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20120615-204652.jpgEvery morning I take the bike to the station, and every morning it's hard for me in the eye – just past the first intersection, on a perfectly straight road, over one kilometer long road: A small basket in front of a tree, directly to the curb. In Basket: A bouquet of fresh flowers. A dog made of ceramic. And an Ultraman character, from weathered. In front of the basket is a stone, and on the stone is an empty bottle of a popular children's drink.

Since 2005 I live in the area, and since 2005 I know the little altar. My wife has lived there for much longer, and says, which is always there. It does not take much imagination, to guess at the end. Here was a young child, Obviously a boy about six years old, totgefahren.

I found the many wooden crosses along the way Brandenburg avenues have always been very depressing. This little altar is even more depressing, and the fact, that even after decades, there are always fresh flowers, does not make the sight easier. With one look you know, which the boy was playing favorite, what he liked to drink and that the family had a dog. That life ended abruptly apparent. And the little memorial tells me every day, what is really important. Life.


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  • Typhox says:

    I go to school today, and look so on the other side of the road – all cameras and TV crews.

    What 's happening here, one…
    The guy who actually does not 30 Meters from the school / university prepared…

  • tabibito says:

    Those were also times news… will the “Wanted” Posters everywhere miss almost.

  • protoss says:

    makes the reading of the blog entry this time I find really sad, but it may not always be sunshine, unfortunately,, something is also to live it

  • Lisa says:

    My first thought was, that would have an altar in my living area a chance. Any idiot could have things stolen from it either destroyed or.
    How beautiful, that the residents of your district to deal with such respect with this form of grief (But no one here would be increased after the deeper meaning -.- )!
    Greetings from Germany, Lisa

  • S.Roth says:

    This post has really touched me :(

  • BigAl says:

    And, have indeed quite, but… I was always amazed at how ugly they seem altars but. Flowers with brown tape stuck to a lamppost, placed on an old chair, or as in your example, just in a Plastikfaltkiste…

  • Thuruk says:

    Think it's great when there's nothing stolen, is easily damaged or taken away as garbage. We must all be screwed. ^ ^

  • Framework says:

    Around the corner (Cologne Sülz) has also been around for years such a street shrine, mounted directly to a traffic light a very busy intersection. Contrary to expectations of the previous speakers but no one touches the – But perhaps it is only the Cologne it is a great city :)

    • Thuruk says:

      Perhaps even in shrines made more consideration. But in general we are at our property to the unattended and parked in a public space on ungesichterten, without hope of ever again seeing. ;-)

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  • Sasha says:

    Damn bitter, just as the father of a little boy. :-(