: At the tender age of 2 to 3 Years, they scrutinize their counterparts, when I gave them to German “Say thank you!” zuraune, and tell the result of the pattern corresponding to either thank or arigato. Well, Exercise they have enough, because the procedure takes place several times a day…

¹ By the way, I just had to find, concludes that the said University now: Student Shortage.


The hands full with public morals

April 23rd, 2014 | Tagged , | 4 Comments | 9672 reads

No Dancing-Schild

No Dancing-Schild (Photo von Nicolas1981 on Wikipedia)

A law to be adopted, at least in a democracy, difficult. To tilt a once existing law is much more difficult. English can sing a song about it – they had the Defence of the Realm Act (DORA) since 1914 the neck and were thrown to the most recent time in early from the pubs. Japan, however, has a beautiful law with the catchy name The Act on Regulation of business regulations and business customs, etc. – short as 風営法 fueihō designated. In English this is as Businesses Affecting Public Morals Regulation Law translated. 1948 was passed the law for the first time: In the postwar years, with approximately 350,000 foreign troops in the country, shot seedy establishments such as mushrooms, and politicians feared quickly to public morals.

The above law is now to ensure, that the (double) Morality does not go to the dogs. And unfortunately, this includes a lot of things, which are harmless in itself actually: Dancing, for example. When I had students in years to do the first time with Japanese, I was naturally interested in, what the students are up to in their nightly Leisure. And I quickly found out, definitely not part of that dancing to. Music? None. Dance clubs or simply student clubs, for example,, in which one, fueled by alcohol more or less, dancing to what whatever type music? Nothing.

The reason for this is the Fūeihō: Ein Tanzlokal (aka Disco) must be at least 66 m be large, have a fixed regulated brightness, before midnight (in exceptional cases 1 Clock at night) schliesen and so on and so forth. There are countless restrictions, and the procedure, to obtain a license, is so complicated, that it simply does not expect. To 1998 concerned the law even dance schools, was for the regulated clearly, what works and what does not: While dancing, for example, had necessarily a licensed dance instructor be present. This was only 1998 relaxed, dank des Films Shall We Dance?.

In short – the restrictions imposed by the law are very rigid, but of course awakens the imagination of business, and as the laws continue to lead to things, probably anywhere else there is in the world: JK walk – JK Osanpo for example. “JK” stands for “Women college students” – High school student, sanpo the walk. Will hot, Men pay a fixed hourly rate, to then go for a walk with a senior student may. Would this happen in a restaurant, would immediately “Fueihō” grab, but as the law is more complicated. However, JK Osanpo is often (surely rightly) regarded as one of the causes of prostitution of minors, because it usually seems necessary more (surcharge, understood) as it appears: Things, on offer after the walk.

But ultimately you cook in Japan only with water: The sex industry is magnificently developed, and often well organized from the underworld, Laws or not. However, the strictness against the dancing is a phenomenon: Karaoke around the clock? Of course. Alcoholic around the clock? Of course. Dance? Possibly even after midnight? Sodom und Gomorrha! Na dann: Shall we dance?


Interference Factor Handymensch

April 11th, 2014 | Tagged , | 4 Comments | 8007 reads

Docomo, one of the three major wireless carriers in Japan, has spread among the people recently an instructive video, and the video currently spreading very fast. It's about, what can happen, when you walk through the countryside while only looks at his cell phone. The simulation shows concretely, what happens, when 1,500 At the same time the famous people “Scramble”-Cross intersection in Shibuya and all to stare on your mobile phone. Das Score to Simulation, based on the highly restricted field of view of passers-by, said, that only one third may, without prejudice to cross the intersection in time – the rest is either too slow or collide with other pedestrians (about 400 Time) together.
As far as the simulation is not removed from the reality. Since my move I also get into Shibuya to best rush hours to. Here I pass countless stairs and narrow hallways, and half of others going through the course here with the spark in the styluses: Either, to read something, to write or watch TV. Many seem to really doing according to the method “the others are walking around already about me” proceed, but at some point the critical mass is reached – then there are too many cell phone junkies and no longer fits on. The fact, that the said people of course are much slower than the rest, makes me mad each time. In addition, there Naglfar blow at full volume through the headphones, and already achieved an operating, for the next 10 Enough hours in the office.
Of course, some contemporaries let their aggressiveness run free. This includes Bloggerkollege Coolio, as daily by some Japanese. Also I have after 20th homo Mobilfunkensis no desire for Dodge's and make me stubborn. Aah, Shibuya. The exact opposite of a walk through the forest! But here is the video:


Finally: The largest yakuza clan has its own website!

April 3rd, 2014 | Tagged | 3 Comments | 6885 reads

Offizielle Webseite des Yamaguchi-Clans

Official website of the Yamaguchi clan

No, the first of April was yesterday. So it's no joke: 山口組 Yamaguchi-gumi, Japans größter-Yakuza clan, has its own website. Now, one might speculate, die Domain lautet oder so, but no: The site is under the sonorous, catchy domain name erreichbar. And the first message, jumping an eye-: 麻 薬 追 放 国土 净化 同盟 fighters Tsuihō Shirai Kenzai Jōka Dōmei – Association for the banishment of drugs and the clearing of land. Sieh an, sieh an! Was findet man dort? Ein paar YouTube-Videos und Photos, including by Kazuo Taoka, the late, dritten Clanchef. Interestingly, among others, the page about activities: So wird here reported, as the clan for Halloween (!) Distributed sweets to the little ones in the neighborhood. Now that's a headline: “Yakuza celebrates Halloween with children!”. Would not a band member “Trick or Treat” contrary to roar, I would leave but very nimble rüberwachsen quite a lot of chocolate, that's for sure.

Why a Website? Japan has tightened the screws in recent years. So companies and businesses have for some time compliance documents submitted or. sign, in which they explain, to have nothing to do with the Yakuza. Where the term “Yakuza” is of course not used, since the word itself could act transfiguring. Newspeak is the word Violence Institute – Violent gang, but everyone knows, what is meant. Well Yakuza have been trying for a long time, with (semi)legitimate business to make money. As well as getting away from the bad image, and the website seems to be an attempt to. You can see the page of course befitting “liken”, and also do some. The police may facilitate the work of the, but they can find out as relatively simple, who might have something to do with it. If you look at the video of the New Year's temple visit of the 6. Clanchefs an, you have to chuckle a bit at the end. In the credits under “Production & Processing” no name, but simply “Project Team”.

Well. To ban drugs from the country is not a bad idea. What the Yakuza but else so all drives these days, is not visible from the side. But somewhere the money will come for the candy for Halloween already.


Iwao Hakamada or the living plea against the death penalty

March 31st, 2014 | Tagged , | 7 Comments | 6103 reads

Last week an old man made the news, can only walk with difficulty and speak: Iwao Hakamada, born 1936 in Shizuoka and thus 78 Years old. Before 48 He was the opposite of years, what, he embodies today: He was a professional boxer. Today he holds but one certified by the Guinness Book of World Records, sad record: No one sat longer on death row than he. Exactly – 48 For years. In the past week, the court ruled, After numerous unsuccessful attempts previously, that the case be re-negotiated – and the defendant must be released by then.

Hakamada worked for career end in a miso factory. 1966 burned down the house of one of his superiors, and claims to be tried Hakamada, to extinguish the fire. After the fire, they found the family of the superior – Man, Wife and two children – stabbed in the ruins. And it was missing a large amount of money. Immediately Hakamada was arrested. And it started an ordeal. Allegedly, he was 264 Interrogated hours, often 16 Hours a day, 23 Days. That was enough apparently, to break it: We honor the Tat. But he retracted his confession in court. However, the police presented a pajama of the suspect, with blood stains of the victim. Three judges convicted in 1968 to death.

Hakamada der Todeszell also in the sassi. In Japan, this means an increase in specific adhesion, very few visits and absolute uncertainty: Learn Neither the condemned man nor his family or lawyers, when the execution takes place. This can be done a few months or a few decades after the pronouncement of judgment. Just hours before the execution of the condemned man is inaugurated.

There have been several attempts, reopen the case. One of the three judges, Kumamoto, occurred 2007 to the public and stated, that in the case was probably a little lazy. And yet it was not until 2014, was to finally renegotiated. This time with a DNA analysis, almost unequivocally stated, Hakamada that has nothing to do with the only piece of evidence – very likely this was falsified by the police.

Alone 2013 Eight prisoners executed in Japan. Hakamada has made the long solitary friable. In recent years, almost all visits were not approved – which concerned mainly his older sister, which stood in the decades ever to him. Now he is so “out”, in an age, in which he is likely to find their way difficult. Broken, with diabetes and psychological damage. Whether he will ever be happy again? One may doubt it. This case clearly shows, why the death penalty – whether in Japan or elsewhere – should be abolished. And that the Japanese way, Todeskandidaten you behandeln, is simply inhuman. Sure, the majority of the Japanese people support the death penalty. Is it therefore right, to require an outsider to the abolition? Necessarily. The majority of the German population was also behind the Nazis. This does not mean, however,, that the, what the Nazis did, was correct. A somewhat brutal analogy, perhaps, but merely because public opinion demanded the gallows, does not demand the hot, that this is legitimate.

This case actually knows only losers: Hakamada, his family, the Japanese justice system, the police – no one has won something. But it knows a hero: Kumamoto, whose late repentance has ensured, that the case has brought back into the public. He might as well mention, but he appeared in public, because his conscience tormented him. And of course Hakamada's sister, that has kept the decades to him.



January 28th, 2014 | Tagged | 13 Comments | 3783 reads

AV-Cover. Nein, die DVD gibt's nicht zu gewinnen. Das Cover ist aus dem Internet geliehen.

AV-Cover. No, DVD's not to win. The cover is borrowed from the Internet.

When my 2-year-old the other day in a very short, ran unguarded moment in the porn section of the local video store, I thought, that you also may also quiet time to write a few lines. Lack of knowledge (of course I know only, that most often it is a happy end at porn and at the end are all naked… or?) is of course only a very superficial article. In earnest – recently described an online article in the Japan Times a bit of the everyday lives of artists. See here. Porn are simple and easy in Japan OFF (read English, stands for Adult Video) known and are, it's the law, pixelated usually. Of course, not completely, but there, where friction arises or could arise. The numbers, which are mentioned in the article, are considerable (and widely known sufficiently): Japanese spend on average 157 Dollars per year for porn from a. These data come from the year 2010 and were here first published. 157 Dollar. One must of course assume, that certainly look at least ¾ of the population no porn, as they either old, too young, too nice or whatever are – or have no internet and no convenience store around the corner. Power 600 Dollar. At least. 2 Dollar pro Tag. At least. Gee! Germany manages just to 60 Dollar. Well done, Alice Schwarzer :) Even more impressive is of course South Korea – with over 500 Dollars per capita, lonely runner. Will hot, either South Koreans are just constantly pointed. Or prudish. Or porn is more expensive than elsewhere. I do not want to speculate about that too much, but the restrictive society and the high pressure, be successful must always and everywhere, will certainly have its influence (and it will be correspondingly no coincidence, that South Korea is the world leader in terms of plastic surgery).

In Japan ist man – superficially at least – prudish compared to many European countries. Naturism? Absolutely unthinkable. Instead, most women prefer to rise in Burkini-like garment into the water. About sex, you do not talk like. Jokes with sexual content? Is not there actually. Well, the Jokes – shimoneta (Racy Humor) there, but is usually harmless. Sex vor der Ehe? Frowned upon in principle, and in the house of the parents is sometimes not. There are the countless hours and Hotels. But at least the prudery is not religious conditionally – There is no “No sex before marriage”-Sermons in the true sense, and on the other hand, there are also no noticeable feminism. But for tons of singles, have that just will not have the opportunity, the opposite sex, or may not, depending on the predisposition, to get ahead of the shotgun. Since AV naturally offer a great valve, and it will not miss any game type. Where should of course be emphasized, dass in Japan, contrary to other reports, NOT at every turn vending machines for
standing around cars schoolgirl panties. But this lie in every convenience store (24-Hour convenience store) dozens of colorful books from, usually with Gravure Idol (gurabia aidoru, von gravure idol) – young women usual with more up front than in these climes. And no, many do not hesitate to, to verkonsumieren this booklet equal standing.

It is interesting, that AV lead actresses often “the jump to light” create: They are often later become famous in other ways, especially on television, and they shall be liable on account of their previous profession to not about a certain pathos. I dare to say, that porn actresses in Japan less hostility / be treated as derogatory in many other countries. Some are famous even beyond the country's borders: Thus, for example Sora Aoi (Aoi Sora – Artist Name, means “blue sky”) in China a genuine star. And there also arises already a fine example: A look at the Wikipedia article lists under the usual data on their entire mass. And, also it can be good Wikipedia…

Of course, all the actresses blogging also, because that is Fashion. Even the normally restrained Yahoo! has a lengthy list of AV actresses in the fundus – see here. Also described in the above article, just 19-year-old actress Shiori Tsukada Blogs fleissig. What is? Do not know. So far not enough my interest but then.


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