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If marketing people are running amok

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Markedly: Asahi Headquarters (Photo: Wikipedia, CC License)

A time, only once, I want at a meeting of the Marketingfuzzis アサヒビール株式会社 Asahi Breweries Ltd. while his. The people must not come with laughter in the bedroom! It begins at the headquarters of the company (bei Asakusa / Tokyo) an. Because someone had the grand proposal, the office tower to be designed so, he looks like a beer glass. This is quite reasonable. Someone else was still a much better proposal: Why do not you build a shed next to, and paid a super-expensive designer Star, namely, the Frenchman Philippe Starck, to add insult to the Hall? A golden piece of shit ...? Not at all, you can see it now, that this should be a golden flame! Is also clear, Beer – goldene Flammme ... hhmmm. A few bewildered Japanese (not to say almost all) say, for whatever reasons, still Building shit (uncoordinated biru – Crap-building) to. Philistines.

Something completely new: Fresh beer cans!

But that was just the prologue. The campaigns are, I like the times there will be fly on the wall. Has been running for some time now Sendo Jikkan 鮮度 実感 パック Pakku – “Feel the freshness”-Pack-Campaign. The core: Asahi promises, within three days of completion of the brewing process and deliver the cans to sell special packs. Special package = the standard silver aluminum cans in the perfectly ordinary Sixpack. Cans of beer? Deliver within three days? Gee, Men love marketing! Whether the dishwater in the form of canned 12 Is delivered hours or two weeks, should be quite groove. But no – you make of it a big circus, with infinitely many, annoying commercials and a Website, on the calendar and everything is great with PiPaPo published, when “the next fresh product” obtainable.
What are the must have thought it Marketingfuzzis? “Let's see, if we buy the crap, people!” – “In, but hi!”.

For the impatient gourmet alcohol: Box with extra-large opening

Today I saw the train Asahi's latest trick. Already the campaign name is divine: “Direct Shot”. Der Clou: The drinking opening in the can is larger than usual. And although the largest in the world! Joho! Should not even be on the can opening, that one is not drunk fast enough! And since the German people still stinging sports doses not found its way into Japanese popular culture, you have to give it another, and that cultured, can tackle! And one can imagine the next blockbuster sale already: Asahi's potion Strong Off (7%-owned, low-calorie beer) with extra-large box opening! How else can the man constantly overcrowded trains and countless overtime – and the women give the men – endure without permanent damage may? Asahi, Incidentally, the market leader in beer in Japan, assist you!

But wait – Marketingfuzzis have not won yet? After all, I am writing this just a long blog entry about the club! Now, not quite. I must note here once, I Asahi's most popular product, called Asahi Super Dry, did not appreciate. An absolutely terrible concoction. Asahi has repeatedly pointed out, how to enjoy the beer: Really cold, so with 0 Degree, with ice-cold glass. This in turn results in a sense quite, for normal beer-drinking temperature should taste really bad Asahi.


Stronger earthquake with its epicenter in Tokyo – probably without damage

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Earthquake to 1:39 morning 29. More 2012

The earth quaked just has strong – not as strong as for many weeks more. The center was apparently only a kilometer away from me, in Tokyo oder Westchiba. A first overview of the JMA intensity shows 4 Tokyo Center for, Yokohama, Kawasaki usw.

The quake was not strong enough, to inflict significant damage to (as long as the information is correct about the epicenter), but it was certainly strong enough, to shake up just about every (not really intended as a pun). In this sense,… good night!




Tokyo Sky Tree eröffnet Pforten

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Tokyo Sky Tree im September 2011

Yesterday, at the 22. More 2012, was the 634 Meter high Tokyo Sky Tree was officially inaugurated – Unfortunately, under very unfavorable conditions, because it was raining all day. This means, the lucky ones, The months in advance tickets for the viewing platforms on 350 and m 451 m did not catch, pretty much did nothing. After the opening of the Tokyo Gate Bridgethus, a second new landmark of Tokyo inaugurated within three months of well-. The baptism of fire emblem already had both the most severe earthquake 11. March 2011 were. Although both buildings were not finished yet, but if known, the constructions put away the earthquake problem.

Tokyo Sky Tree – this is not just the tower itself, but also a great, connected building complex called 東京スカイツリータウン Tokyo Sky Tree Town with a total of 230 000 m² of building space. There are housed a shopping center, a planetarium, and the Sumida-Aquarium すみだ 水族館. The latter is in a giant aquarium, underwater world of the Ogasawara(also: Bonin called)Islands to and should probably be quite impressive - a taste of the news section below provides. In addition to the complex is also still the same to another, new shopping center, called 東京ソラマチ Tokyo Solamachi.

From Tokyo Sky Tree promises to be an invigorating effect on the economy of the surrounding area, and that might arrive too, because numerous Japanese love the tower already. Of course, the tower also brought a few problems with it, but it can be heard – this is typical for Japan – little:

The tower construction site September 2009

– the environment is an old, traditional neighborhood (a typical,de Old town – shitamachi – Undercity, and the tower is roughly the area from the sleeping tear. That's right. Sure, the land prices to skyrocket (or. this will be done already) and displace many long term residents.

– Snow clumps, falling from the tower (600 m as provide for a proper speed) are a problem for the environment, especially strong winds often prevail here

– The tower is currently disturbs the still of the old Tokyo Tower outgoing radio waves, what are some areas in the north of Tokyo is already noticeable

Here are some trivia on Tokyo Sky Tree. Note especially the speed: From initial concept to full completion were not needed 10 Years, what a project this size is more than remarkable.

  1. The idea for the tower was built 2003
  2. The site was 10 Months later, and chosen more 5 Months later decided
  3. In March 2008 was clear plan of, In June, the MSRP (Environmental Impact Assessment) completed
  4. Construction began in December 2008
  5. The tower is lower triangular and round above
  6. The upper viewing platform on 451.2 m is the second highest in the world (more) – according to the World Financial Center in Shanghai
  7. Japanese people can remember easily, the amount, because 634 man kann Mu-sa-shi (Musashi) read (The old name of the area around Tokyo)
  8. The entrance to the lower platform 350 m costs 2,500 Yen (about 20 Euro)
  9. The entrance to the upper platform 450 m It is available again 1,000 Yen (8 Euro)
  10. For now, it comes up with pre-. By the end of July, the tower is already fully booked
  11. An enterprising Chinese has the name “Tokyo Sky Tree” copyright protection in China can, what was the problem for the shareholders: They subsequently had the Chinese name “Tokyo Sky Tree” (about: Tokyo Himmelsturm) in “Tokyo tower clear sky” (about: Tokyo descend clearance Heaven-Turm) modify - the same goes for the station name

Finished Tower - of exactly 10 km


Solar eclipse

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As already here announced, it was this morning at 7:30 a solar eclipse in Tokyo. No total, but a ring-shaped. If hot, It was not really dark, but the light was strangely diffuse. The weather was at least a little with. It was, at least with us, Although cloudy, But sometimes the sun came, or. the, what it was still visible, easily by.


Annular solar eclipse on 21. More 2012 in Tokyo

You have to say almost “well, that it was not cheerful” - A week ago I had seen only once eclipse glasses, never again: Everywhere they were sold out. If it had been completely overcast, I'd have to really annoy me, no glasses or bought earlier. order online to have…




Recently, in the refrigerator

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Thick as a forearm: Octopus tentacles

Thanks to family relationships recently came back a load of frozen foods in the house. Fishy. And I am always fascinated, how big are the differences between the supermarket seafood and seafood directly from producers: Most times things are simply much larger. Now I've seen it up some, But when I recently opened the fridge and looked at me a whole battery of more than thumb-suckers large, I was somewhat surprised: This octopus was damn thick and long Tektakel! Gee!

Where we are when it comes to food: Recently, I once came across an interesting list: Average calorie intake per day and country, created by the FAO. Not surprisingly, the United States are ranked 1 with 3'770 calories, followed by Austria (looking at!) with 3'760 calories. Germany (3,530 Calories) ranks 12 and Switzerland 3,420 Calories in place 21. As far as, so good. However, I was surprised by some Japanese: As far back, place 82 (2,810 Calories) I would not expect it. Jamaica, Iran, Mauritania – all forms Japan.

Well you could einfwerfen: They're all so thin, it is no wonder! For sure,de, But the same goes for Chinese (Rang 65). But anyone who knows the love of the Japanese to eat, is still – pleasant – surprised. Thank God can still hold their own: Japanese love eating. And the emphasis is on quality, not quantity. Of course there are exceptions.

, The list can be in Excel format from the FAO (Click here) Download.

The word of the day: Tako タコ. With characters (rarely): Octopus. The octopus. Please no with squid (イカ ika) confuse!


Do not forget: Ringförmige Sonnenfinsternis in Tokyo am 21. More!

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Actually, I wanted to write even more, But better late than too late: At the 21. May it be in Tokyo, a complete (more specifically: ring-shaped) Eclipse give. The umbra moves past it and not close to Tokyo, but really just about it - see map below.
As the shadow comes from the southeast, it crosses almost all of Japan - the core hours are as follows:

Kagoshima: 7:22:10
Kōchi: 7:26:46
Osaka: 7:29:52
Nagoya: 7:31:35
Shizuoka: 7:32:13
Tōkyō: 7:34:33
Myth: 7:36:22

All times in the morning, understood. The annular eclipse will take it around your 5 Minutes, if you are in the center is. Incidentally, this eclipse crossed before, Hong Kong and Canton and is thus very, many people are seen. The good thing: Even if it should be clear, a total solar eclipse is noticeable. Also, at the 21. May not forget to get up early!

Path of solar eclipse on 21. More 2012

More information:
NASA (English)
Wikipedia (German)
Special page for darkness in Japanese

The word of the day: Eclipse (also: Eclipse) nisshoku – literally “Day – erode eat /”. Solar eclipse.


Das andere Tokyo: Mitake

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Visit from their old home is always a good opportunity, To see things in Japan, it has not yet seen. Clear, you should first show places, you yourself already well known. Is the visit, however, for the fourth time to visit, You can open up something new like. For example, the pub in the house. For almost two years I have lived in my current apartment. Together with 10 other tenants (what a strange word) and a pub on the ground floor. In which I had hitherto been unable effectively. But only at the margins.

For two days it went to Tokyo. And I do not mean THE Tokyo, but the other. Is hardly known outside of Japan, that 2 to Tokyo, and subtropical islands and’000 Meter-high mountains are. In other words, many associate with either the Tokyo city center itself OR the entire metropolitan area, Tokyo, including portions of the neighboring Saitama Prefecture, Chiba, Kanagawa, Gunma, Tochigi und Yamanashi. The former is called colloquially the Area 23 (My nijūsan, the 23 -ku-mentioned districts) and officially The Tokyo Metropolitan Area (Tokyo Kubu), the latter 首都圏 Shutoken (Capital Region).

Funicular to Mitake-san

Administratively, there is no way Tokyo. Tokyo – this is actually 東京都 Tōkyō-to. The to-one reads miyako and that means “Capital”. Tokyo is one of the 47Province (TOdōfuken) – 47 Prefectures, and only allowed the Tokyo-to bear on behalf, although Osaka is currently trying, its suffix-TO-FU into a convert. The confusion around Tokyo and Tokyo-to, you can well see in Wikipedia: The page goes on about Tokyo Japanese actually only the name and the fact, when and how Tokyo is classified administratively. There are few links to articles about Tokyo in other languages – including the German main page about Tokyo (Status: Excellent article), But there is no link to the English articles. However you look at the wiki article on Tokyo to Japanese, there are countless languages – including the link to the prefecture of Tokyo in German and English on the link above Tokyo. Clean up on its own initiative because somebody would have to. When I have a lot of time ...

View from the funicular railway station to the village and to the shrine. Here, the cherry blossoms even in early May

Most visitors only see from the above Tokyo 23 -ku and Takao in the Southwest – that belongs to the city 八 王子 Hachioji. But there is still much more to see, and little by little I will even travel to describe this other Tokyo and. So for example 御 岳山 Mitake-san in the northwest of Tokyo to the city 青梅市 Ōme-shi (Literally: “Green Plum”). The journey has been interesting: From the skyscrapers in Shinjuku sea you go with a normal express train in the Chuo line for an hour to Ome. From there it just goes with the Ome Line 20 More minutes to the train station 御 岳 Mitake. The mountains are already beginning to Ome, Mitake and is already in the middle of the mountains on a steep river valley. From there, good 10 Minutes by bus to the funicular station. The former is almost 1 Kilometers long and, through 400 Meters back. And here – and so fast to get from Tokyo to the mountainous juggernaut, deposited over Tokyo 800 Meters. Here it is equal to times the average 7 Degrees colder than “below”.

What is to be up there? Upstairs there is a small village with very, very narrow streets, many hostels (Fortunately, these are all very small, mostly traditional Japanese inns and No huge). The streets and the only access road to the site are so closely, that only Kei-Cars (Easy cars) go up with the special approval must. Flashing lights on the roof seem to be required to be. This is of course very rare in Japan: A place, through which one can walk relatively relaxed, without lights and without the constant worry, lack of sidewalks and traffic safety awareness down to the nearest street corner to the winds to be.

Ehrlich, das ist in Tokyo! And not a museum, only one house!

Mitake is significant because of its shrines. “Mitake” literally means “revered mountain” and the name suggests, that this is a (mostly Shinto) important religious site is. In this case, this is the Musashi Mitake Shrine (Musashi-Mitake Shrine)on the top of 929 Meters high Mitake. The cornerstone was the legend, already 91 set BC, However, this information must be treated with caution. The entrance to the shrine is quite bombastic, mit massif Granittreppen, But the shrine itself is surprisingly small – and finely. Majestic Japanese cypress (hinoki – a Scheinzypressenart) surround the shrine, and are also quite common.

The Musashi-Mitake Shrine. Completely with no people!

From Mitake-san himself from numerous hiking trails go - they lead through dense forests on steep slopes along, with waterfalls here and there. There is also something for everyone here - walks for long walks in the woods up to, challenging routes, the lead in part to a few thousand in the area. In good weather there is the area of ​​even a really good view of Tokyo. This is of course nice day - but much more impressive at night. However, one must move in the winter to Miyake-san, Otherwise, the chances are relatively poor for a clear view.

Mitake-san at the waterfall

Conclusion: Takao is like a Pflichtabstecher from Tokyo, but who has left for another day or to live in Japan, which was a side trip to Miyake-san highly recommended. Incidentally, we stayed in a Japanese inn, called 能 保 利 Nobori. No sooner had we parked our luggage in the room, were the two small children (5 Years and 6? 7? Years). By reserving the children did seem to, I had a 5-year-old daughter with. The was only too happy to – and now raged with the two children of the operator through the entire house. The food there was also quite excellent. In traditional hostels in shrines and temples are mostly vegetarian food – here there were also fish (Brook trout - a rarity in Japan, da kein Meeresfisch) and mussels. Most of the estimated 15 to 20 Vegetarian delights, however, were, and invariably delicious.

The table is covered well - and that's not even half

So, that was about it. In the near future there will be an extra page in my Tokyo-Sektion give. Who more excursions in the western part of Tokyo prefecture has - just tell me!

Entertainment show with dinner: TV does not need to


Hurricanes devastate villages in Tokyo

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Looks kind of ominous: Sturmfront über Tokyo

And, it does not always have to be earthquake. It is also different: Today, more mature tornado devastated populated areas in the prefectures of Ibaraki and Tochigi. At least three tornadoes were counted – including in 真 冈 市 Moka-shi (-shi = city) about 100 km north of Tokyo and つくば 市 Tsukuba-shiabout 50 km north of Tokyo. Especially in Tsukuba were the devastating damage, as the tornado swept through a residential area directly. About 50 People were injured, some seriously, a 14-year-old was killed, when the storm his house along with concrete foundation (!) from the anchor broke and left a few meters next to fall backwards. Furthermore, there was hail damage and other prefectures in Hokkaido wide blackouts. A resident filmed the tornado up close, and one can only respect her pay for her courage. Well, actually, these were rather naive, because in their place I would have fled to safety:

Hurricanes arrived in Japan has always been before (in Germany – although in both countries rarely), but today's weather was unusually. A long, but narrow front rain swept across the country today, pushing just hours before the appearance of a strong storm in front of them. It looked like this from our point in the picture above right. The wall and the lightning on the horizon looked so impressive, I immediately tore daughter of scooters, she sat on my bike (between the handlebars and saddle, on the transverse rod – something you can see, interestingly, not at all in Japan) and cycled home. A little later flew with us only as the bikes through the area.

As so often, of course, is the calm and clear the air refreshing after the storm – it became evident this evening of brand new Tokyo Sky Tree in remarkable clarity (The tower is exactly 10 km away from us).

Tokyo Sky Tree at dusk

Here again, for the first time in ages the word of the day: 竜 巻 tatsumaki – Hurricane. Consists 竜 tatsu = “Drachen” (The old sign is still used frequently: Dragon) 巻く und maku = “turn, swirl” together.