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If marketing people are running amok

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Markedly: Asahi Headquarters (Photo: Wikipedia, CC License)

A time, only once, I want at a meeting of the Marketingfuzzis アサヒビール株式会社 Asahi Breweries Ltd. while his. The people must not come with laughter in the bedroom! It begins at the headquarters of the company (bei Asakusa / Tokyo) an. Because someone had the grand proposal, the office tower to be designed so, he looks like a beer glass. This is quite reasonable. Someone else was still a much better proposal: Why do not you build a shed next to, and paid a super-expensive designer Star, namely, the Frenchman Philippe Starck, to add insult to the Hall? A golden piece of shit ...? Aber nicht doch, you can see it now, that this should be a golden flame! Is also clear, Beer – goldene Flammme ... hhmmm. A few bewildered Japanese (not to say almost all) say, for whatever reasons, still Building shit (uncoordinated biru – Crap-building) to. Philistines.

Something completely new: Fresh beer cans!

But that was just the prologue. The campaigns are, I like the times there will be fly on the wall. Has been running for some time now Sendo Jikkan 鮮度 実感 パック Pakku – “Feel the freshness”-Pack-Campaign. The core: Asahi promises, within three days of completion of the brewing process and deliver the cans to sell special packs. Special package = the standard silver aluminum cans in the perfectly ordinary Sixpack. Cans of beer? Deliver within three days? Gee, Men love marketing! Whether the dishwater in the form of canned 12 Is delivered hours or two weeks, should be quite groove. But no – you make of it a big circus, with infinitely many, annoying commercials and a Website, on the calendar and everything is great with PiPaPo published, when “the next fresh product” obtainable.
What are the must have thought it Marketingfuzzis? “Let's see, if we buy the crap, people!” – “In, but hi!”.

For the impatient gourmet alcohol: Box with extra-large opening

Today I saw the train Asahi's latest trick. Already the campaign name is divine: “Direct Shot”. Der Clou: The drinking opening in the can is larger than usual. And although the largest in the world! Joho! Should not even be on the can opening, that one is not drunk fast enough! And since the German people still stinging sports doses not found its way into Japanese popular culture, you have to give it another, and that cultured, can tackle! And one can imagine the next blockbuster sale already: Asahi's potion Strong Off (7%-owned, low-calorie beer) with extra-large box opening! How else can the man constantly overcrowded trains and countless overtime – and the women give the men – endure without permanent damage may? Asahi, Incidentally, the market leader in beer in Japan, assist you!

But wait – Marketingfuzzis have not won yet? After all, I am writing this just a long blog entry about the club! Now, not quite. I must note here once, I Asahi's most popular product, called Asahi Super Dry, did not appreciate. An absolutely terrible concoction. Asahi has repeatedly pointed out, how to enjoy the beer: Really cold, so with 0 Degree, with ice-cold glass. This in turn results in a sense quite, for normal beer-drinking temperature should taste really bad Asahi.