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Inflammatory speeches and incitement – no problem in Japan

March 20th, 2013 | Tagged , | 10 Comments | 1435 reads

The Japanese newspaper Mainichi Shinbun reported yesterday in this article over an increasing in Japan – and serious phenomenon, the Anglo-Saxon as hate speech is called. So there was a demonstration in Tokyo in early February, Although only in the 100 People attended, But 100 People pointed and shouted slogans such as “Kills her!”, “Cockroaches!” or “Beat it out of Japan!”. SNCI – Foreigner. Allegedly was not among the participants to the usual rights, but more or less ordinary people, who had gathered on the Internet.

Now there is also and above all in Germany is constantly renewed under the old slogans movements, appearing in different circles, and in different ways – mention may be made, for example, because the Identitarian movement, Although the “Not not left to right” designated, But this self-assessment can be recorded only joke. In Germany, the U.S. and many other countries there are opportunities, punish at least the worst verbal gaffes of trailer – in the case of Germany by § 130 of the Criminal Code, which is the offense of sedition punishable.

These legal means, however, is missing in Japan. Some politicians and lawyers know the law – in Japanese it means 民众 扇动 罪 Minshu Sendo-zai (People-stir-crime), and there are probably votes, the call for the introduction of such a law in Japan (for example, the political scientist Kido, see here), but it is far from being so far. Will hot, anyone can stand up somewhere in Japan and fiery speeches about a particular people or a particular group (Religion, Origin, etc.) hold and in between an even “kills them all” interject – no problem, because that is not a criminal offense in Japan. Court can only be pursued, if one is special – for example, by about individual, identifiable individuals rants.

The only legal means in Japan seems to be the criminal offense of 名誉 毁损 罪 Meiyo Kiso-zai – Slander to be, But as mentioned above, this paragraph may be taken only, where a particular person is slandered. And so can bands like Scramble (see video below) Songs such impunity Kill ちょん – Koreans slit and sing the same song called comfort women as whores. Everything is permitted, everything legal in Japan. For the time being – But as soon as will probably change nothing. And the video below: Note the 1,452 Likes – at 1,263 Dislikes.


10 Responses to “Inflammatory speeches and incitement – no problem in Japan”

  • HamuSumo says:

    Ups, I am a sympathizer of the identitarian. :x But the left-right debate has in Germany anyway paranoid, if not already unhealthy, Accepted forms, what is quite well back to the defamation by the news and the SZ relation to the new party “Alternative for Germany” can see.

    Anyway, really dangerous are then above examples. This really borders on excessive nationalism addition.

    • Terry says:

      The Party “Alternative for Germany” can certainly be described as quite conservative or right-populist. This follows simply from the political “Left-right doctrine” (I just remembered no other name for it is a). This “right tricky” Classification can be found incidentally in the entire FRG Blätterwald.

      Back to Topic: need it because in Japan a law or is the Japanese legal system modeled on the Anglican. Through the us occupation I can imagine this quite. And there is a distinct case law, which is emerging through judgments to, to laws only inspired or. these embodied.

      • tabibito says:

        As far as I know, is the Japanese legal system fundamentally different knitted – compared to many other countries precedents play probably is not so important. The right is, so at least my impression, law in its interpretation schriftnah. And there is not even an approximately relevant offense in this case, should a lawsuit in this case will be rejected.
        But I may be wrong. But that run things differently,, You can recognize it, that probably in 99.8% all cases is found guilty in court, the defendant (I note times as a precaution Those, albeit in Japanese). This is mainly because, that courts consider the enforceability closely, before allowing a lawsuit. Only when the court itself is quite safe, that the accused is guilty, Negotiations.

        • Hans Ziller Mann says:

          > Only when the court itself is quite safe, that the accused
          > is guilty, Negotiations.

          There is also the part of the prosecutor eagerly hurried along with dubious interrogation techniques. The scandal surrounding Atsuko Murata's not so long ago.

          To provide a deeper insight into the Japanese legal system “Where is the Justice” and “Still seeking justice” von Hiromasa Ezoe, the main character of the Recruit affair.

      • HamuSumo says:

        Of course, the classification from the personal point of view depends. The Red Flag titled Steinbrück as “tight right”. Since I had been a little smile. As long as any name with “right” is meant in a negative, I have my doubts, whether this association is objectively suitable for AfD, because in the end does not argue with the AfD “We pay stupid, and to bleed” but with “Creates only suffering and poverty in Southern Europe”, which according to the current zeitgeist is more of a left issue.

        However, this classification itself does to my knowledge actually only the SZ and the news. Other media such as the World or the Handelsblatt convey more of a benevolent impression.

    • tabibito says:

      The fact that the “Right-left classification” smells of black and white thinking, is understandable.
      As regards the identitarian – I understand the basic idea, and may not be bad – but I can imagine only too well, consider that ultra-right movement as easily unterwanderbare alternative to conventional parties like NPD.
      Ultimately, the identitarian will have to be defined by their actions. And because I just feel uneasy times.

      • HamuSumo says:

        As I reported at the identitarian, I had to explain I first, Why I want to join because. Quasi submit a letter of motivation. The guys and gals know, that all goes to naught, when neo-Nazis use the faction for itself. On the other hand, you fear cloaked members of Antifa or similar groupings.

        Man moves on thin ice, but nothing to do for most probably worse.

  • Yann says:

    I'm glad, that has already been developed in Japan in such a short time, an anti-anti-Korean movement:

    • tabibito says:

      A movement I would call it not the same, but it's amazing, that there quite a few people have shown courage.
      The majority of Japanese who knows, nothing about the Zaitokukai or similar knit groups – or does not want to know about.