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Daylight saving time – Time animals

July 25th, 2012 | Tagged | 8 Comments | 1494 reads

Several years ago I had already written an article about a small time, what is so in the hallway in Japan in the summer / Autumn can find. For lack of material I've still no article about, what can be found inside the apartment as, written. Thank God, it must be said. My previous apartment (6 Years) was roach-free, until last summer in the home, for he was extremely hot, and we suddenly had two meetings of the… not necessarily pleasant way. The only, otherwise what we had in the apartment, were small black and white spider, it preferred, are jumping to move through the area.

When we moved two years ago, My wife was very skeptical, because in the three-storey building there is a pub on the ground floor, Food cooked in the one. And that usually means, that there are cockroaches. It is better or worse in most restaurants and pubs in Japan, ore right in Tokyo. I can sing songs like this. No, as a guest can see the course usually not, that would be even nicer.
Well, We live in the attic, So you would have the animals been driving a little sports, But they can all know. From a, two copies in the hallway we have also seen no. But in the last week but actually sat a thick, Fat, Twink, beautiful deep brown, on the wall above our fridge. My dear Lord Choral Society, as large, as was, would have not been able yet to our apartment, without first ringing! Where did the merely ago? Now, there is a suspicion: The day before a friend came to us, with a big bag full of souvenirs from Okinawa. Possibly because there were more souvenirs, as they thought. We do not know, But it's not matter. But in terms of size, it would have been able to agree, because the cockroaches are usually (not always) slightly smaller in Tokyo.

Slain with the newspaper, I did not want. On the one hand, because the refrigerator is almost as big as myself is bad and you rankommt. Also, I once had killed many years ago, a similarly sized specimen, and that was not nice. Actually, it was not slaying, because the critters are tough. Rather, it was a real beating, until they fell into the water tank of the toilet. And was flushed out by chance after weeks. No, beautiful was not the. So I took a large cardboard box lid. The friend of the sport seemed to have noticed from a few meters away, because he crumbled immediately behind the refrigerator.

But! One is ingenious in Japan. One of the greatest inventions since karaoke and sushi is “gokiburi hoihoi”. This is a cute little house with paper sticky floor. In the middle is stuck inside a porous packets of granules, that cockroaches are obviously very attractive. It smells like old onions, Shrimp and what I know everything. So the house quickly slid under the fridge – and behold, the animals we went two days later literally the glue (never seen the idea is not to be sure, a little older and probably Japanese – Finally, we started early birds on branches with glue). Brilliant, especially as no poison is in play (I know my children…). The whole then looks like, can be here admire (in addition to the AA battery comparison).

Argues against the theory, however, Okinawa, I took a good week before something else. First, I found my wife, Bathing in the hallway just aufkreischte. It was not a cry of joy, but had a different, uninvited guest to do: A ゲジ Geji (Spinning rotor). At first I thought it was nimble beast unwittingly for a ムカデ Mukade (Centipedes), But it was not for luck so. Mukaden are terribly fast, quite aggressive and highly toxic: A bite can with small children and sick and / or older people cause serious problems. Otherwise, a bite is very good, very painful. Thank God I do not, however, to report on their own experience. Not yet. Gays , So spinning rotor, are even toxic, but not so strong. They are also less aggressive. Even those lost Geji let himself caught quickly – and throw out the window. Why Geji argues against the theory of Okinawa? Because Geji and Mukade have in common a: You have enough to eat cockroaches.

Now, however, rest. No traces of cockroaches and no more Geji, But somebody will again bring what times of the park or playground home with. In the meantime, we need to stop with vile mosquitoes, in Japanese in a nutshell 蚊 ka, content. My one½-year-old son has since been developed into a very excellent exterminator Wizard. If he sees a fly on the ceiling or wall, he pulls immediately approached the nearest guardian and requires action. After the deed was done, he ran immediately to the parents or guardians number 2 and explains several minutes with his hands and interesting sounds, what was happening with the mosquito. Keep it up.


8 Responses to “Daylight saving time – Time animals”

  • Wiwikeen says:

    Thank you for that you do not have the cockroach directly involved as a picture in your article. I will carry me until tomorrow, if properly daylight to heart…

  • Konni says:

    Holy shit ***! Now that's a neat Kaventsmann! The slain would be likely to degenerate into a proper mess…

    Last year we had two “Visitor”, * this year * ToiToiToi not yet. This glue trap I did not know yet, But I'll get if needed.

    So far (even after the incident last year) We have strategically located in the apartment (mainly kitchen) This ブラック キャップ Giftkoeder (s. placed. I enjoy the thought, that this dies not only the individual animal, but are poisoned by the delayed effect, if necessary, any breed and other comrades, the (be toxic) Excretions of the specimen caught actually eating. That cockroaches all over the F *** ing eat their mates, it makes for a much simpler, not to feel compassion, when they go on it…

  • Terry says:

    Well, not bad, Mr. Specht! The variants from the dorm were not bad either, But against this – Respekt!

    I suspect, that our little man is suffering from a severe Entomophobie. That would be a fun become! The jumps already in the triangle, when a fly buzzes around the room. Perhaps wirds still. Or serve the neighbor's cat needs to protect ;-)

  • zoomingjapan says:

    This is one of the reasons, why am here for the summer in Japan is so hated!
    From your description you had her yet really quite lucky, but should be because, that you do not live in the country.
    I could tell stories …
    What is IN einere Japanese apartment is everything?
    Suzumebachi (der HORROR), Bats, Giant spiders, Frogs, etc.. …..
    Because cockroaches are harmless.

    Incidentally, we have almost every day on which work. Very annoying.

  • Felix says:

    wow… those critters I've never seen in Japan.. only the tail cutting at Okasan I once almost ran into a giant spider (Okasan has then chased with a broom :-). A further reason, To visit Japan in the fall or spring only!

  • Oh my goodness, I am glad it is here no such creepy-crawlies, otherwise I would have to mutate even for killer, What I did not at all like;) Not even a fly far and wide this summer, simply brilliant.

    Then, hopefully, no more unwelcome visitors crawling, one-Spinnnen, Cockroaches- and possibly also mosquito-free summer, I wish you:)

  • ProAtom says:

    This year I have seen not a single insect in my apartment except for the trembling spider.
    The dither spiders have entrenched themselves in strategic places. For me, only in the bathroom, where I aufhabe the window all day. No insect is more than up to the bathroom. Other spiders wrapped up no matter how big are the small short-hand trembling spider. Had even a single mosquito bite this summer. As long as that remains I leave because the, one sees them anyway, even if no one stands directly in the bath. Which may become due to fast back and forth gezittter invisible. Fun. But cockroaches I've honestly never seen in my life. That would be half a disaster here in Germany. 've Heard that not even nuclear weapons can not harm the little things…

  • Lena says:

    My son had the experience in a three storey building with pub, (Toshima-Ku) that at night the rats “Salsa” danced!!
    I once saw a rat on the power line to visit the opposite lying house.

    And, Cockroaches can survive nuclear attack!

    A rat- Free time for you and cockroaches.