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Sanriku-Kanto-Erdbeben: Update XI

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Today was a relatively good day: The paths traveled in the morning on time, and now apparently also, and from the energy sector are also slightly better news – at least in terms of supply. Although the energy ranges still undefined and will not be enough even for a while, But thanks to the savings of nearly all efforts by the situation seems to calm down a bit (the current is switched off but still propagated planned here and there – one wants to readjust the whole, however, somewhat). Even the stock market raises little hope – which were expected to nosedive in the past week, she laid today by almost 5% to.
The news from the nuclear plant in Fukushima still are troubling, disturbing but at least on a lower level than in the past week. But that probably will not go on like this for a while, of disturbing news about elevated radiation levels not to mention.

Today I would like to go a bit more on the situation in the disaster area:
The number of confirmed victims has been the number 9’000 exceeded, and still are more than 12’000 Missing people. Has been fixed for quite some time, that this earthquake has claimed far more victims than the earthquake in Kobe in 1995. Unfortunately, they also expect them, that the majority of the missing will never appear. Has been reported only from the village in Iwate Prefecture, that just under 1’000 People are missing – has been recovered but not a single body. There are two possible reasons – were either people from the huge wake of the tsunami dragged to the sea or they are under a meter-thick layer of debris.
It is estimated, dass ca. 300,000 Homes were destroyed – slightly less than the earthquake in Kobe, However, the situation is now a completely different: Kobe was a relatively limited event; you could create relatively quickly approaching material from undamaged areas. The still very high number of victims stated quite simply from the high population density and, connected directly to, Large fires erupted. At the present earthquake, is facing increasing problems over other:

1) Size of the affected region
2) Topography of the region (very mountainous)
3) Bad weather
4) Accumulative effects in the region (Refineries in the Tokyo area out of service, same problems as those in the Fukushima nuclear power plant, etc.)

The main problem in the disaster area, according to general estimates seem not to be to, that there are not enough beds, Food, Drink, etc.. are – but it, that it is simply a lack of petrol and diesel, to distribute the things. The logistical problem is ergonomically, how to deliver fuel (Ports, Railway lines and roads are badly damaged) and how to bring the distribution of points on the fuel and goods to the coast, because the smaller roads are, the higher the probability, that they are not passable.
If hot, In the north the people are fighting for survival in many places: There is a lack of power, Water, Fuel, Food, Drugs, Sanitary articles, Glasses, etc.. Since living in the countryside in Japan, especially old people, there will be countless deaths as a result of the quake. This is partly caused by things, do not believe in the one than the average person thinks: Were missing after the earthquake in Kobe, for example, toothbrushes and toothpaste. Well, a few days can not brush your teeth but do not be so bad, man may think. It may: Hundreds of earthquake victims who survived the earthquake but, but were carried off by pneumonia – lack of oral hygiene, bacteria migrated to the lungs, causing life-threatening or fatal pneumonia there.
Die because of the current season for the very cold weather, unfortunately, more and more people in the north of hypothermia – favored by prolonged wet.
In Japan, the large interest, helping as a volunteer in the North, However, the area is currently closed for volunteers – for good reasons, because their safety can not be guaranteed at the moment and just by their presence would be the already meager resources are strained even more. It should not be too long, Volunteers may also help to.

What makes the policy?
Efforts are, primarily through economic measures and the fastest possible repair of basic infrastructure. Of course, errors are made. Of course, questions remain (z.B. why not just self-defense forces are very much present – actually you should still have an interest, involve almost the entire army here).
In a discussion in the forum someone noted the news online: “Japan needs a strong politicians like Helmut Schmidt, would have resulted from the storm surge in Hamburg 1962 a name for himself”. This is nonsense hanebüchener: The very idea, to compare the flood of Hamburg with the Sanriku earthquake is laughable. We are talking about completely different perspective and at the same time several severe crises.

(As) can help you?
It was donated several million euros in Germany for the earthquake victims. However, some critics rightly note: “Why actually? Japan is one of the richest countries in the world!”. That's right. As mentioned above, There is a lack of supplies but not necessarily – Japan may raise the already, and the reconstruction can be financed. What would be needed, is time and better weather – and both can not give you. If you want to help directly, , the, as some readers have already offered, by doing three things:

1) Anyone living space is available, this can be German “Forced returnees” anbieten. I do not think, that many (or even a few) the need to use in, But the mere fact, knowing, that the very greatest need may also be in Germany for a few days, Weeks may come under, certainly helps some. In this note, I should perhaps, I was not among the group – I have for my family for a temporary emergency stay.

2) Look, which aid organization in Japan and locally active. I've mentioned it before and they always like to mention: Doctors Without Borders is a very useful organization. Currently, the organization asks, of earmarked donations (For Japan) refrain, because you're not sure at the moment, how high the demand is. In this organization, but you can be sure, that the money is used well.

3) Visit Japan!
A stay in the capital or further north at the moment but I can not recommend, but the West (So everything west of Nagoya and more) is normal. In Tokyo, the situation will normalize in a few weeks, However, regular power cuts and an associated, light traffic chaos and a still uncertain situation in the Fukushima nuclear power plant is not likely to make for a relaxing holiday.

How does Tabibito?
– Through a monthly donation to Doctors Without Borders, whether or not something has happened somewhere
– By my presence in Tokyo and the determination, to survive this crisis in Japan
– To help my wife's family, then it is possible (currently my father lives with me). But this is of course of course
– Hopefully, through this blog and an attempt, as far as possible to provide a neutral view (Subjectivity can not be completely avoided, however)

In Japan and elsewhere seem strange e-mails are circulating, which is called in to Donate ominous and Actions (Such a chain e-mails said, that iodine tablets in padded envelopes to send unnamed doctors in Tokyo to.
This is simply nonsense, and on the border crime: Iodine tablets in padded envelopes to send any medical? The huge stink!
Such e-mails (Here and there there is a lack of clothes, this immediately and send it there, etc.). is also available in Japan – caution is needed, especially those chain emails are often forwarded by friends).

Everyday life
Yahoo! Japan His homepage currently displays the following graphic:

Yahoo Japan: Stromverbrauch in Tokyo

There, the ratio of power consumption to the amount present is. The Tokyo metropolitan area are currently 37 Megawatts available. Were around in the last hour 32,1 MW consumed – 86% (z.T. Thanks to the scheduled power cuts). Approaches the number 100%, It may be unplanned, massive power outages occur (a disaster to say the least). However, each contribute, to prevent that. A look at these and similar graphs should be in the coming months to the day.

Thus, no serious deterioration of the situation occurs, be my wife and her children come back on Thursday. A residual risk, on the nuclear and the aftershocks squinting, remains. On the other hand, it must go on somehow – my little one comes early April in the kindergarten and the “Refugee life” (although they were compared to the real victims in the disaster area, of course, still doing very well) gradually eroded to the nerves.
Should also mean: As of Thursday, contributions are less and less. The first and last of attention…

Mangelnde Photos
I would only 10 Minutes by bike, to make spectacular images. And as a blogger, Former Geography- and itchy geology student and amateur photographer, I of course in the fingers. Unfortunately I have no time in working days – and if my family is there, It is also difficult, my kids say “Of, Today we do not even go to the zoo or the playground, but let's see, how funny you look like roads and houses, when the earth wobbles a bit!”. From this: No photos.
Who wants to know but, how it looks in my place – here there is the photo section on the official site of the Town Hall: Damage in Urayasu. Please bear in mind when looking at the pictures: We were almost 400 km from the epicenter. In other words: Would be the epicenter in Cologne, It might look like in Zurich or Leipzig as (but only in theory: Our city looks like, because the new territory failed).