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So a bit of luxury…

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Prices in Shibuya Mov

This afternoon we went to Shibuya to a business meeting. Or to transfer a big check to a charity, the orphanages in the disaster area, among other things operates. I was not alone – The check was the result of cooperation of some major textbook publishers. That are normally in competition with each other properly, But to this end, tearing all together nicely. But I digress. A meeting (there were two) found in the brand spanking new Hikarie place - an interesting building near the station at Shibuya, only at the 1. June was opened to house art and commerce. As befits Japan, everything is set up more or less tasteful, and the miserably slow elevators aside, the building is very modern and well thought out.
In the 8. Floor houses the Hikarie the Creative Lounge Mov – that is, according to his own statement “a member system office/lounge designed to encourage those chance encounters between diverse minds” blabla. In other words,: There you can organize business meetings, one has no office or the latter is simply not presentable. Should occur – vor allem in Japan.
A look at the brochure made me wince, but then: Obviously, there is also little room, you can rent monthly - as Hotel spare so to speak. The medium-sized room is proud 3,83 m² (note the second digit after the decimal point!) gross – and costs 115,500 Yen, Also momentan rund 1,150 Euro. 1,150 Euro! For less than 4 Square meter! Well then go for it!
In considering how the times more accurately, this may be useful for some people but in fact: Calculated at one month is significantly cheaper than most hotels in the area, You can spend the night and not central. This can be done at the same site hit even business partners.

The prices for the meeting rooms are actually even more impressive: For a space, in the 12 People fit, you pay 84 Euro - for Stunde, mind you! This has positive effects may result: One wonders even more so, whether the next meeting is really important and good meetings should be finished after one hour – with results.