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Notes from the North: Miyako

December 27th, 2011 | Tagged , | 6 Comments | 1189 reads

20111227-210720.jpgThis morning I drove by express train from Morioka to Miyako – Miyako is a small town on the Pacific coast of Iwate Prefecture and was in many other cities in the region on 11. March hit by the tsunami. And not only that – The quake itself was already the maximum on the Japanese intensity scale 7.

What I want here? Firstly, Iwate has long been on my list. And the landscape is famous for Miyako. The ruins are also largely cleared. And the area lives in part by tourism, So why avoid.

Of course I'm also an ex-geographer with a focus on urban planning, a certain interest, to see, what will happen to the city. I'm not the first time – 1998 I was with my professor in Kobe, to make the same.

20111227-215342.jpgNow, the debris are cleaned up, and is in the city has returned to a certain degree normality, even if the disaster still seems to be the number one topic of conversation. The foreign aid seems to really be very welcome – Today, I walked behind two old men, who talked about. The first woman said, “Ah, My son was also washed away, that was really bad. But all the foreign aid is really impressive. Just yesterday, all students in the class of my grandson with Chinese sporting goods donated dressed”.

Yesterday I was at the bar in my ryokan a long conversation with an employee. Eventually we came to talk to Fukushima (which in this region here bequeathed much less evidence). He noted this, that he knows the chief of the planning team of the Onagawa nuclear power plant. In memory: Onagawa is also near the sea, is much closer to the epicenter turn. Onagawa was also hit by the tsunami and earthquake, while it was in operation – However, there is hardly anything happens. Apparently, however, was the chief planner for the construction of nuclear power plants fired, because the costs were for the safety of the price too much driven up.

More later. Tomorrow we take the bus to Kamaishi, and from there inland to Tono, Home of the Kappa.


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