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Airbnb will go ahead in Japan

March 13th, 2017 | Tagged , , , | 2 Comments | 1109 reads

Jetzt völlig legal: Airbnb in Japan

Now, legally: Airbnb in Japan

Today the Japanese parliament has taken an interesting decision: Airbnb is therefore officially legal in Japan. However, not without limitations. On the one hand may Airbnb providers their apartments or houses to a maximum 180 rent days a year. And: We speak the local authorities the right to, to adopt its own restrictions. Whether the local authorities will make use of, remains to be seen.

The latest figures, visited in 2016 believe it or not 24 Million foreigners Japan (a record – and in Tokyo, it is clearly noticeable: it teems with foreign visitors!), and 3,7 Millions of visitors, i.e. 15%, used Airbnb. analysts estimate, that number in 2020 up to 35 could rise million. Here it is not clear, if so, the number of Airbnb users or the number of nights Airbnb is meant (I guess,,de,anatomy,,de, rather the latter).

Previously Airbnb was a somewhat risky business in Japan – not for the customers, but for providers – because it was not clear, whether this would be tolerated for Japan new business model. However, the restrictions are likely some providers embitter the joy. On the other hand there is the official approval at the right time: On the one hand increase the number of visitors for several years continuously. On the other hand in the coming years major events on, such as the Rugby World Cup 2019 and the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020.

Personally, I have so far never been used Airbnb. My father, for example, already – on his last tour to Okinawa. If the quality of Japanese hotels in the lower price range anyway so look at, is the proliferation of Airbnb anyway welcome. And necessary: Something is missing, particularly major events, often simply accommodation. Even near the airport Haneda, the yes has more international flights, lacks lodging, which every time is a nuisance, since many flights leave as early or arriving so late, that one is dependent on one night.

Airbnb's Japan side is the way here.


2 Responses to “Airbnb will go ahead in Japan”

  • HamuSumo says:

    End of the week it goes with friends to Osaka and we spend the night time in an apartment – thanks Airbnb.

    Especially when one is a group of more two persons, is Airbnb the jackpot, if can also find apartments in all are designed to accommodate. It is also priced a tremendous difference, whether one example. four two double rooms booked or an apartment together refers.

    I am happy anyway, that the Japanese government has created facts on the matter.

  • Oliver says:

    Ein schöner Beitrag! :)