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Raid at Kyoto University

November 14th, 2014 | Tagged , | 3 Comments | 2954 reads

I often had the impression, that the majority of Japanese students is if any interested then only very moderately in politics – to mention political activities throughout. But they are still there – the hoards of political Akitivität. Traditionally, heard the 京大 Kyōdai to – which is short for Kyoto Daigaku (Daigaku = University). The university has over 20,000 Students and is considered the second best university in Japan. Accordingly, sophisticated are the entrance exams. The university is famous for its philosophical faculty, their world-class research facilities (6 Nobel Prize winners come from this University) and for unruly students – for example, 1951 demanded, To view the Tennō just as normal people, whereupon they clashed with the police.

Some of the students here seem the Nuclear send Chūkaku-ha (literally: “Kerngruppe”) to belong to. The actual name of this closely associated with the Communists and some unions grouping is 革命 的 共産主義者 同盟 全国 委員会 National committee of the Revolutionary Communist League) – a Trotskyist-inspired grouping, which was in the last three decades quite inconspicuous, but was in the 1980s, for example, the focus of violent protests against the construction of the airport of Narita. Among other things, the followers attacked at that time to the office of the Liberal Democrats with a built on a truck flamethrower.

Recently, the police arrested three protesters during a demonstration firmly – and found, that two of the 3 Arrested students Kyoto University were. And one does not hesitate for long: Today indented 120 partly martial equipped police officers in a dormitory of the university, and there were fierce protests from students. Some days ago (at the 4. November 2014) the students used even an investigator in civilian clothes laid, who had been smuggled into the dorm. One handed him eventually but intact his colleagues.

These images have become rare in Japan. And I am interesting, how evolved the. Secretly glad the pictures – they are but in contrast to the primary direction, being trimmed to Japan: Right Stramm.

Here are a news clipping about the riots. Require the students – justifiably, but apparently unsuccessful – nache a search warrant.


The Woman Whisperer – bald wieder in Tokyo

November 8th, 2014 | Tagged , | 12 Comments | 4945 reads

You see them occasionally – and unfortunately very often in Japan: Arrogant foreigners, who believe themselves in paradise, since it is, after all too easily, with the foreigners bonus to begin a thing all kinds of women. The king of this species seems to be a certain Julien Blanc, the dress deserves your money with dubious seminars on women. Anywhere in the world. As time appeared not so long ago a video of him on, in which the good Lord declares, how things run in Japan with the women so. The original video is hard to find, and I do not want any more visitors to his channel added control, but a short clip is here on a Japanese channel:

According to Twitter message Julien Blanc to come back in mid-November to Japan. And there are enough people, who would like to prevent the – see for example here. There was and is even against numerous petitions (and for!) Men – who provided, among other things, that venues in Australia he announced and even his visa was canceled. A similar petition is on the way, which should make the Japanese immigration authorities at the man carefully.

Now, neither he nor the visitors of his seminars are really worth a blog entry. If you look at but be “Match” an – called “The Game” – can a just fear and worry are. This is not to Anmachtricks, but sometimes even cruel mind games, partially coupled with violence or the threat of selfsame, to make people complacent. But what really upset me, is the following quote:

… just grabbing girls and it’s like (motions) head on dick (pfft) head on dick, yelling ‘PIKACHU’ with a Pikachu shirt on….Every foreigner who is white does this. When you see that one foreigner in the crowd in Tokyo and your eyes will lock and you know that he knows and he knows that and it’s this guilty look like you both fucked a hooker or something.”

All right! If even one believes Japanese, that this is so – or worse – if only one of the visitors of his seminars believes that and therefore makes his way to Japan – then this is definitely worth a comment. Clear, polarized the man. He is not worth it, to be taken seriously. But it is unfortunately people, take it quite seriously. And the women, running him not knowing about the way, are also not to say the least enviable. In this sense,: You’re not welcome.


Safe Japan

October 28th, 2014 | Tagged | 7 Comments | 4407 reads

When I last Thursday against 22 Clock came home from work, the road was in front of my house completely delivered with blue light. So actually more red light, but yes that would sound kinda weird. Several fire departments were there, to police, Ambulance, Use carts, and apparently also was a more delayed a TEPCO police car with red light and siren zoom. When something I always have a bad feeling and is reluctant to use in the immediate vicinity. This has its reasons. You let me pass without concerns, and I climbed the stairs to my house high. The neighbors were just outside, and I asked, was da los sei. “Oh, there's has fired at the Chinese Restaurant!”.

As I learned a little later, were probably all other residents of the facility before watching together diligently. While the children slept in the houses. In Germany and some other countries probably all would have been cautioned as Gaffer. In the US, probably all would have been displayed due to neglect of children. Not so in Japan: Here you go completely relaxed in order. And was quite surprised, I was surprised. Less about the “Watch firefighters” than the Alone Let the sleeping children. But in defense I must say, that otherwise very worried worry Japanese parents to their offspring. Unless, there is a fire somewhere…

Ultimately, the whole thing reminded me of the days, I had spent on a Russian dacha. There, one night burned down a magnificent wooden house. And all Datschenbewohner stood around and warmed themselves virtually their hands.

After all, it was a happy ending: No persons- and only limited damage. The last is a miracle, since the house with the restaurant (which does not really deserve the name, it is more of a shabby tavern) is quite old and of course built entirely of wood.


Racist Children's Literature

August 22nd, 2014 | Tagged | 10 Comments | 3909 reads

Kinderbuch "Ninjin ga akai wake"

Children's book “Ninjin for regular beans”

As someone today (N.H more precisely. aus D) has posted a link to an age-old article in the Japan Times, I remembered a book or a thing, which I wanted to write for a long time. Said article in the Japan Times is of 2012 and entitled Book is behind bullying of mixed-race children. More specifically, it's going to the very famous and popular children's book “Ninjin-know basis beans” – “Why the carrot is red”. The book is about, that a black salsify, want to wash a carrot and a radish. The black root is the bath too hot, So it does not wash properly. The carrot bathes longer, but due to the hot water all red. The radish is smart, pouring add some hot water… and is so beautiful white!

Man mailbox ahnen, where the wind blows. In Japan, there are also a number of children with Japanese-African or Japanese-African American parents. These children fall on course. And there was (and probably are) probably many cases, in which these children not only for classmates, be teased but even teachers and kindergarten teachers – with references to the book. This of course is not surprising: Children are only too willing, rail against different looking children. I can sing a song about it – in my 300 school I was the only one with strawberry blond hair. However join that staff responsible for the care of children since adults, is shocking but in Japan nothing new (but fortunately rather an exception).

Kinderbuch Chibikuro Sambo

Kinderbuch Chibikuro Sambo

In the context me another children's book remembered: “Chibikuro Sambo” – an English in the original book with the name “Little Black Sambo” from the year 1899, which in Japan became a series and at least 3 Includes Title. It has gotten a bit out of fashion, but most know the book.

In the case of the first book, the father of three Sino-African children joined in the book and brought some in motion, to pull the book from circulation. Ultimately, he wrote a book against, that teaches children, that a man just so and the others are so.

But where do you draw the line? This discussion has reached in Japan by far not the Company to the extent, as for example in Germany did or. still does. Should we ban these Literature? Rewrite? Censor? I read to my children at their request often Heinrich Hoffmann (“There Struwwelpeter”) before:

Because of the large Nikolas came
With its large inkwell
The spoke: “Your children listen to me
And let the Moor pretty in peace!
What this Moor can because that,
That he knows not how you?”

(It's not about the term 'Moor', but about, that Hoffmann referred to the black main color as a kind of stigma – for the Mohr’ However, nothing can).
Should I skip the page?

It is a hot iron and can and should actually be handled only by those, the (potentially) are affected. But these books, so they were not written recently and with evil intent, to prohibit, I think is the wrong way – and, for a dead end, because there would be no end to. It begins in skin color, then to gender roles, the lack of an alternative sex, a stroller with cigarette in mouth… censorship would go on forever.

And to be honest: Children, so not elucidated, move here definitely looking over different peers, whether they know the book or not. That in Japan, however, still occurs, that teachers not only did not intervene, but even join, is inexcusable.


The Mandarake incident or the return of the pillory

August 19th, 2014 | Tagged , | 2 Comments | 5120 reads

Mandarake-Webseite mit Übeltäter

Mandarake website with evildoers

In the past week broke an interesting public debate in Japan, which is familiar to you even from other countries: The public shaming of offenders. This medieval custom is already sufficiently from the UK and the USA known – especially in relation to human, which were prosecuted by the police child abuse.

The event in Japan is lower, But the debate is no less instructive. The stumbling block yielded a shoplifter: That left from a branch of the Mandarake-Ladenkette a round 50 Go along-year-old toy robots. Mandarake sells everything related to manga and Japanese toys, and the robot (“Buriki no Tetsuji # 28″) was for 250’000 yen, also fast 2’000 Euro, Offered for sale.

Video cameras have captured the culprit, Mandarake and let something new come up: It published the photo of the alleged delinquent on your own website – stark verpixelt, have noticed. These were attributed, that you'll upload the unblurred photo, where the perpetrator until midnight in a week not register and give back the stolen goods. This was picked up by the media, so that even the police were noisy. And finally Mandarake asked, to dispense with the publication. Legal Experts noted an, that the unusual action could be a criminal offense itself (Honorary damage – Defamation and / or 恐喝 Erpressung). The page on Mandarake is located here.

The reactions are mixed, but it will be appreciated, that many people, especially shopkeepers, the action over is likely to be good. Shoplifting (万引き manbiki) are also in Japan a problem, If there appears to be smaller than in Germany. There, I felt in some stores so, as if I'm simply considered as potential thief and not as a customer, but in Japan you will notice as clients – thank god – little. I have here at least no store detectives noticed, and otherwise appear, of small cameras in every nook and cranny apart times, to be rather lax security measures. At most of the caviar is finished in a special box, und CD- and DVD covers are at Book Off, the literature for all, read, but otherwise… In Japan it is even already one me, happened twice, I almost unconsciously became a shoplifter: Since the stores are so close together sometimes, that one does not notice, when you leave the store, I stood before unpaid articles far outside of the store – and would simply have to continue. What I will of course be rather.

Ist Mandarake nun also im Recht, so do something? Somewhere already. Yet: If this is rampant, it will not last long, denounced to someday be wrong. And then the cry is great. So we prefer to leave the church in the village or in the 神社 集 落.


Junge Psychopathen

July 29th, 2014 | Tagged , | 17 Comments | 14297 reads

Briefe des Kobe-Mörders

Letters of the Kobe killer

It was 1997, and I had just begun to, To learn Japanese. Our teacher put us back then occasional news item, and remained in a constant reminder to me – it was about a murder case in Kobe. The killer took the name 酒鬼 蔷薇 圣 斗 Sakakibara Seito and it had apart especially on children. Three children were seriously injured by the perpetrator in part, two non-surviving. His last victim, a 11-year-old boy, separated the murderer's head off and put it, after he had his eyes removed and mutilated the face, with a claim of responsibility in the mouth in front of the local school. The claim of responsibility, as well as letters to the press were pretty cryptic, well formulated and scary as profoundly evil in content. The Besonderheit an der Tat: The murderer was just 14 Years old (a very detailed description of the incident there here in Japanese and here, although much shorter, in English).

The day before yesterday there was another murder, who let me think immediately back to the article. In Sasebo, bei Nagasaki, murdered a 15-year-old middle school student her classmate and severed the corpse afterwards in her own room the head and the left hand from. As they practice in a relevant forum (the infamous 2-Channel) portrayed and the classmate was missing, led the track the next morning offender. The regretted in a first interview with the police probably nothing, and gave to, 've always wanted to do something. Probably no coincidence at this event, the fact, that prior to in that Sasebo 10 Years, i.e. 2004, a 12-year-old student stabbed a classmate. In being old case was clearly, that the two went to the same class and same passions shared. The mother of the perpetrator died a year ago from cancer, and the father married shortly afterwards another woman.

For these cases, of course you can not draw any major conclusions, but these cases are of course frightening – especially since they were indeed committed by children, which can not be charged with murder. Even the Kobe Killer is rehabilitated at large and allegedly almost completely for years. Since he was a minor at the material time, may not be disclosed his real name. But the fact that people are afraid, he could now live in the immediate vicinity, is understandable: And so, Google, if after the incident above (official designation: “Kōbe series Kindermord-Vorfall”) investigated, immediately as a search term to help “true name” an: You will not find the course, but it is clear that many people are looking for this same information.

Whether a child, that such an act has committed, each one “normal” Man, what might be always the, can be, I do not dare to judge Hindes. As a man, I say yes, as a father of two children probably rather no…


“Spice” or “How quickly reacts the Legislature?”

July 23rd, 2014 | Tagged | 4 Comments | 6679 reads

Warnung: 'Lass Dich vom Begriff Legal nicht täuschen!'.

Warning: 'Do not be deceived by the term Legal!’. Those:

For several weeks, the Japanese press shoots at a supposedly biological, but studies show that probably more synthetic drug called Spice a. This is in Japan for a couple a few years increasingly popular, but does not mean becoming an increasingly popular, that millions of people on “fly”. Spice is the way this country under the bumpy name 脱法ハーブ dappō haabu known – literally “Law – flee – Herbs”, or. Gras, that the law bypasses. The Spice dealers is the name of course unpleasant – it is preferred the term Legal herbs – gōhō haabu, literally “legal Gras”.

Developments of this kind are interesting to watch, especially in Japan. Finally, make the law and public opinion here already marijuana on a par with heroin, Cocaine and Co. Drugs are drugs in Japan and all of them absolutely refuse as such (enormous amounts of alcohol and nicotine, however, are perfectly fine – of course you have to set priorities and draw clear boundaries). But the Legislature in Japan, to say the least, relatively sluggish, and so it lasts quite a while, to the legislature the voice of the people (better, there Stimme der Presse) follows and is. That was one day already with the magic mushrooms so – already 1993 banned in Germany; but were in Japan, amazingly, to 2002 Völlig legal. In Germany the trade in Spice was 2009 prohibited – in Japan, it will last until the ban probably still a bit. However, should accidents such as the increase in the past week, at which a stationary under Spice motorists on a busy street lost control of his car, killed a passer-by and 6 some seriously injured, must be the policy faster than usual to respond. Until then, various spice vending machine or online retailers such as this here still trying, To cash.

Since Spice but already with the name “De France” – escape the law – a smelling of illegality name got missed, is the drug (or non-drug, just as you would consider) anyway not get far in Japan. Since it remains rather then the alcohol.


Chauvinismus not utnah

June 24th, 2014 | Tagged , | 16 Comments | 9055 reads

That was strong stuff, of the 18. June was offered at the Assembly of Deputies of Tokyo. Those with 35 Years a) amazing young and b) Surprisingly, not male MPs Shiomura appellierte an expedient the Meetings, something to combat the continuing for many years, worrying to do low birth – for example through the promotion of activities for mothers and children as well as aid for couples, which can not readily testify children. In Japan, the – not surprising – a downfield: There were heckling as “You should soon bear children” or “If you do not marry more quickly?”. Laughter followed. The MPs still finished her speech nimble, but you could see your, that the spells they have pretty much taken.

This all may perhaps even go, when the heckler would reveal themselves later, but that is what happened, of course, not. It pinpointed the culprit while in the Group of the ruling Liberal Democrats, but the fraction held tight and even tried yet, to point the blame from himself and to assert, that could have come from a different group.

The pressure was ultimately too big. The scene took place abroad compliance (see for example here), and at soon found themselves on 70’000 People, who demanded, investigate the incident. Today, Suzuki is now joined by the Liberal Democrats before and apologized publicly(keitswirksam) bei Shiomura. The was, justifiably, that the excuse I'm a little late.

Chauvinism in Japan is a, now so, interesting matter. Because: Chauvinist sayings or the Blonde jokes-like Clown to insult women can be heard in Japan hardly. This may be because, that you tell no jokes in Japan. In Japan, the chauvinism, I have certainly often the impression, boshafter, he sits deep, rooted deep in society, has the right of the female half of clear expectations: Learn as much as, good education – to find an attractive spouse, To father children and then on around the house, To look after children and husband. And – I do not write for the first time – the Company has the working environment in Japan formed so, I like to submit due to the many adversities the female sex against quite a few Japanese women this scheme.


But currently surging an interesting discussion in Japan. In the devastating low birth rate and the progressive aging of the population, Japan will it no longer can afford perhaps too long, just so to half their population to abandon the labor market. And that suggests itself more and more: Of course, the following observation is very subjective, but I think so, more and to see more women, who work in appointed, which actually are traditionally male-dominated: On construction sites, als Bus- and taxi drivers, Parcel delivery, Train drivers etc. Needless to note, that women are inferior to men in doing nothing. And cold comfort remains the Japanese women ultimately: At home have clearly they wear the pants.

Anbei noch – actually that was really long time tradition on this blog – the Word of the Day: Wild timesSpice – the interruption or. the heckler.


In order to raise a child…

June 10th, 2014 | Tagged | 8 Comments | 13618 reads

…it takes a whole village. So anyway, is an African proverb, that now also in Germany is familiar. And I think the saying in the form in order. Sure, it is the responsibility of parents, the child set the moral compass. But children should best grow up in a society, in the society in education plays a role. A positive course. But how do I get on this spiritual outpouring?

On Saturday we did with the kids on the train to a town very close to. The train was relatively full – Seats no longer existed. My youngest, 3 Years and proud 16 kg, So called from my only three times heavier woman, to be taken standing in the train on the arm. He usually asks, I'm going, me. But he was tired, and the permanent rain is probably gone to him already on the mind. Now I'm actually not overly cautious, but I think it is still not a good idea, if my wife has to keep the chunks into a swaying train on the arm. A slightly faster curve, a careless passenger, a short braking – and already flying 16 Kilograms by the train. Not a pretty thought. But as I 5 times more weigh (and have a little more power), I offer him a compromise: Come over here, I carry you. As I said,, normally this is no problem or son of man in the train even preferred, because then he can hold on to the strap itself.

On Saturday, however, it was all a bit different. Wall Mama Es musste. Full necessarily. No Other. And because we only 3 Are years old and have a thick skull, the mine in nothing stands, we raise our beautiful in the whole thing purely. Well. So we have two thick skull in a relatively full train: One wants to, and the other wants to avoid exactly. Otherwise we create yes perhaps even a precedent.

What do Japanese in this case? They yield. Why? Thus the child is silent and does not draw attention to themselves. What makes a stubborn, German father? He tries his son, explain, why the, what he wants to do just, not a good idea. What naturally degenerates when Dick head in Heulkrämpfe (the real tears come naturally when exiting: Comin '! Potato! Potato!? Paaapaaaaa!!!!). In addition to crying son and in a hushed voice in German on the child being certain ligands father so is the Japanese Mama: Piqued light pale around the nose and clearly. “Is it good now! Eggs, I'll carry you!”. Counterproductive. Absolutely counterproductive. I know the solution: I go alone into the next compartment with son. Since he no longer sees mom and can be distracted very quickly and is so quiet.

Too late. A mother with daughter, that is approximately 12 Years old and has Down syndrome, provides mother and son screeching their seat on and can not even convince, that it was not necessary. Man beachte: Mother with a child with Down syndrome.

And the moral of the story ': The “Non-Attracting attention” and “Load-drop for non-” carries over in Japan on parenting. But I know my son: He will know to exploit the… Whether I him therefore, when he again makes a big fuss somewhere, let everything go through, because other people might possibly be piqued? Probably not. And I should note, that he, so we are just traveling as a couple, he is the funniest and artigste child of the world. But that should be the same everywhere on the planet.


Taste of Japan in 20 Years

June 7th, 2014 | Tagged | 2 Comments | 13441 reads

Too much currently happening. It showered since yesterday with rain, but that it may also – Finally, just the rainy season started. Softbank, recently the number. 1 in the Japanese mobile market, has a pioneering, new robot presented, the supposedly can respond to the emotional state of the other person. And that also leads already wonderfully on to the next topic – a potential target group of gefühlsduseligen robot. This refers to a headline in the online edition of the Japan Times from today: More than 250 Demenzkranke gilts in Japan as vermisst¹. The Japanese police figures published accordingly, that 2012 almost 10’000 Dementia were reported missing, and in the year 2013 more than 10’000, or good 700 People more than last year. Found two-thirds of the Applicable were missing while on the same day; one third, however, after 2 to 7 Meet. And: One-third were found by family members, the rest of the police. At 32 People it took over two years, until they were found. Paranoide Anmerkung: When people with dementia 2 Years may withdraw a search, how easy is it for criminals?

The numbers I think is alarming, because they are only a foretaste of, which adds to the Japanese society is rapidly aging,. Also, we have in recent years 3 Times with dementia “found” – twice in the neighborhood, why other people, which they already knew, they took over, and further away in a case somewhat, where we had to deliver to the police station, the woman got lost in the latter case, since they did not seem to originate from the area. This phenomenon might in any case in the next two, increase sharply three decades, and it will be anxious to see, how society and politics respond. After all, is important to remember, that there are many people with dementia, no immediate family members have more – and are therefore not reported missing.

¹ See here: More than 250 people with dementia missing in Japan


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