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So a bit of luxury…

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Prices in Shibuya Mov

This afternoon we went to Shibuya to a business meeting. Or to transfer a big check to a charity, the orphanages in the disaster area, among other things operates. I was not alone – The check was the result of cooperation of some major textbook publishers. That are normally in competition with each other properly, But to this end, tearing all together nicely. But I digress. A meeting (there were two) found in the brand spanking new Hikarie place - an interesting building near the station at Shibuya, only at the 1. June was opened to house art and commerce. As befits Japan, everything is set up more or less tasteful, and the miserably slow elevators aside, the building is very modern and well thought out.
In the 8. Floor houses the Hikarie the Creative Lounge Mov – that is, according to his own statement “a member system office/lounge designed to encourage those chance encounters between diverse minds” blabla. In other words,: There you can organize business meetings, one has no office or the latter is simply not presentable. Should occur – vor allem in Japan.
A look at the brochure made me wince, but then: Obviously, there is also little room, you can rent monthly - as Hotel spare so to speak. The medium-sized room is proud 3,83 m² (note the second digit after the decimal point!) gross – and costs 115,500 Yen, Also momentan rund 1,150 Euro. 1,150 Euro! For less than 4 Square meter! Well then go for it!
In considering how the times more accurately, this may be useful for some people but in fact: Calculated at one month is significantly cheaper than most hotels in the area, You can spend the night and not central. This can be done at the same site hit even business partners.

The prices for the meeting rooms are actually even more impressive: For a space, in the 12 People fit, you pay 84 Euro - for Stunde, mind you! This has positive effects may result: One wonders even more so, whether the next meeting is really important and good meetings should be finished after one hour – with results.


The Ansch *** lurks everywhere

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Well, Marketing We had only recently, But one must still yet.

In my station to stand around all corners of vending machines: large and small, ancient and modern and medieval. The Star Trek Slot we had ever, But today is about the middle-aged. They're also pretty clunky and run under Windows XP. How do I know? Once the system seemed to have crashed. Normally, the screen shows any silly, grinning coffee cup, But that day was only the default interface of Windows XP, see. Unfortunately, I had no keyboard here…
The machine has it all, what you can imagine: cold and hot coffee, Maissuppe, Lemon-Ginger Shower, Cappuccino and what I know everything. In large pots. In small cups. You can set, how much sugar in your coffee is and how much coffee. Whether a lid on the cup, or should not. Whether one likes it rather lukewarm. All of this is image-rich on the screen illustrated. If you order a hot coffee, The procedure takes 45 Seconds (is counted down on a separate display). Meanwile a video, to show the, what is happening inside: Beans purely, grind, a powder of pure, nor a pure powder, hot water on it, whisk – beep, beep, beep! Ready! Für 150 Yen holds a hot one, Freshly ground and yet somehow after tasting drink instant coffee in the hands.

Strawberry milk with trace elements: Traces of strawberries!

For the little ones there is even “Ichigo milk”. Was, it falls short of the Japanese and / or French? Ichigo = Erdbeere. milk – with milk. Strawberry Milk. Really? You look closer. Aha, The drink is made with strawberries Amaou ®! Amaou ® invention is a diligent marketing experts and stands for Akai (red), MArui (about), Theokii (large) and Umai = yummy. To be on the safe side, is clearly still there: Amaou ® is a registered trademark, and who can forget the ®, will forever burn in hell or have the whole agricultural organization on the heels of Japan, yes! Amaou ®-Erdbeeren (weia, almost forgot the ®) come from Fukuoka, are red, look like normal strawberries taste and after, hold fast to you!, Strawberries! In the supermarket they cost as much as… exactly, Strawberries!
Want a closer look at the label on the machine and looked almost dropped the coffee: In the strawberry milk, because it is clearly, are 0.3% Fruit juice! ZERO-POINT-THREE percent! Since one has to put into the right stuff!
Of course, I immediately see the process in my mind's eye: The apprentice is mixed in a huge tub of water with a little milk (perhaps from Fukushima!?) together and then calls the chemist in his corner smoking: “Sorcerer, The last ingredient!”. And since he is already, with the pipette, drips and drops of drops of Amaou ® soup in the tub. Another quick E120 (Carmine, understanding of real Kermes scale insects ™,) to, and finished the strawberry milk for the little ones!
I would have preferred, when there “does not contain fruit juice” would have been. 0.3%. Those are staggering 3 Grams to a liter! I can hardly imagine, that producers Amaou ® name for only 0.3% allowed to use. Determines there is an extra fee for using the trademark flowing. But what the heck – who is so stupid and read the fine print!

And the moral of the story: The food industry is of course not in Japan without. Only one is still much less sensitized than in Germany - most people do not care, what really happened. And that's probably better that way…


City Festival / Typhoon / Facebook

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At that age you probably slightly raises doubts whether all the clothes on board ....

Last weekend so once again the Sanja-Matsuri (Three Sacrificial) instead of: The local festival of the city of Urayasu, which takes place due to the high expenditure only once in four years (is the report from the last time it here). The Saturday was rained out completely, But on Sunday, the weather was. So quickly daughter packed in appropriate clothing festival, that they sometimes heavy Mikoshi 神 舆 can draw. The tradition, as such, I find beautiful, But look at me is (well as the manager comes in to me by) different each time: Front pull dozens of children in trouble with the rope shrine, and back braces are an old old man (mostly) against the direction of travel. Clear, so it is not too fast. But it looks weird every time: The children are abrackernden, and the rear brakeman.

As each time were approximately 100 Shrines carried simultaneously by different parts of the city. Will hot, something is going on everywhere, and that's the nice thing about this festival: It has a little neighborly, and the kids have their fun. This festival is not a tourist spectacle, it's just a tradition. A friend of my hand, an Englishman, made at the invitation of the (Gate)tour mit. For three days, from morning to evening, Shrine carry through the area, throw up, turn - in the intervals: Uninhibited flow of alcohol. He saw the day 3 very, very broken out. I once had the pleasure, however, this is a few years ago, and it was no picnic: Who is greater than the average, was the cry of carrying a small problem: Either one is upright and has the extremely heavy shrine virtually alone (the people around you see it breathe), or spend the day running with knees bent. One can choose.


For the first time since 2004 examined in June, in the middle of the rainy season, a typhoon Japan home. And he was serious, because it crosses almost the entire island (Honshū) from south to north. In Tokyo and other ortens put the typhoon number 4 traffic to paralyze large parts. After all,de: Tokyo, he met shortly after closing time. The ride home was exciting again according to: Driving my line yet!?. They drove. 30 Minutes after arrival was then concluded. Umbrella on the way home from the station? Absolutely pointless. But at least the rain was hot.


Insipid, So somehow when one picks a total of about 250 Facebook Likes together (for the blog itself, see top right) - And suddenly they are all gone! Nanu!? Where are the go now? Does this have to do with the botched IPO? Will I be penalized, because I did not buy any shares? Who knows, who knows. As a private person that is half as tragic, But at a company's website, the situation would look even more dramatic, for Facebook Likes are these days, whether you like it or not, become very important.



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20120615-204652.jpgEvery morning I take the bike to the station, and every morning it's hard for me in the eye – just past the first intersection, on a perfectly straight road, over one kilometer long road: A small basket in front of a tree, directly to the curb. In Basket: A bouquet of fresh flowers. A dog made of ceramic. And an Ultraman character, from weathered. In front of the basket is a stone, and on the stone is an empty bottle of a popular children's drink.

Since 2005 I live in the area, and since 2005 I know the little altar. My wife has lived there for much longer, and says, which is always there. It does not take much imagination, to guess at the end. Here was a young child, Obviously a boy about six years old, totgefahren.

I found the many wooden crosses along the way Brandenburg avenues have always been very depressing. This little altar is even more depressing, and the fact, that even after decades, there are always fresh flowers, does not make the sight easier. With one look you know, which the boy was playing favorite, what he liked to drink and that the family had a dog. That life ended abruptly apparent. And the little memorial tells me every day, what is really important. Life.


Finally officially confirmed: I'm mad!

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I always knew. But finally I got the official confirmation. And it was done so: Today I was moved again to the town hall, I had to give up some documents for the child benefit. As always, the service was just amazing. As soon as I entered the large office, jumped on a young employee, and ran to me. I explained my concerns, But it was not entirely sure, what to do. Jumped to an older employee and explained, to help me. Suddenly, she said: “You're ****** 's husband, right's?”. It was true. Rumor has it I had already heard, that a former neighbor (This is already more than ten years ago) sometimes helps out at City Hall. She explained to me shortly, what documents I need to fill in where and what I need and what is not. Then she quickly wrote a few lines on a blank piece of paper and asked me, to give the woman her. The note: “Love ******, I'm Mrs. XYZ and have now answered your request. But since they have a great husband!” There you are, I know it's! The list will be abolished, and each time, when my wife dares to say otherwise, I'll bring out the paper. Issued by the local town hall! Well, who has been!

Quite well for me was when the conversation is not. “I see very occasionally their wives in the supermarket so and so, and she said, that they all, are quite nice!” – “Hmmpfff…”. Or: “Her grandparents say, that they have two very sweet children” … “Well, i.e.…” I am beginning to think, this city (150,000 Population) is too small for me. Nearly all employees of the convenience store next to know me - in person or by two, three corners. The steak house knows me (or. us). In two, three bars know me (I though there is very, very rarely am – ehrlich!). Even on the train I'm not unobserved. Sometimes my wife gets husbands of her friends says it's still hot, what I did on the train. The world is small. And it is getting smaller. Man gut, I'm not paranoid!


Zombie attack

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Zombies on balcony

Actually it was a beautiful Sunday. The sun shone, it was warm. Until suddenly, something rumbled on the balcony. Something rattled, and then made strange, moaning noises. A cursory glance towards the window: Zombies! Also, two of them! My wife made it presence of mind, to get the camera and pull the trigger. What we did – the zombies did not scare. Only cryogenically treated fruit juices could eventually save us from the worst.