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And gone was the Grabber

March 28th, 2015 | Tagged | 13 Comments | 1701 reads

As I drove to work this morning, the web as always was full of crushed. One can upset about it every day, It can also as Practice Shūgyō view – as ascetic exercise. Who knows, if you can survive that without a murmur, you will perhaps eventually a better person. Or you can run amok at some point. I do not know. However, there are contemporaries, which prepares driving in a crowded train in a certain way pleasure. This refers to the People gropus – the congregation Grapscher. As far as I know, This is a more or less Japanese phenomenon, because one finds so frequently only the ideal habitat: Overcrowded trains, where you do not remember the very next train station, which arm and leg which is actually their own, and young girls in school uniforms.

My asceticism training it takes about 20 Minutes. On the second railway station, same story happened as always: The door opens, and people spilling out from the steaming Zuginneren on the platform. Including a high school student in school uniform green. The attached itself immediately to a young man and began, persuade him tearfully: “Stay where you are! What should be the! Do you want to now about to run away?” She did not speak loudly, but it was still on. An elderly man next to it then grabbed the man's arm. And waved an employee. The immediately called his colleagues. And already a grape had formed around the man. Sieh an, a Grapscher! He did not protest to be great but somehow seemed dazed. And even though I normally would not say such a thing: Had it 99 randomly selected men set up next to him and asked me, whom I would trust most likely, I would have, and I'm pretty sure, shown the finger at him. He looked exactly, as one would imagine a Grapscher.

The iron horse let himself not stop by: The door closed, and further it went – scheduled routes. The Grapscher will be busy for a while. And the schoolgirl will not have much of the day.

Now one hears a lot about the Grapscherproblem: So it should sometimes give crooks couple, where a woman in the train suddenly screams bloody murder and indiscriminately accused of a passenger Grapscherei. The male part has then subsequently entirely altruistic to, that you can save on payment of a certain sum of further trouble. It should also be the case, that groups of schoolgirls make a joke of it and move someone intentionally to my body (especially well-liked traveling alone foreigners), to bring the unsuspecting victims into trouble. Whether there is there any truth? The latter I know second hand, but that will probably rarely occur. But in the manner, as the Japanese judiciary works (almost every, is brought to justice, is convicted), I know only one: Because Grapscherei I want to be sure not be prosecuted in this country. Especially not, if you have not done anything. There are way even a relatively demanding Japanese film: I Just Did not Do It – “I was there but not really”, in which a man is wrongly prosecuted as Grapscher.

One or the other may perhaps seem excessive, but out of pure precaution I fit in crowded trains good care of it, that both hands are above. Better safe than sorry.


Half Japanese in the Süddeutsche

March 20th, 2015 | Tagged | 4 Comments | 2009 reads

Miss Universe Japan

Miss Universe Japan on Twitter

A friend pointed me to a published today in the Süddeutsche Zeitung article entitled “Miss Japan” is not Japanese enough down, didnt I start like. It's about the new Miss Japan – however, no “all” Japanese woman, but “only” a “half” (called Half Half). The 20-year-old Ariana Miyamoto, naturally beautiful wife has a Japanese mother and an African American father.

As described in the article, sparked a choice – as they say so beautiful on neudeutsch – shit storm from: Especially on Twitter and in the infamous 2-channel forum there was a lot of negative reading for election. Basic Tenor: How can a just half coming from Japan Women Japan at the Miss Universe representative election? And, as only? Ariana is born in Japan and raised here. Probably she is Japanese than many of her classmates. And yet it is different. And probably know something more about other cultures. And it happens to be pretty damn, so why should not they take?

The reaction was to be expected. Even at the brutal murder of a middle school student a few weeks ago was brutally harped on the Internet on the fact, that the alleged main perpetrators “Half” Japanese is. It is more than obvious, that is quite homogeneous in Japan still has his love problems with the “other”. The ratio is actually split: Most Japanese cherish the prejudice, that half Japanese (at least if a parent does not come from Asia) just sort of look totally sweet or pretty. But at the same time there are quite a lot of, the evening then sat down in front of their PC and spit venom.

The Causa Ariana However, you can also see a positive side: She has managed to, prevail. She got, at least apparently by the jury, considered worthy representative of Japan. And she pushes further debate going on – which, however, unfortunately lack the necessary seriousness, because it is not a constructive debate, but either adulation or senseless bashing.

Racism is widely used in Japan and deeply anchored in society. That will not soon change. On the other hand, it is the same as with other issues also: The Extreme find above average hearing in the media. This does not mean, that all Japanese are so, think or act.

Here is a related article on the topic on this blog: Racist Children's Literature and another article worth reading here: Japan’s blackface problem: the country’s bizarre, troubled relationship with race.


Schülermord in Kawasaki / The great social divide

February 27th, 2015 | Tagged , | 10 Comments | 2036 reads

Anteil der Hochschulabsolventen im Raum Tokyo: Rot: Sehr hoch, dunkelblau: Sehr niedrig. Quelle:

Proportion of graduates in the Tokyo area: Red: Very high, dark blue: Very Low. Those:

At the 20. February 2015 made strollers in the east of the city of Kawasaki a grisly discovery: In the tall grass hides the body of a brutally murdered with a carpet knife boy was. Soon the boy's identity was found: It was a 13-year-old students of the first class a mid-level school in Kawasaki. Came as a perpetrator – also quite fast – the members of a youth gang suspected. Overall, it is probably around 4 Act offenders, all between 13 and 18 Years old. The real name can not appear in the news due to the protection of minors, but they are circulating for days on Twitter: One of the perpetrators is probably half-Japanese / Half-Americans and another one living in Japan Koreans.

How did it come to this? The victim was on the Oki Islands born in Tottori Prefecture and went there the first years of school, until he moved with his parents to Kawasaki. Oki Islands? This is roughly, as if someone from a tiny village near the Polish border in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is. The boy was probably very popular and had also found in Kawasaki fast connection. Until he of acquaintance with a group of well-known in the area Adverse furyō (literally: “not good”) – Student, which, In a negative sense, release from the regulated social life – made. Everything went well at first well, until the group incite him to shoplifting and he did not want to participate. Since then, he was probably violence again and again exposed and returned among others with blue eye and other injuries at home. As specified he wanted to leave the group, but left the group probably not, and the violence escalated.

A few days before the murder he let a friend about “Line” (Japanese “WhatsApp”-Variant) know, that he feared, to be murdered by the group. The class teacher allegedly tried several times, to address the mother to the boy, which never succeeded. Say, it is a murder with announcement, have failed splendidly in the home and school. It is also easy incomprehensible, that all four suspects, although obviously known by name, since're on the run and have not yet found.

Are the “furyō” really so dangerous? Japan's actually known for its safety – or? Now, with the security that is such a thing. There are also – or especially – in the metropolitan areas of very strong social gradient. Coincidentally, I've made a little bike ride through Kawasaki just two weeks ago. By me in the west of the city, it is up to the Bay of Tokyo good 30 Kilometer, and the cityscape is changing considerably: While the West is relatively quiet – and very wealthy – is, sees it, the further you go to the East – from getting worse. Sure, Kawasaki Station with all the office buildings and shopping centers located in the east of the city, but you need not far to remove them, to see, that the social situation is something precarious. There are the “Substandard”-Train (in Japan we measure the standard of education in schools with Deviation value Hensachi – “Standard deviation”), and where the share of the population with a university degree is much lower than for example in the east of the city.

About the social gradient in Japan surprisingly little is known abroad, but does not mean, that it is not pronounced. And the above incident shows, that is not to be trifled with FURYO. That an individual, even at a young age, murdered a man, is tragic and occurs everywhere. That a group of young people with impunity as one of their own, is difficult to understand. Hopefully, the case has consequences.


Same-sex partnerships in Japan equated soon?

February 13th, 2015 | Tagged , , , | 2 Comments | 1569 reads

Today, at the 12. February 2015, there was a press conference at the district administration of Shibuya-ku (Tokyo) a sensation¹: There they gave namely known, that it has filed a request for Equality same-sex unions in the district Shibuya – through which to then in March 2015 to be decided. This does not mean, that same-sex couples are allowed to marry in Japan, but the City Council of Shibuya would, the request is successful, precisely those pairs issue a certificate, that would allow them, to be treated in the district area as spouse.

This is quite a sensation, same-sex partnerships in Japan are simply not an issue: This matter will loudly hushed, and neither politicians nor media seem to have great interest in it, to warm it. Sure, TV programs are full of men in women's clothes (Ai Haruna, Matsuko Deluxe or Mitz Mangrove, just to name a few) or oblique types such as Hard Gay, the money with the showing of stereotypes money, but homosexuality, although not illegal, simply is not an option.

Since same-sex partners in Japan may not marry, escape them many common for married people privileges. This is in Bürg- and inheritances off and ends with wills and tax advantages not intended to. How has come in Shibuya-ku on the idea, meet the first municipality in Japan's same-sex couples, is unclear. If the bill, however, be assumed – Shibuya and should continue to remain the only municipality in Japan – the already trendy district can probably attach a new progress star lapel.

¹ See NHK News (Japanese) and Japan Times (English).


The restrained appetite for sex

February 6th, 2015 | Tagged | 8 Comments | 1717 reads

Älterer JFPA-BerichtSince 2002 there they – the study of the “Life and mutual awareness between men and women” (Tone on the men and women of life and consciousness), conducted and published by the JFPA general Japan Family Planning Association (Japan Family Planning Association Inc.)¹. A part of the study deals with the question, such as Japanese sex face². And the numbers amaze me every year anew: The survey of 3,000 According to Japanese have around 45% the 16-to 29-year-old women either are not interested in sex or find it repulsive – among men is around 20%. Not surprisingly, that especially the group of 16 to 19 years is plenty of disinterested. How and where they should also have the opportunity to do so tightly organized high school life and the fact, that it just is not in it, to visit you at home.

Compared to previous years, however, a trend very clearly from: Japanese men between 25 and 29 Years have become less interested in physical contact away from the overcrowded commuter traffic means. Goods 2008 still under 8 Disinterested percent of them, as it was earlier this year around 22%. The concept of Herbivorous men (sōshoku Danshi – literally: “Grass-eating man”) yes there for a while now, and he characterizes men, show little to no interest in the opposite sex. Now, however, the term makes the Fasting men (zesshoku moisture – Teetotaler) the round.

Why is it? On the basis of the most economically advantageous not just looking location and the associated increasing pressure to succeed? A lack of awareness? At the fear, to start a family with children and all the trimmings – an important issue, which is neglected by politics and society? Or is it even at the extreme hedonism- and selfishness-promotional advertising, the year only the Sterile, Pure propagated? Someone should even perform a count, how many German advertising cozy togetherness propagated – and how often is seen in Japan: In Japan used in advertising usually only whole families with children from – but usually happy singles or Women, who are happy only among themselves.

In religion it can not be sure, because not deal with sex and does not prohibit him accordingly. The reasons are certainly complex, but the trend as such is true a little sad. A sexless society can not thrive. And one company, which can not even its members time to, thinking about sex or creates any occasions, has an evil problem. But this is in Japan now old hat.

¹ The website of the JFPA finds here.
² An abstract of this year's report can be found at the Mainichi Shinbun.


Rough tone in hospital

January 30th, 2015 | Tagged , , | 6 Comments | 1917 reads

This week, a dove – initially at least secretly recorded – Video on YouTube, the currently quite high making waves. The background: A Brazilian father brought his sick toddler in the emergency room of a hospital of the city Iwata in Shizuoka Prefecture (live there very many Japanese-Brazilians). The doctors looked at the child and thought afterwards, it was nothing serious, and the father should stop by the next day again with a regular doctor. Then the father asked for a 診断書 shindansho – Attest, but the doctor refused, to issue the document – on the grounds, such a thing does not exist in the emergency room.

However, for the anxious father was not satisfied. Understandably. As it turned out later, he had 5 Children, and one of the children had already died very young. And so he spoke in broken, but polite Japanese catering more to the doctor: “What happens now, but if it is something bad?” he asked the doctor, whereupon that succinctly “Then sue us but” answered. When the doctor received a call on his cell phone, He was the father with a muttered Shit asshole kusoyarō (literally: Motherfucker) to continue his colleagues. It was probably also the word Die (Perish!). The father had unfortunately already turned on the camera of his mobile phone, and so everything exists nicely on video.

After a while, a nurse came, the Portuguese can, added and began to mediate. The father finally revealed, that he filmed, and this is the doctor visible embarrassing. The whole thing is for sure, the doctor went really stupid: It can be assumed, that he was sure, that the immigrants do not understand the bad language. But he understood.

Is this xenophobia? Hard to say. But one thing is definitely: An acute case of breath brain on the part of the physician. So you do not talk. Not with patients, regardless of whether they speak the same language or not. And certainly not with the worried father of a young child.



Absolute. Vacancy.

January 27th, 2015 | Tagged | 6 Comments | 1787 reads

Zerfallendes Haus - hier in Tsubame, Niigata

Decay end house – hier in Tsubame, Niigata

According to a study of SankeiBiz¹ was found, making it the year 2013 beaten in Japan 8,2 Were millions of vacant houses. That's about one-sixth of all dwellings – and this number is increasing every year by approximately 200’000. This means, so the trend continues, that in 2030 about a quarter of all houses will be empty. Will the trend continue? Certainly it is the, because both the aging and the rural exodus to keep. The problem with the vacancy lies in the fact, that the houses will not be demolished, but simply disintegrate – otherwise they would not show up in the statistics.

The whole is in stark contrast to the building boom in and around Tokyo, where gradually disappear after the last green space in favor of new settlements and individual houses. Who would want to see the before and after, just needs time after Hiyoshi Hiyoshi (in the north of Yokohama) to drive: There, the land acquisition, despite some large slope angles, displaces the whole of nature. Who wants to know, what it looked like before, then only by train around 15 km south facing, for example by Totsuka Totsuka, to drive. There are still some green – only: how long?

Zerfallen: Ja. Verlassen? Noch nicht. Und zwar in Hiroo, mitten in Tokyo

Decay: And. Leave? Not yet. And in Hiroo, mitten in Tokyo

The vacancy is in many areas a problem. Time apart, that 10, 20 Years old, slowly decaying houses do not look nice, can, for example, in case of fire- or earthquake disasters certainly be dangerous. Unfortunately, most vacant houses are there, where no one wants to live longer, but even in Tokyo or Yokohama Saitama or you can find them. The inhabitants are either deceased, drawn in Nursing Homes or warped in the city. Completely demolish a house can easily cost a few million yen (So tens of thousands of euros), and can be especially old people naturally do not always.

It also means, that you can now buy older houses in the countryside dirt cheap – but these stories one knows well from the Mark Brandenburg, for example,. Thus, the average consumer has with his family not much of the fact, that there is so much vacancy: The houses were abandoned for good reason. For someone, who wants to spend his last years in seclusion in the country, Japan is, however, more and more to paradise. As long as you inconvenience as long distances to shops, Hospitals, Of-the-outside world cut off his winter-etc. can put away.

¹ See here: Vacant house taxes continue to increase in Japan, high hurdle of removal costs ... financially


Raid at Kyoto University

November 14th, 2014 | Tagged , | 3 Comments | 3409 reads

I often had the impression, that the majority of Japanese students is if any interested then only very moderately in politics – to mention political activities throughout. But they are still there – the hoards of political Akitivität. Traditionally, heard the 京大 Kyōdai to – which is short for Kyoto Daigaku (Daigaku = University). The university has over 20,000 Students and is considered the second best university in Japan. Accordingly, sophisticated are the entrance exams. The university is famous for its philosophical faculty, their world-class research facilities (6 Nobel Prize winners come from this University) and for unruly students – for example, 1951 demanded, To view the Tennō just as normal people, whereupon they clashed with the police.

Some of the students here seem the Nuclear send Chūkaku-ha (literally: “Kerngruppe”) to belong to. The actual name of this closely associated with the Communists and some unions grouping is 革命 的 共産主義者 同盟 全国 委員会 National committee of the Revolutionary Communist League) – a Trotskyist-inspired grouping, which was in the last three decades quite inconspicuous, but was in the 1980s, for example, the focus of violent protests against the construction of the airport of Narita. Among other things, the followers attacked at that time to the office of the Liberal Democrats with a built on a truck flamethrower.

Recently, the police arrested three protesters during a demonstration firmly – and found, that two of the 3 Arrested students Kyoto University were. And one does not hesitate for long: Today indented 120 partly martial equipped police officers in a dormitory of the university, and there were fierce protests from students. Some days ago (at the 4. November 2014) the students used even an investigator in civilian clothes laid, who had been smuggled into the dorm. One handed him eventually but intact his colleagues.

These images have become rare in Japan. And I am interesting, how evolved the. Secretly glad the pictures – they are but in contrast to the primary direction, being trimmed to Japan: Right Stramm.

Here are a news clipping about the riots. Require the students – justifiably, but apparently unsuccessful – nache a search warrant.


The Woman Whisperer – bald wieder in Tokyo

November 8th, 2014 | Tagged , | 12 Comments | 35121 reads

You see them occasionally – and unfortunately very often in Japan: Arrogant foreigners, who believe themselves in paradise, since it is, after all too easily, with the foreigners bonus to begin a thing all kinds of women. The king of this species seems to be a certain Julien Blanc, the dress deserves your money with dubious seminars on women. Anywhere in the world. As time appeared not so long ago a video of him on, in which the good Lord declares, how things run in Japan with the women so. The original video is hard to find, and I do not want any more visitors to his channel added control, but a short clip is here on a Japanese channel:

According to Twitter message Julien Blanc to come back in mid-November to Japan. And there are enough people, who would like to prevent the – see for example here. There was and is even against numerous petitions (and for!) Men – who provided, among other things, that venues in Australia he announced and even his visa was canceled. A similar petition is on the way, which should make the Japanese immigration authorities at the man carefully.

Now, neither he nor the visitors of his seminars are really worth a blog entry. If you look at but be “Match” an – called “The Game” – can a just fear and worry are. This is not to Anmachtricks, but sometimes even cruel mind games, partially coupled with violence or the threat of selfsame, to make people complacent. But what really upset me, is the following quote:

… just grabbing girls and it’s like (motions) head on dick (pfft) head on dick, yelling ‘PIKACHU’ with a Pikachu shirt on….Every foreigner who is white does this. When you see that one foreigner in the crowd in Tokyo and your eyes will lock and you know that he knows and he knows that and it’s this guilty look like you both fucked a hooker or something.”

All right! If even one believes Japanese, that this is so – or worse – if only one of the visitors of his seminars believes that and therefore makes his way to Japan – then this is definitely worth a comment. Clear, polarized the man. He is not worth it, to be taken seriously. But it is unfortunately people, take it quite seriously. And the women, running him not knowing about the way, are also not to say the least enviable. In this sense,: You’re not welcome.


Safe Japan

October 28th, 2014 | Tagged | 7 Comments | 4627 reads

When I last Thursday against 22 Clock came home from work, the road was in front of my house completely delivered with blue light. So actually more red light, but yes that would sound kinda weird. Several fire departments were there, to police, Ambulance, Use carts, and apparently also was a more delayed a TEPCO police car with red light and siren zoom. When something I always have a bad feeling and is reluctant to use in the immediate vicinity. This has its reasons. You let me pass without concerns, and I climbed the stairs to my house high. The neighbors were just outside, and I asked, was da los sei. “Oh, there's has fired at the Chinese Restaurant!”.

As I learned a little later, were probably all other residents of the facility before watching together diligently. While the children slept in the houses. In Germany and some other countries probably all would have been cautioned as Gaffer. In the US, probably all would have been displayed due to neglect of children. Not so in Japan: Here you go completely relaxed in order. And was quite surprised, I was surprised. Less about the “Watch firefighters” than the Alone Let the sleeping children. But in defense I must say, that otherwise very worried worry Japanese parents to their offspring. Unless, there is a fire somewhere…

Ultimately, the whole thing reminded me of the days, I had spent on a Russian dacha. There, one night burned down a magnificent wooden house. And all Datschenbewohner stood around and warmed themselves virtually their hands.

After all, it was a happy ending: No persons- and only limited damage. The last is a miracle, since the house with the restaurant (which does not really deserve the name, it is more of a shabby tavern) is quite old and of course built entirely of wood.


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