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Zairyū-Card (Residence Card) today introduced: Consequences

July 10th, 2012 | Tagged | 15 Comments | 3084 reads

Rumor also available with less lipstick: Neue Residence Card (Those: Sankei Biz )

Three years ago, I had already announced on this blog (New Immigration Law adopted): The old 外国人登録証明書 Certificate of Alien Registration to the new 在留 カード Zairū kaado – “resident card” be replaced. The kick fell to today. This applies to all, do not enter with a tourist visa in Japan. Here, bullet points some facts about the new map:

  • The new card is more colorful
  • The new card has beautiful holograms
  • The new card has an RFID chip sexy, which can be read without direct contact to the map. But do not worry – According to authorities, everything is quite safe
  • You no longer need to go to the local town hall, to obtain the map or change. A walk to the nearest immigration office ranges. With luck, the only 30 km.
  • Man darf, then one meets certain requirements (housebroken, Sample student with a high content etc.) 5 Years instead of a maximum 3 Years remain
  • Man darf, under certain conditions, but for now remain secret, even leave the country without re-entry permit and re-enter.
  • You must be registered in the register of the residential home town. Can. Can. Should.
  • I know almost as illegal im ist Land, one can get a map and is thus freed from the onerous health care. More precisely, it is exempt from all social services.

In earnest: While the government celebrates the new system, because it will all be much better. At the very least be given so that more foreigners in Japan for Japanese rights selbstredende. I've written rights? No, my duties. Because now Foreigners are also included in the normal population register, For example, the procedure moves on to another city complex. But at least it is included in the census. So far there have been strange rules: In Japanese households have at least one person be designated as head of household. In mixed marriages, this could never be the foreign partner – either had to be the head of the Japanese partner, or both. This is quite strange: In my case, I rented the apartment though and am also the one, pays the taxes and everything else, But I can not just be the head of household. Whether this is so important, is another matter, But for various procedures that may well be a disadvantage. Bis Mon ins local Subscribing Registry (Resident registry network – Juki just) is taken, but will probably still pass even a year.

The abolition of Re-entry Permit – Re-entry Permit (Re-entry permit) is commendable, But there may be some conditions. Must re-entry within one year be. And it is probably still another if and but. This re-entry permit was always a mystery to me: Although I have a permanent residence permit (in Japanese, the word more clearly: 永 住 権 Eijūken – “live-forever-right”), but the “forever” would end if and, without that if I leave the license. Way they would, and I would have to start back again (with some bad luck on prison). I can only recommend all foreigners living in Japan at the moment, quite accurately to ask about the situation with the re-entry permit, otherwise there may be surprises in the re-entry.

The introduction of the card is aimed in large part from the illegals in the country. Illegal – These are mostly people, who came to Japan at some point, their visas and were covered. This went so far been relatively easy, because even “Illegal” could get into town halls their Alien Registration Card, as the town halls were apparently not with the Justice Department in connection. Only with such a card could take medical care to the victims and claim their children to school and so on and so forth. With the abolition of the old card expires all: A new card can “Illegal” not receive, and so these people are cut off from all social care.

Incidentally, the old cards are still up 2015 valid - unless, they can differ, changes his residence or represents something stupid, but again: Better check with the authorities. Japan is not fun to sew with Visa- and reporting violations.

Provides information to the MoJ - more - official (Ministry of Justice): To all foreign nationals residing in Japan Beginning on Monday, July 9, 2012, Start of a new residency management system!


15 Responses to “Zairyū-Card (Residence Card) today introduced: Consequences”

  • Terry says:

    “without permission to leave” – do you mean, As a foreigner must obtain a permit, to leave the country? In, the nominal’ I monitor some!

    • Hans Ziller Mann says:

      This has to do with fleecing imho less supervision than. Once re-entry costs(and) 3000 Yen, a repeated Permit 5000.

  • BigAl says:

    I'm completely blown away by the royal successful design. So when the time is not ultra modern prior to the card. The choice of fonts and font sizes. So the thing is probably the same eye test when renewing driver's license ;D

    • coolio says:

      In, I do not see it now so the big difference:
      5 Font sizes and 4 different fonts on the German identity card are there any better. After all, there are persons in the German (although small) enough space for even the most exotic name. Well, must probably be so….

  • Klaus says:

    Ebbes – There is first an exit permit. Say, If I do not have this, I could (essentially) Japan is not out! I am therefore a “Lag”???

    Well, and the financial aspect for the authorities is indeed nothing to sneeze at.

    If that is discarded (no ifs and buts), that would be quite a relief!!

  • Henry says:

    Mid-August, the venture will test. I'll be in touch when they leave me no longer on the island and I eke my life in the terminal without re-entry permit…

    • Henry says:

      I'm back DAHA… Off and and re-entry with the old until 2015 glueltigen Auslaenderkarte and PR visa, no problem! When leaving [EMBARKATION CARD FOR REENTRANT] ausgefuehlt, is a Dopelkarte you get before passport control. The other haelft [DISEMBARKATION CARD FOR REEENTRNT], you need for RE-ENTRY. Must then be filled with Wiedereireise. Flight Ticket, Submit Auslaenderkarte and passport, you get for a Wish List. Where again it says I applies the new law up to one year after leaving again entries can. Double the card or made out part [EMBARKATION CARD FOR REENTRANT] gets the nice Gernzerin and not part of or made out [DISEMBARKATION CARD FOR REEENTRNT] tackert it in the pass. Attention [DISEMBARKATION CARD FOR REEENTRNT] shall ye not verleihren because the numbers are identical to hot map [DISEMBARKATION CARD FOR REEENTRNT] goes away again to start with your visa ;-). Conclusion: Is it a super purported to improve at RE-ENTERY with PR Visa biste faster than the Japanese left hand and three times faster than the tourism right hand, So a flash RE ENTERY if you will. :-)

  • I also think it's extremely stupid, I request that this re-entry stamp each year must.

    Above all, it bothers me that I need to take a vacation day ALL, I did anyway because so many vacation days and also love to ride 3 Hours through the city and introduce myself 5 Hours a day for a stupid stamp, it does not take away my visa when I get some from the country..

    • Henry says:

      @ Weltentdeckerfroch >>that this re-entry stamp must apply each year.<< Which was not as it was the three year old re-entry permission [RE-ENTRY PERMIT TO JAPAN] I myself had 15.Jun.2009 From Until 15.Jun.2012. But even now is not important anymore. Under the new state of affairs for re-entry…

    • zoomingjapan says:

      To kannst (or. could) yes you also a multiple re-entry permit (wat ‘n Wort!) get. Whether a one-year visa, but makes sense, is the question.
      I have one for my 3-fold more concerned Jahres.Visum, 'm in time but so far only 1 Time in the home back.

      And if it comforts you – we must every now and then because all of! :(

      If the change should now really, would be really great!

  • Saitama Lilie says:

    I can only agree, with the Visa – Check at the airport is no joke. I was once taken behind de scenes – and 2 year-old son – as a formality was not right. As the curtain fell, but quite what the otherwise great picture great service in terms. Scary and unfriendly. So nah am ” Jail ” I've been jeh. Ultimately, we were then allowed to pass through dozens of phone calls, but after. I would not like to go through again.

  • Felix says:

    Elisabeth Turner??? Japanese must really fan of Pirates of the Caribbean have :-)

  • zoomingjapan says:

    I'm in front of about. 2 Years before bought multiple re-entry permits, so mine is relatively unimportant. Yes that should still continue to be gülitg.
    Now that you can even get a 5-year visas, I think good. Right now I have a 3-year.

    Well, As with all changes remains to be seen first, whether the whole thing was not a shot in the oven.

    Thanks for the list of all important information!

  • Yuura says:

    I am also grateful for the detailed information.
    I had it somewhere on a “official” page found, I was not sure, whether they have now introduced really.
    yeah… bureaucracy is nich easy, but that is not in dtland.
    where they now want these cards provided with health insurance funds, and so bildchen.
    and our perso(?) yes they had also to be provided prior to the chip.
    But here it is probably due to the large gaps in security still not there.
    and the new ec-card system…

  • Mrs. Anonymous says:

    Since I have my PR (12J) I am householder and it will continue to be, and my husband is Japanese!