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System change

July 31st, 2011 | Tagged , | 14 Comments | 117441 reads

As announced in last week, This blog is now moved to a different platform. Three times may be advised: Starts with “In” and ends with “ordpress” on. More than five years I've used for the b2evolution blog (however, strongly modified over time), But much seems to happen no more than b2evolution open source project for blogs. Today's standard features such as “Subscribe to Comments” I would, as it looks, write themselves. This is not a problem and something I have also been attributed to other systems such as MT 3.3 written, But all that has been WordPress.
With the move, I will probably turn away from a fundamental principle of this Website – the abandonment of the dictatorship of design. All content on this website comes in 100% I, and so do the photos. And so the design. Problem: My design skills are, mildly, terrible. At least for the moment I will therefore rely on standard templates more efficient design.
Regular readers will miss several elements of this blog. The most I'll integrate as quickly as possible here. Comments, Error Messages, Desires, etc.. regarding the new system are as always welcome!