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City Festival / Typhoon / Facebook

June 20th, 2012 | Tagged , | 8 Comments | 927 reads

At that age you probably slightly raises doubts whether all the clothes on board ....

Last weekend so once again the Sanja-Matsuri (Three Sacrificial) instead of: The local festival of the city of Urayasu, which takes place due to the high expenditure only once in four years (is the report from the last time it here). The Saturday was rained out completely, But on Sunday, the weather was. So quickly daughter packed in appropriate clothing festival, that they sometimes heavy Mikoshi 神 舆 can draw. The tradition, as such, I find beautiful, But look at me is (well as the manager comes in to me by) different each time: Front pull dozens of children in trouble with the rope shrine, and back braces are an old old man (mostly) against the direction of travel. Clear, so it is not too fast. But it looks weird every time: The children are abrackernden, and the rear brakeman.

As each time were approximately 100 Shrines carried simultaneously by different parts of the city. Will hot, something is going on everywhere, and that's the nice thing about this festival: It has a little neighborly, and the kids have their fun. This festival is not a tourist spectacle, it's just a tradition. A friend of my hand, an Englishman, made at the invitation of the (Gate)tour mit. For three days, from morning to evening, Shrine carry through the area, throw up, turn - in the intervals: Uninhibited flow of alcohol. He saw the day 3 very, very broken out. I once had the pleasure, however, this is a few years ago, and it was no picnic: Who is greater than the average, was the cry of carrying a small problem: Either one is upright and has the extremely heavy shrine virtually alone (the people around you see it breathe), or spend the day running with knees bent. One can choose.


For the first time since 2004 examined in June, in the middle of the rainy season, a typhoon Japan home. And he was serious, because it crosses almost the entire island (Honshū) from south to north. In Tokyo and other ortens put the typhoon number 4 traffic to paralyze large parts. After all,de: Tokyo, he met shortly after closing time. The ride home was exciting again according to: Driving my line yet!?. They drove. 30 Minutes after arrival was then concluded. Umbrella on the way home from the station? Absolutely pointless. But at least the rain was hot.


Insipid, So somehow when one picks a total of about 250 Facebook Likes together (for the blog itself, see top right) - And suddenly they are all gone! Nanu!? Where are the go now? Does this have to do with the botched IPO? Will I be penalized, because I did not buy any shares? Who knows, who knows. As a private person that is half as tragic, But at a company's website, the situation would look even more dramatic, for Facebook Likes are these days, whether you like it or not, become very important.


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  • protoss says:

    I would hate FB and other social networks are not abysmal, I'd liken so there's only here in the comment areas * like * ^^
    times still ne ask the way there to the fixed yet other images ? or something like ne hp for fixed?

    grus proti

  • tembridis says:

    Since I had just a little smile. I once had the pleasure to be part of all 500 円 at one such event the bottom of Kyushu. Ride, Yukata, Food and onsen included. Not to mention the free beer and 焼 酎, were to send me to the village elders.

    Yukata the way, I had sorely needed, to my clothes were soaking wet and my friends had failed to explain to me the importance of a change of clothes. So I went without anything underneath back to my apartment in yukata. Saying that already, a nice piece of clothing, what the Japanese have invented since.

  • zoomingjapan says:

    Here we were lucky in Kansai.
    Actually, the typhoon would hit us with full force (v.a. Kyoto). I was called and asked even from work, but today please stay at home. Not bad.
    In the end it was not so bad. The thing of course, then raged in Kanto! ^-^; ….

  • Thuruk says:

    Am also Facebook objectors, but for the traveler: *like* :-)

  • hamamama says:

    With the Facebook link what is wrong. First he asks for my FB login, then post the link 2 times http:// on my Facebook page. Is it perhaps because?
    I've now done manually times, might come back a couple “likes” to. Worth bout. :D

  • Perl says:

    like :-)
    without facebook

  • tabibito says:

    @ All
    Thank you thank you!!!

    The one with the credentials I could not confirm, 'm not sure, what was wrong. But a few things with the metadata were not in order. I have now directed all, should therefore be theoretically from now in order. Until the next reset…

  • Anne says:

    *Like* *Like*