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Report: Antiatomkraft-Demo in Tokyo

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Today, at the 17. June, I've just thrown my good intentions overboard: Actually, I had my self-imposed, not to be politically active in Japan - ie, I thought it was questionable as to, whether I have the right to, me to participate in demonstrations. Finally, I'm just a guest here. If a persistent host.

Demobeginn in Yoyogi: Everything beautiful colorful

But if I Herumgeeiere in terms of nuclear power here so see, I see myself forced to really, my principles to jettison. After all, my wife had our son, then 1-month and 4-year-old daughter at that time because of the ultimate home-made disaster of Fukushima a hurry to leave town. And now it is the policy, convince the people, that it should fire up the more nuclear power plants again, otherwise the lights go out. Only 16 Months after Fukushima. You just learn not to, and instead of looking for alternatives, wants to continue as before.
Today (a holiday) found for this reason the 10万人 集会 jūmannin shūkai – 100’000-People meeting instead of. They gathered at noon in the large Yoyogi Park in the center. Famous musicians (For example, Ryuichi Sakamoto) and writers (For example, Nobel Prize Kenzaburo Oe) There were, and at the end of the demonstrators marched on three different routes through the city.
Participate in a Japanese demo is basically unremarkable and similar dangerous, like taking a 2-year-old the candy. Violence can be expected under any circumstances. No chaotic, no black block, No stick wielding policeman. While I was still But they make you a Exploding from the ear, but since it's only a matter of principle: Apparently the policy in Japan does not matter, what people think, But there must be even in Japan, a pain threshold for politicians. Located at the 100,000 Demonstrators? Apparently not. One million? Who knows. So go first. Even my Schwiegeeltern decided, to go (their first demo) and are specifically made a sign.
Actually, I wanted to go with his wife and children, but we had to cancel at short notice.

Sehr clever: Solution easy to stick umbrella!

Such crowds of around 35 Degrees and blazing sun comes in small children not so well. So it went off alone. Without a shield. The Ringer! In Yoyogi, more precisely, around Harajuku Station, all hell broke loose, because while there was the show “Disney on Ice” instead of. What a mixture. Hovered over the park 5 Press helicopters, and hundreds of police ensured order. Many participants had homemade signs while, other conveniently pasted their umbrellas with slogans. A young band played live on a trailer - very refreshing and very unjapanisch. Of course, because not all participants own pieces. A few political parties and organizations send out their people. All in all it was very colorful.
As the trial itself expired, was typical Japanese: Very, very ordered. Only a portion of the road is blocked, So the whole entourage moves into the length. In addition, the convoy also chopped up by long traffic signals, But somehow we meet again. The police presence is massive, but only, to maintain order and all in all, quite favorably. After an hour the train was already over.
Whether it does what? According to the organizers were 170’000 People there. According to police, 70’000. The true figure is somewhere in between are according to experience, But the chances are not bad according to, it's really more than 100’000 were. One can only hope, that the movement does not fade away, because the government will next week give permission for the upshift of another reactor. And that is worrying, for thus will you step by step to the back “Normality”. And that is anything but normal.

We have also attached a short video – most frequently heard the following phrases:

再 稼 働 撤回 Saikadō Tekkai – Take back the re-opening
脱 原 発 Datsu-Genpatsu – Get out of nuclear power!
原 発 反 対 Genpatsu Hantai – Against nuclear power!