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Do not forget: Ringförmige Sonnenfinsternis in Tokyo am 21. More!

May 11th, 2012 | Tagged | 7 Comments | 1238 reads

Actually, I wanted to write even more, But better late than too late: At the 21. May it be in Tokyo, a complete (more specifically: ring-shaped) Eclipse give. The umbra moves past it and not close to Tokyo, but really just about it - see map below.
As the shadow comes from the southeast, it crosses almost all of Japan - the core hours are as follows:

Kagoshima: 7:22:10
Kōchi: 7:26:46
Osaka: 7:29:52
Nagoya: 7:31:35
Shizuoka: 7:32:13
Tōkyō: 7:34:33
Myth: 7:36:22

All times in the morning, understood. The annular eclipse will take it around your 5 Minutes, if you are in the center is. Incidentally, this eclipse crossed before, Hong Kong and Canton and is thus very, many people are seen. The good thing: Even if it should be clear, a total solar eclipse is noticeable. Also, at the 21. May not forget to get up early!

Path of solar eclipse on 21. More 2012

More information:
NASA (English)
Wikipedia (German)
Special page for darkness in Japanese

The word of the day: Eclipse (also: Eclipse) nisshoku – literally “Day – erode eat /”. Solar eclipse.


7 Responses to “Do not forget: Ringförmige Sonnenfinsternis in Tokyo am 21. More!”

  • In our solar eclipse here in Sydney it was raining terribly. My husband has taken time off and stood with an extra camera equipment on the mountain, but that was probably nothing. The darkness has already noticed it but, it looked really threatening at once, than the street lights went on. The clouds looked, as if the world was going to! Hopefully you have better luck!

  • zoomingjapan says:

    Ok, times in the same calendar marking. Thanks for the tip ;)

  • Reinhard says:

    That's pretty normal with the rain. The sun is gone, the air cools, Thus, the relative humidity to. If it was already clear before…

    1999 Lunch was in Berlin blue, clear sky, but during the eclipse, it was covered in a few moments. Still very nice to see.

    Tip: old CDs / DVDs are well suited as a screen. But always careful.

  • Klaus says:

    In, let's look at the determined.
    Above all, because one of our “Natural science teachers” made so much effort proved to all students and for our junior high school special “Vision device” has made. That was a lot of work for over 300 Copies. But still cheaper than buying them in the business!!

  • Terry says:

    Photos please!

  • Thuruk says:

    I have met so far are still very unspectacular, However, I could probably still do not observe total eclipse. Photos would be nice :-).

    Your sign of the day in the right column is very entertaining. While I can hardly Kanji, but by excluding and radicals often occurs very far. ^ ^ Did you write the code yourself?

  • tabibito says:

    Will do my best! Let's see… is intended ' ne challenge.

    @ Thuruk
    Yep, It-Yourself – from front to back. Glad, that you like it.