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Sanriku-Kanto-Erdbeben – Update

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The messages vary from minute to minute, and it is the present state of things not yet in sight, what all happened and how big the losses are.
Nevertheless, an update on this first point, well 8 Hours after the main quake:

Against 14:50 Japanese in the Pacific time shaking off the coast of Miyagi Prefecture, the earth. The epicenter was approximately 25 km below the surface, the strength on the Richter scale was 8.8 and thus the worst in recent times measured quake in Japan. Also in the hundreds of kilometers away in Tokyo was the earthquake felt very strongly.

Loss figures:
– Up to 7 m high tsunami waves rolled inland in the North East. Many buildings collapsed in northern cities.
So far, one counts 76 Dead (of it 3 in Tokyo und 4 in Chiba), but it has been reported, that 200-300 Compensated by the
Water at Sendai were washed ashore. The true number of victims will be experienced only in a few days – but it will be higher by a multiple.

– All trains in the north and around Tokyo hold, Airports and highways are blocked.

– In Tokyo, at Odaiba, and in the province of Chiba, along the Bay of Tokyo, and also in Sendai farms and refineries catch fire. The fires at the moment still hold unabated, favored by strong wind.

– At least one nuclear power plant – in Fukushima – has been damaged. Perhaps it is too radioactive material leaked. The population within 3 km has been or. is evacuated. Further details are not known.

– Also 8 Hours after the main quake, the earth shakes every few minutes – several aftershocks have the strength 5.5 and more.

– The damage in the Tokyo area is large, especially along the bay – relatively new territory has been badly affected.

– Hundreds of thousands of people stranded in Tokyo, because nothing goes. Taxis are hard to come by, and even if you get them, is that only one in a traffic jam.


Because of my family, I had decided, not persevere in the office (there it is relatively safe), but have opposite 17:30 begun to walk back home (Ebisu up in the Chiba prefecture). Good 4 It took hours without a break, and many people were on the road, accompanied by permanent sirens and helicopters. Along the bay could be seen burning refineries in the distance.

Arriving at the station Maihama I saw the first real damage – everything was thrown at the train station, twisted, Bridge components from bagged (see photos below).
In the area there are currently no water and no gas, and we are not sure, when it will at least give water again.
The shops are either closed or (see also photo below) almost completely sold out.


Breaking News: Very strong earthquake in northern Japan

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see also previous message:

An earthquake of magnitude 7.9 has in the north of the main island of Honshu, Center of Miyagi Prefecture, raged. The first tsunami waves of up to one meter were already on the Japanese coast.
The main quake took place just before 15 Clock time rather than. Against 15:17 there was another major earthquake. 15:28 back – all very much felt in Tokyo. Phone network in Tokyo has broken down (News about Docomo work but probably still).

Overview of damages are not available yet, But this is a black day for Japan. The quake in Tokyo in Tokyo hold for over half an hour.


Breaking News: Earthquake in Central Tokyo

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Three minutes ago (14:55 Time) there was in Tokyo in mid-heavy (?) Earthquake. Conclusion on the ground here in Ebisu (Shibuya-ku): Power still there, Phones do not work, Internet works. Since the end of the earthquake (Folder fly through space, smaller things to fall) were respectively. there are still slight, significant earthquake.
Center of the quake unknown, because of the Meteorological Institute website is not accessible. More later when more is known.

Supplement 15:03: Center was apparently Miyagi (around Sendai), Strength 7. It is prior to, to 6 m high tsunami warning. Train services in the north and around the capital is likely to collapse for the next few hours probably.

Supplement 15:17: Again strong quake, about as heavy as the main quake. If my site is no longer available, this means, that the power is interrupted (Server is located a few meters away from me)….

Below the map: Red signifies strength “strong 6”. 7 is the highest level, meaning… unimaginable damage.