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Severe typhoon on its way: Warning for Nagoya, Großraum Tokyo etc.

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Taifun Roke: Erwartete Route

Taifun Roke: Expected Route

The typhoon, of the march is just, it definitely deserves, here mentioned to be: Taifun Nr. 15 (want to be called, the 15. in the typhoon season in the eastern Pacific), by the International Taifunbehörde “Hands” (spoken: Rookie) called, is already here, to inflict severe devastation – and he has not even enter country. Currently the typhoon moves east along the Pacific coast, and tomorrow, at the 21. September, may draw directly on the Tokyo metropolitan area. Today he has been left mainly in Shikoku and its traces in Nagoya: Just in Nagoya went an 890,000 Population evacuation warnings out, as a result of heavy rainfall the 庄内 川 (Shonai-made, -Gawain = Flow) entered on the shore.
The special feature of this typhoon is the fact, that he has since extended his stay in Okinawa again built up his strength. Currently the wind speed near the center is around 160 km / h, with peaks of up to 200 km / h. Intermediary being, has been promoted to the highest category of the typhoon so. In the Tokyo metropolitan area is expected to 400 mm of rain over the next 24 Hours (Berlin: 571 mm per year).
If you are not in the dubious pleasure of a typhoon or. Cyclone or. Hurricane came: The extent of damage depends strongly on the topography of the affected area. In Japan's case it is usually less wind, of causing damage, but the enormous amounts of water: Since the majority pours over or in front of the mountains in the interior, virtually every area near the river is in danger, a fortiori, if they are former floodplains. Unfortunately Taifunrouten nachwievor relatively difficult to predict. With luck, this typhoon spared Tokyo, But it does not look good at the moment.

Unwetterwarnung am 21. Sep 2011

Taifun Nr. 15: Severe weather warning on 21. Sep 2011

Was tun, if you're just in Tokyo? Not much. It should be easy to go out every principle of it, that the transport comes to a halt tomorrow night for. Furthermore, it is recommended, are deep and allow the car, To avoid riverside areas.
This year is truly remarkable way, in terms of typhoons: In the 1970s it was 4 severe typhoons in Japan, in the 1980s, no major typhoon, in the 1990s and 2000s, each again 4 – but “Hands” has what it takes, The second severe typhoon in this decade to be young: No.. 12 this year, “Talas”, was slightly less, taught but in August / Septemver severe damage, especially in the Wakayama Prefecture: 67 People were killed, 26 are still missing.
Thousands of times link, But for security again: Returns the current Taifunstatus it in English here.