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Teure Olympische Spiele | Mercedes-Raamen

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Even today there are again two messages at a time.

The first concerns the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020: The day before yesterday, at the 29. November 2016, came IOC members, the Tokyo-Committee of the Olympic Games, Representatives of the Japanese government and representatives of the city government of Tokyo in a hotel in town together, to discuss the state of affairs. The aims were inter alia to the ongoing debate about the outsourcing of some Wettkampftstätten by Tohoku and by the costs of the Games. And there was a declaration of bankruptcy. During the presentation on the Games in 2013 it was said, that all the fun approximately 734 Yen Milliarden, also rund 6 will cost billions Euro. At the meeting on Tuesday, but it was called now, that you will try, not more than 2 Yen Billionen, i.e. 16,5 Billion €, spending for the games, But the new Council mistress of Tokyo, Yuriko Koike, also brought already 25 Billion euros as a possible cost this week. One reason for the cost explosion was quickly found (not by Koike, mind you): The old estimate have just not yet costs for transport, safety etc. contain. Well.

The cost explosion will probably fall the proposal victim, to send the rowers in the hundreds of kilometers further north Miyagi Prefecture – to a facility in Naganuma Naganuma. It was argued, that this an invigorating effect on the earthquake- could have and tsunami disaster stricken region, and that the place is far away though, this should not be a problem thanks to the Shinkansens but, which is so far also correctly. So seen such false idea. However, it will be interesting, how the costs will continue to develop. Similarly, if someone reading these lines just had a déjà vu — right, the Summer Olympics 2012 in London were around 6 estimated billion euros, but ultimately cost almost 14 billion. That one riff in Tokyo for much less money, sounded from the outset rather unlikely.

The second message: As was known now, is Mercedes Benz in the coming days and weeks in his headquarters in Roppongi, Tokyo, Ramen Raamen sell. Stated aim is, to convince Japanese, that Mercedes is more than a luxury brand for well-heeled. And so the famous Chinese-Japanese noodle soup has chosen as touts, because Raamen is “people's Food”, So the quasi, what the Germans his curry- or other sausage. Two versions will be available: Lu riku (Land), with duck and mushrooms, and 海 Umi (More) on fish broth base. In the latter for variant then floats also Mochireis with the obligatory star burned. A bowl will cost probably 1,200 yen (10 Euro), a little more than usual for Raamen, but never prohibitively expensive.

Mercedes Benz-Ramen. Quelle: WithNews

Mercedes Benz-Ramen. Those: WithNews

A veritable marketing trick, firstly because there are countless Raamenfanatiker in Japan, which can be so lured into showrooms, and secondly, there are enough idiots like me, which write about the fingers to the bone. But since I myself ramen fan bin, was me worth a few lines.


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