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Sanriku-Kanto-Erdbeben – Update IV: Brief Evacuation

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Today only a few lines.

More or less, many people try in the Tokyo area currently, establish a minimum level of normality. This is not so simple, however. Actually, the power should fail us in the morning and evening – strangely, there was morning, however, current. Looked on the side of City Hall – and there is, that our group was changed: Today we have only the evening power outage.
However, this seems to paralyze the power outage several railway lines. My line (Keiyo Line) hired for the entire day operation. So I drove to the nearest line, on the Tozai Line. The driving, albeit less frequently than usual, was plentiful and full – However, less full than expected. Before departure from home or a text message to the workforce: Train does not move, it will in no case to 10 Create clock.
The next line (Hibiya-Linie) was funny – and scary enough, almost empty. Point 10 Clock I was in the office.

On the way to office, some shops have closed. Then I come to our small office building – and the floor was just mopped, like every Monday. Right now, everything is a bit like in the movie: You move through a familiar world, become suddenly everything is different. But now and then there are these holes, filled with absolute normality.

So far, so good. Phones still work only sporadic. They appear to work well enough, let us call to customers, complaining then: “Have you subscribed to the last week and the newspaper – which did not come on Sunday!!! Why? Explain that you please!”. Since it remains difficult, to remain calm.

After internal family counseling we decide today, to evacuate at least my wife and two children. Unfortunately, not outside the Tokyo area, but to her sister in Chiba. Together with mother. This may not be nice, but much better for the nerves of my wife and also for the children. In this difficult time with all the new bad news a 1-month-old loudmouth and a 4-year-old tittle-tattler his side have to say the least is fraught. Other reasons for the evacuation: There is running water, two cars, more food, etc..
I will make in the next few days, I've never done before: I will stay in a hotel in Tokyo – close to the offices. Until Friday. Then there is a long weekend, and on Thursday we will once again have water. And by then, hopefully, after the earthquake can. The reason for my stay in Tokyo is currently working on the indispensability – and the fact, that public transport, there are quite uncertain.

A plea to readers (at least a small part of the reader):
All the articles are for information only. This is not a Pro- oder Contra Kernkraft-talk Runde. I am also currently uses absolutely nothing, if my dossier about the dangers of nuclear power or ominous about the alleged links of the front door standing hyperinflation, etc.. usf. be sent. All this might be, but right now we have also other worries, and so I ask, This information pages, because this is the blog at the moment, not to abuse.
Otherwise, I thank you sincerely for the encouraging comments and messages.


Sanriku-Kanto-Erdbeben – Update III: Scheduled power cuts etc.

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Another update on the situation in Japan, primarily in the greater Tokyo area, well 58 Hours after the main quake on 11. March:

The situation is confused. Kenrschmelze? Partial meltdown? In reality, not much actually happens? Three reactors before the melt or two? The news is incredible, But from this mass of information it is really hard, out, what is actually happening now. This is not a smokescreen – know the people responsible are not themselves.
Mainly foreigners, including mainly German, currently fall in the Tokyo area in panic and try, to leave the region. Japanese look anxiously to the north, forfeited but not to panic.
Conclusion: I'm staying here with family for now. For various reasons,: The probability, Tokyo that is contaminated, I think due to the seasonal wind direction are relatively harmless. Or. I hope it. I'm not an expert. Will I get the same radiation dose as after Chernobyl? More? Less? Where it is safe? Why was there a greater radioactive fallout in Bavaria, as for example. in Mecklenburg? Ist Tokyo sicher? Nagoya is safer? I know it is not easy, Experts and apparently not.
What is, is currently the main hope. Otherwise I would not connect me all the speculation. And I would also ask, not to stir up panic – This is the last, what we do here.

Quake & Aftershocks
According to the latest calculations, the main quake had a magnitude of 9.0. Therefore one must not lose many words – The pictures speak volumes, and 9.0 Here is just a number.
The noticeable aftershocks have subsided somewhat. Geologists but expect, that in the next 3 Days with 70% probability that a quake of magnitude it 7.0 or higher will be held. But those are just numbers. The probability is high but in fact – teaches the history of other earthquakes.
The death toll climbing hourly. Intermediary being, it is no longer taboo, on television to talk about, that the number of victims will be five digits. It should be noted, that the region, which was hit hardest, is rather sparsely populated.

Supply – Gas
Gas in many places seems to be working again. More modern Japanese gas meters underwent some earthquake safety (Now it just shakes again), the gas supply stops automatically. You must manually deactivate – otherwise you can not wait that long.

Supply – Water
Apparently it has just caught our city especially hard, than in neighboring cities have water. There are no places either water or the pressure is not sufficient: In our house, the water flows in 1. Stock, in the 2. and it trickles in our 3. flows absolutely nothing. This also explains the inns in the area – which are all on ground floor.
There was good news but today: First it was called, It will take a month. Today came a message, that the water supply from the 17. should be. That would be a great advance times.

Supply – Gasoline
In the long term it will probably be no shortage, But even in the short term: Gas stations are either closed or rationing – usually 20 the per person.

Supply – Current
And that's the bad news for us. At the weekend the power supply was still functioning reasonably, But if the industry starts up again on Monday, is not enough, the current. Nearly a third of the demand can not be met. To sudden, To avoid catastrophic power outages, decided the policy together with TEPCO, the main supplier and North Ostjapans, plan-the Strom in the 9 Prefectural capital off – with the exception of downtown Tokyo (up to more or less large areas of Katsushika-ku, Adachi-ku, Nerima-ku, Arakawa-ku, Kita-ku, Toshima-ku, Suginami-ku, Setagaya-ku, Ota-ku, Meguro-ku, Shinagawa-ku and Chuo-ku-ku keep the 23 districts said internal spared – See list of affected areas here (PDF, Japanese).
All other areas were in 5 Groups divided, where regular- and the current schedule of- and then back on. The times are as follows:

Group 1: 6:20〜10:00 and 16:50〜20:30
Group 2: 9:20〜13:00and 18:20〜22:00
Group 3: 12:20〜16:00
Group 4: 13:50〜17:30
Group 5: 15:20〜19:00

We are in group 1. Well, at 18 Clock it gets dark – So tomorrow is our one day of about. 5 to 8:30 remain in the dark night.

This will not change so fast – I can imagine, that this will go on for weeks. You have to really see it but on the bright side: This measure is better than unforeseen, massive Blackouts. Because – No electricity means no information.

Well: The astute observer will note two things:
1) Oh Gott, import electricity from abroad is not gonna work for Japan.
2) Moment, why can not western Japan to shoot electricity?

The latter is easily explained: East Japan had taken over one day, the German system – with 50 Heart-rate. West Japan has adopted the American system – with 60 Heart. Unfortunately, the systems are not compatible.

Supply – Food
Still water is not to buy, Bread not (is diverted to the north). Some supermarkets look disastrous. The situation will be aggravated by the power cuts and fuel scarcity for sure yet. This does not mean, that there will be a famine – but only, that for the foreseeable future should not be too picky.

Other: Discipline
It is absolute madness, how to discipline in Japan deal with the current situation. I have not seen anyone, e.g. the. tempted by high prices, To make profit from the situation, no one. The people are disciplined, they stand, if need be, without complaint for hours, etc.. I have to really hold times: At this point, Japan is the pinnacle of civilization.

What makes tabibito?
I'll go to work Monday morning, for there is much to do and I or. The company can not afford, to remain absent. There is also an attempt, some return to normalcy. There will be security problems with. A couple of our servers are located outside the secure zone of power outages – this will also affect us.

Thank you
Thank you all for the offers and encouraging words. I especially thank E. from Sagamihara and D. from Kamakura for the offers, We take in an emergency. I know very much appreciated and I will not forget it.

Thanks also to Stephan, provide these services, this blog to host temporary. Currently there is no question of lack of time, But I keep it in mind.

You encouraged me with your words (most of the comments anyway), continue to post updates. Thanks also to all friends and acquaintances, Contact me for the first time in many years (or. remember me).

I will continue to report, But please understand, that the safety of my wife and my two children is paramount – only then will this blog :)