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Kendama mal anders / German toys in Japan and vice versa

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Official Kendama (based on photo of Isaac *)

What you have not imported anything in Japan: Complete writing systems, Religions, Philosophies, Military equipment, Lady Gaga… and toys. In the 16. Century was a game names Bilboquet very popular in Europe, and it took hundreds of years ago to make his way to Japan. And remained.
In Germany, almost no one knows, but in Japan it is virtually in every household with a child. Kendama is a wooden toy and can literally with “Sword-ball” be translated. It is vaguely reminiscent of a sword – with a tip and three different sized bowls, two on the shaft, one on the pommel. A wooden ball with a hole with the sword connected by a cord.
With a little skill you can do it all kinds of – for example, the ball on the sword or in one of three shells carry.
You can do much more mischief to do with them, Both show here how these:

The two call themselves “ZoomaDanke” – is a 31 Years old, the other 21. Both are “Toy consultant” – and, there is really something! Interesting way, is the main occupation of the older of the two: The former has recently been the Germany game space @ Shibuya (Meeting for German Games in Shibuya) founded – a mixture of business and location, the one on the board at German- can let off steam and other games. (Link there here – Japanese). Because: Germany has a very good reputation, in terms of games. The store had earlier this year, even once visiting nitele – one of the major commercial broadcaster in Japan. Here is a brief recording, in which one sees, it looks like there:

No, I get no money for advertising. But I think the idea is funny. And: As I learned from a good friend, Both are traveling with your Kendamas mid / late October to Germany, where to eat, To Berlin and Frankfurt / Main, show off their tricks – on the road, but also in clubs like, Bars or wherever something fits in.. If you are interested, to meet the two of you and maybe grab a few tips under your arms, can be likes contact me. Small snag: The two do not speak German, and almost no English.

* Original photo source: See here