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Hurricanes devastate villages in Tokyo

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Looks kind of ominous: Sturmfront über Tokyo

And, it does not always have to be earthquake. It is also different: Today, more mature tornado devastated populated areas in the prefectures of Ibaraki and Tochigi. At least three tornadoes were counted – including in 真 冈 市 Moka-shi (-shi = city) about 100 km north of Tokyo and つくば 市 Tsukuba-shiabout 50 km north of Tokyo. Especially in Tsukuba were the devastating damage, as the tornado swept through a residential area directly. About 50 People were injured, some seriously, a 14-year-old was killed, when the storm his house along with concrete foundation (!) from the anchor broke and left a few meters next to fall backwards. Furthermore, there was hail damage and other prefectures in Hokkaido wide blackouts. A resident filmed the tornado up close, and one can only respect her pay for her courage. Well, actually, these were rather naive, because in their place I would have fled to safety:

Hurricanes arrived in Japan has always been before (in Germany – although in both countries rarely), but today's weather was unusually. A long, but narrow front rain swept across the country today, pushing just hours before the appearance of a strong storm in front of them. It looked like this from our point in the picture above right. The wall and the lightning on the horizon looked so impressive, I immediately tore daughter of scooters, she sat on my bike (between the handlebars and saddle, on the transverse rod – something you can see, interestingly, not at all in Japan) and cycled home. A little later flew with us only as the bikes through the area.

As so often, of course, is the calm and clear the air refreshing after the storm – it became evident this evening of brand new Tokyo Sky Tree in remarkable clarity (The tower is exactly 10 km away from us).

Tokyo Sky Tree at dusk

Here again, for the first time in ages the word of the day: 竜 巻 tatsumaki – Hurricane. Consists 竜 tatsu = “Drachen” (The old sign is still used frequently: Dragon) 巻く und maku = “drehen, swirl” together.