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New (old) Party: The Greens are there!

July 31st, 2012 | Tagged | 9 Comments | 896 reads

Midori-no-tō tanjo - The Greens are there!

At the 28. July is now happening so: The 緑の党 midori-no-tō (literally: Green Party) has been formed in Japan. In part this arose from a group called The Future of Green – midori no mirai (Green future), a political organization, which 2008 formed, previously recorded but was not a single electoral success. That should change now, because you want the upper house election next year 5 to 8 Candidates set up.

Baerbel Hoehn was there at the founding meeting – almost as an aid worker, to assist the shy Japanese people in the fight against all the other evil parties. The ARD was talk of the beginning of a “Citizens' Movement, as previously would not have been possible”. In general it seems like the moment back in the media the image of the Japanese impaired, of his government treudoof until death follows, to seek, and interest in the tender green shoots, which begins to sprout as, is of course very happy to celebrate in Germany. Why only? The whole seems to have strange. After the quake, the Germans were the first, The fleeing the country or left Tokyo (Message, Lufthansa, THW, Journalists, etc.). At the same time you painted mainly in Germany, the worst nightmare scenarios: Japan, and even Siberia is actually lost, and determines everything comes to Europe.

So now they are all back. The Reporter, a further demonstration on Sunday Thousands of Japanese demonstrated against nuclear power entitle. And Green politicians, to provide aid. What would happen, when a South Korean politician with the formation of a new German party is wise sayings of the? Do not know, But the media coverage would be interesting.

However – it helps the cause, Why not. All the demos are admittedly quite nice, but the movement needs a voice, which may materialize with little luck in the parliaments. As some political parties apart literally crumble the moment, This is probably a good time. I just hope, that the new party does not promptly of Riders of the old variety infiltrated and abused, and is then worn in the usual hacks in Parliament. Whether it is as solid backup from abroad, however, advantageous, will show. Especially when it comes to politics, most Japanese strongly deprecate any interference from outside (that is, of course, to some extent understandable), and the Pan German (!) “Nuclear power? No Thanks!”-Flags at demonstrations is probably conjure up many a ripple upon the forehead.

Here is the link to (preliminary) Website of the Japanese green:


9 Responses to “New (old) Party: The Greens are there!”

  • Framework says:

    Ms. Hohn, however, was invited by the Midori no tô – after the politicians of the previous parties had already visited Germany several times to speak German Green Party politicians. Quite so simple surely that is not.

    What is certainly true that the German media (and not only to) Japan issues are often overwhelmed. There are the English – led by the US-American – informed a lot. But that's just a reflection of bilateral relations, Germany and Japan have now once not so terribly much to do as the USA and Japan together.

    Here in Germany then you have the necessary bloggers step into the breach. See also my contribution to the Japanese countryside >>

    To “hasty exit” I can speak for the THW at least:

    I have worked with various rescue- and organizations including the International Red Cross spoken. Both the ICRC and the THW in Japan could not do anything there to Japan only help from these organizations must request – has u.a. legal background. THW can only blame that was hastily traveled to Japan without obtaining an OK here the local authorities. Result, you had to leave empty-handed. To what extent can or similar THW since fleeing. can assume is at least questionable.

    PS: The older gentlemen of the Japanese countryside can all be classified as conservative, they are fragments of the LDP. Since factions will play a more important position than almost factions within Japanese parties to be seen in which intra-party fights the grave Midori no tô may issue, wants and will.

    Just my 2 sen

  • Hans Ziller Mann says:

    The average informed voters confused the Green Party anyway with the House of Lords grouping “Midori no Kaze”. Anti-nuclear and anti-TPP are just no positions with which we today can still distinguish themselves particularly.

    > and interest in the tender green shoots, which begins to sprout as, is of course very happy to celebrate in Germany

    Not really, that was in the local media at best a marginal note.

  • Julia says:

    Well, when the Germans will probably stop, want to ever rise above the moral and Japanese know better?

    • Manticore says:

      Probably only if “the Germans” stop from “the Germans” to talk when they really mean individuals or the media.

      And no longer accept any comments that are representative in Internet forums ;).

      • Julia says:

        Unfortunately, there are far too many of these “Individuals”… And not just on the Internet, If you want to blame me. I need only mention to any person, I'm Japanese Studies, and off you go with Fukushiiima.

  • coolio says:

    Well, briefly looked into the choice program and have the sympathy was again smoky. A party that “the acceptance of membership negotiations in the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership” takes to its catalog, so that in the future rice, Fruits and vegetables can be sold at outrageous prices, is dissolved immediately.

  • Thuruk says:

    The HP is after all programmed clean, but the design miserable. ^ ^

  • Sasha says:

    Bärbel Höhn…in, then Ganbatte Nihon.