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Things, just bugs: Senseless food and obscene language constructs

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I wanna... not see this anymore!

Lately depend on all trains this poster advertising Umeshu (who does not know it: Plum Wine) no alcohol. Advertising slogan: You wanna 酔わないウメッシュ (you wanna yowanai umesshu). “yowanai” is the negation of the form you, to German “get drunk”. Ergo: “You wanna not get drunk“. Wow! Which brush has been devised for this idiotic language construct? Literally nothing but fault it is – “You want to get drunk you do not”, but that is only because, that the construct can not translate perfectly. Sorry,en, but English and Japanese grammar simply do not fit together. A very loud 违 和 感! (iwakan = Discomfort) I. Even if one understands, What say the gentlemen and ladies as marketers want to.

And there you go. Of course, makes the thoroughly commercialized blogger scene in Japan to work. As would be Mr. Matsuoka, in turn, voice teacher at a university, which des Slogans annimmt in his “Today's English lesson”-Column – and the word monster pays even applause. For God's sake. On,de 2channel, the Online Forum, can make out where each beat of the sow, tears are of course the mouths, such as here or here. After all, remarkable because many, that the award is not somehow fit. Of course it is even more gemosert, what the customer is to be turned on because: Umeshu without alcohol. Ume = Plum, –shu = Alcohol. Alcohol-free brandy? Congratulation! Elsewhere it is called plum soda. Or ume soda for my sake in Japanese.

And here comes the recipe for a successful advertising campaign: It takes a couple of young, radiant women in their 20s. One of these must be famous for something (and I mean no piglets films). The women you attract pastel-colored dresses. They will then in a thoroughly pastel backdrop. Then sing the song woman a dull-witted and garnish with the twitching konvulsischen, newfangled dance thought. And the show is finished! And lo and behold: The stuff is selling like idiots. Had it sold as plum shower, well if nothing came of it.

Who wants to look at the recipe for success – if you please! I warned you (because the video could be gone again soon, here only as Link).

Anyway, the food industry here sucks (or. Consumers) lately about all the masses with off-drinks. It must be off now everything: Cocktails without alcohol, Beer without Allolllol, Beer with less Purine (then no Wikipedia is your friend chemist), Soda without calories, Jelly and other food with no calories. I do not want the benefits of soft drinks and calorie-reduced food in question so, But if I want to buy yogurt for the kids and there is NO SINGLE plain yogurt, but only calorie-reduced skim milk with sugar free stuff, I wonder, even where this goes. Similar thoughts I harbor, when I see mothers, their children after playing Coca Cola Light drink to give. And, wonderful. Too early to start!

So. This entry was sponsored by two beer, with all the bells and whistles in it! I will also say goodbye to this article in the Golden Week. No, it does not go away. But visitors from Germany, is announced by two lovely whiskey thieves, and there is not time to write much remains. In this sense I wish everyone in Japan because the a nice Golden Week!