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Sanriku-Kanto-Erdbeben – Update VI: Aftershocks / media

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Too much there is to update V does not add – This day began with a lot of stress, and although the heavy, for me but for now the only correct decision: My wife, her sister and her mother to say in the morning, that they should pack up the kids and head south. Difficult in terms of risky: You will certainly be good for a few days without me, because they are not alone and with relatives, but difficult in the sense of “what happens, when suddenly hundreds of thousands have the same idea and want to ship her family.
But it worked. Although there were probably already long queues at the ticket counter, but they could quickly get hold of tickets, and even seats and arrived safely in Kobe. Surely, say one or the other “Wrong time, was the last really severe earthquake in Kobe not?” Right. And yet it is safer there definitely.

When it comes to nuclear power, the feelings fluctuate from minute to minute. First, there is reassuring news, then bad. A friend attended a press conference at the British Embassy, where also the technical advisor to the British Government (Unfortunately, name unknown) occurred: He was convinced, that it is simply impossible, that there would be serious consequences, such as Chernobyl. the design is fundamentally different and even a meltdown would not blow up the entire store into the air and irradiate everything in the surrounding area.
On the other hand, the German media: The evening news longs already caused the meltdown. By the way, is an absolute taboo word, for the “G” is in meltdown for “largest” – known as a superlative, you can not increase the. Damage, that even the nightly news of “Bild”-Uses language.

Just as I wrote this there was a severe aftershock….in Kanagawa…a strong six in Kamakura / Yoshida on the Japanese intensity scale. It seems, The quake migrate further south. I hope, Denis in Kamakura ist ok. Has just been announced, that the Shinkansen is stationary – that is the line, is with my family today went to Kobe …. Just before that I had a lot of concern). The quake seemed to be very close to the surface.

I think, ranging in terms of updates today. The quake started, to gnaw at the nerves. The fact, that the main Honshu quake quite a few meters (I have read 4 m) has moved, has no doubt left in the ground voltages, Remove the now gradually).

More likely tomorrow after a – I hope – relatively quiet night.


Sanriku-Kanto-Erdbeben – Update V: Long-term evacuation

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Only a very, very quick update.

The information on the nuclear plant in Fukushima are getting scarier and the wind will blow in the coming days from the direction (often enough,). In addition, the supply situation, which is currently getting worse rather than better. Things such as dried pasta, Bottled water, Convenience foods, Bread, Handkerchiefs (and all similar Applicable), Toilet paper, Diapers, etc.. you can buy almost anywhere anymore.

For this reason I have this morning my wife, her sister and the mother urged, as quickly as possible to leave Kantō. This they did, thank God. They have caught a total of three children, are moved by train to Tokyo station and sit for about. 14 Clock in the Shinkansen to Kobe. There we have relatives.

Now all the women and children of the family are in temporary security (even if the supply passes quickly spread to all over Japan), and all men (The man's sister, Father and I) and the youngest sister (also alle, have the work), harren in Tokyo aus: If everyone would leave the capital, Japan would be very fast at the end.

The decision, to separate from the family, is severe. But the predominant concern for the children, so I'm – for now – relieved, that they sit in the Shinkansen.

More later