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Sanriku-Kanto-Erdbeben: Update IX

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A little bit of everything has calmed down – one might think, but this is deceptive. To the NPP is still always fought bitterly with all possible means as impossible. The trial, can be cooled by water-bombing helicopters from the fuel you probably call it more as a PR stunt. More importantly, it is probably – so at least my assessment as a layman – be, the reactors to supply electricity, what will probably happen over the weekend. What is the use of prior art but still spot on, is another matter.
I especially vefolge the reactions of British and American embassies – because the situation seems also critical, but to look with cooler head. And – the two messages together with stops there are, in contrast to the German embassy in Tokyo also. The British Embassy has now raised the alert level here – Britons are encouraged, unnecessary visits or. To move or stay in Tokyo. a departure should be considered (O-Ton: “consider leaving”). At a press conference today was asked, what must be done, tighten up the message of the warning would (almost to the level of the German Embassy, which calls for days to, To leave Tokyo and the northern). The answer: Hypothetically, the possible – for example, when the pool exploded with the spent fuel and blow after ten days of very strong wind from the direction of Fukushima Tokyo would – along with a lot of rain. That really sounds very hypothetical, But still I hope, of course,, that will happen is no such thing.

My day today was otherwise a little bit quiet: In the morning we went to the office, it bothered me quite a few days, the fact, that our passports and bank cards lying around at home. Without that I would go very reluctant to Kobe – at least for now. So it went with the bike, because it is faster at the time, about 20 km from the home office. Quick look at the neighboring supermarket – fresh vegetables and meat, etc.. there is, as always, lots of it; Diapers, Batteries, Dry food, etc.. However, it has little or. not at all. This is probably really all either sent to the disaster area or hoarded.
At home, I could tell by the boxes, that we are not the only, do not live there for now – three (are not included) of 14 Parties are apparently not been there the whole week. At the front door but was a note, is at, that the water supply does not and you do not even know, when it will work again. But – There were surprisingly water. So quickly washed the dirty dishes, Stuff packed up and returned to the office.

In the evening we went to order 7 on the Shinkansen Shinagawa Station. In a bleak picture of Shinagawa: Darkened station, Countless people, the languidly struggling through the gears, empty bread shops, a very tight voltage. The Shinkansen was booked – But strangely enough, many seats available. Either people have not done in time due to the traffic chaos to the station – or booked for just in case. I do not know.

Now I have been half past ten at night in a small hotel in Kobe. Tomorrow morning I'll grab my wife and children and we will move into a hotel nearby, at least for two nights. It's funny, to be here: The late sale shops are full of goods. All lights are on, and you do not have custody, everything that can go out the next moment. The mobile phone will always work. How long it will probably, produce this condition in Tokyo again?

There is nothing serious between them is, I'll go back to Tokyo on Monday. And depending on the situation in nuclear power, I hope, that my family can also be returned. Over the next two, three days, it is definitely something going quiet on this blog. But Japan has gradually disappeared from the radar anyway in Germany.