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2012 – a nightmare when it comes to holidays

November 24th, 2011 | Tagged , | 6 Comments | 1737 reads

The constellation, in the 2012 plays on Japanese workers, thank God there are only about every 30 Years. Unfortunately, there is next year so far. And then again only in 2040.

The Japanese holidays – There are two different types. The traditional holidays such as New Year's, as well as “artificial” Holidays such as the Day of the Sea, for example,. The latter are often not accurate to date, but a system such as “the third Monday in September”. Fortunately, we introduced in Japan several years ago but a clever scheme: If a holiday falls on a Sunday, the following Monday a public holiday. If the day falls on a Saturday, however,, one simply has bad luck. And as this 2012 four times the case is, you have to do it with just a bad year.

An overview of the holidays 2012 – gray stands for Holidays, the 2012 fall on a weekend:

1. January New Year's Day (gantan) New Year Sunday
2. January Substitute holiday (furikae kyūjitsu) Substitute holiday Monday
9. January Coming-of-Age Day (Seijin no hi) Day of adult Always on 2. Monday in January
11. February The date of the founding remember の (Kenkoku Kinen no hi) National Foundation Day Saturday
20. March Vernal Equinox の (shunbun no hi) Spring Day- and equinox Tuesday
29. April Showa Day (Shōwa no hi) Showa-Tag (prior Emperor) Sunday
30. April Substitute holiday (furikae kyūjitsu) Substitute holiday Monday
3. More Constitution Day (kempo kinenbi) Constitution Day Thursday
4. More Greenery Day (midori no hi) Greenery Day Friday
5. More Children's Day (kodomo no hi) Children's Day Saturday
16. July Marine Day (umi no hi) Day of the Sea Always on 3. Monday in July
17. September The respect for the elderly の (keirō no hi) Day of respect for old people Always on 3. Montag im September
22. September Autumnal Equinox の (shūbun no hi) Autumn Day- and equinox Saturday
8. October Sports の (taiiku no hi) Sports Day Always on 2. Monday in October
3. November The culture の (Bunka no hi) Day of culture Saturday
23. November Labor Thanksgiving Day (rōdō kansha no hi) Day of thanksgiving for the work Friday
23. December Emperor's Birthday (Tenno tanjōbi) Tennō Birthday Sunday
24. December Substitute holiday (furikae kyūjitsu) Substitute holiday Monday

In memory: And, There are many, some of them quite strange Holidays in Japan. The government wanted to force some years ago, that workers, because they have no right to take vacation or get, occasionally can rest. The sad fact is, still propagated that many companies simply ignore Holidays.


6 Responses to “2012 – a nightmare when it comes to holidays”

  • Jürgen says:

    “Saturday” I have not heard in a long time. That to me is like “Julei” or “Juno”, I have to first of all think about what we mean.

  • Chibi says:

    Yesterday was a holiday, the neighbor had the flag out. Otherwise I would not have noticed it.
    @ Jürgen

  • zoomingjapan says:

    I read here a long time (For several years) with, But I think, this is the 1. Time, I comment that actually.

    That with the holidays I would not have noticed.
    I work both on Saturday and on all national holidays (so also yesterday).

    And I agree, Some of these holidays are really very strange.
    Sometimes not even know the Japanese, what just for a holiday, But the main thing is free ;)

  • coolio says:

    Since 2 Years, I now have a jap. Calendar of place. Before that, it had to because of the damned “Calendar week” always be a German Calendar, which has led to, I was so many times in the morning on an empty company….

  • enrico says:

    Yep, I'm in such a company ignores the holidays and for the first time, it looks like this to me verlohren nothing goes, so sorry for me that the people do have free holidays. ;-) For it then hauts 2013 and 2014 in really well because we always have free Monday Tuesday. You only know what you had when you missed it. Holidays and weekends are already in Germany what really good. :-)

  • gojira says:

    the only true holiday is anyway the 25. More
    hence it can be egeal with the Saturdays …