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Energy transition: 43% renewable energy to 2020?

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Greenpeace-Aktion: Kernenergie in Japan bis 2012 abschaffen

Greenpeace-Aktion: Nuclear Power in Japan to 2012 abolish

Greenpeace put yesterday, at the 12. Sep 2011, a report, is pre-calculated in the, Dass es bis Japan 2020 a share of 43% could bring on renewable energy sources. The report was developed in cooperation Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies (ISEP – Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies) created and is entitled “Natural energy revolution scenario” – “Scenario for the revolution of natural energy sources”.
Japan lags behind in terms of renewable energy sources, unfortunately, is, But organizations such as Greenpeace see in the earthquake disaster, the chance, some catching up. And the argument is conclusive: Currently there are only 11 the total 54 Nuclear reactors in operation in Japan – and yet there were no power cuts in summer. Why? Because a lot of electricity was saved. Large consumers were arranged, at least 15% to consume less energy. This is the long run not good for the economy, But the potential for saving electricity is obviously because.
Now Greenpeace experience, a lot of optimism here. This is also the stated goal, to 2012 eliminate all nuclear power plants in Japan. It would be welcomed. It will probably take a little longer, But perhaps, with the best of luck, will still take a rethink.
A country with no resources should really have a strong interest, energy self-sufficient as possible to be technically.

The whole report in the original (in this case in English) can here be downloaded.

If the reader asks, or other just, What moved me to this article: I had to do in my previous life pretty much with issues such as sustainable development – This included also extensive research in Japan.