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The Ansch *** lurks everywhere

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Well, Marketing We had only recently, But one must still yet.

In my station to stand around all corners of vending machines: large and small, ancient and modern and medieval. The Star Trek Slot we had ever, But today is about the middle-aged. They're also pretty clunky and run under Windows XP. How do I know? Once the system seemed to have crashed. Normally, the screen shows any silly, grinning coffee cup, But that day was only the default interface of Windows XP, see. Unfortunately, I had no keyboard here…
The machine has it all, what you can imagine: cold and hot coffee, Maissuppe, Lemon-Ginger Shower, Cappuccino and what I know everything. In large pots. In small cups. You can set, how much sugar in your coffee is and how much coffee. Whether a lid on the cup, or should not. Whether one likes it rather lukewarm. All of this is image-rich on the screen illustrated. If you order a hot coffee, The procedure takes 45 Seconds (is counted down on a separate display). Meanwile a video, to show the, what is happening inside: Beans purely, grind, a powder of pure, nor a pure powder, hot water on it, whisk – beep, beep, beep! Ready! Für 150 Yen holds a hot one, Freshly ground and yet somehow after tasting drink instant coffee in the hands.

Strawberry milk with trace elements: Traces of strawberries!

For the little ones there is even “Ichigo milk”. Was, it falls short of the Japanese and / or French? Ichigo = Erdbeere. milk – with milk. Strawberry Milk. Really? You look closer. Aha, The drink is made with strawberries Amaou ®! Amaou ® invention is a diligent marketing experts and stands for Akai (red), MArui (about), Theokii (large) and Umai = yummy. To be on the safe side, is clearly still there: Amaou ® is a registered trademark, and who can forget the ®, will forever burn in hell or have the whole agricultural organization on the heels of Japan, yes! Amaou ®-Erdbeeren (weia, almost forgot the ®) come from Fukuoka, are red, look like normal strawberries taste and after, hold fast to you!, Strawberries! In the supermarket they cost as much as… exactly, Strawberries!
Want a closer look at the label on the machine and looked almost dropped the coffee: In the strawberry milk, because it is clearly, are 0.3% Fruit juice! ZERO-POINT-THREE percent! Since one has to put into the right stuff!
Of course, I immediately see the process in my mind's eye: The apprentice is mixed in a huge tub of water with a little milk (perhaps from Fukushima!?) together and then calls the chemist in his corner smoking: “Sorcerer, The last ingredient!”. And since he is already, with the pipette, drips and drops of drops of Amaou ® soup in the tub. Another quick E120 (Carmine, understanding of real Kermes scale insects ™,) to, and finished the strawberry milk for the little ones!
I would have preferred, when there “does not contain fruit juice” would have been. 0.3%. Those are staggering 3 Grams to a liter! I can hardly imagine, that producers Amaou ® name for only 0.3% allowed to use. Determines there is an extra fee for using the trademark flowing. But what the heck – who is so stupid and read the fine print!

And the moral of the story: The food industry is of course not in Japan without. Only one is still much less sensitized than in Germany - most people do not care, what really happened. And that's probably better that way…