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Boss in tears

January 27th, 2011 | Tagged , | 10 Comments | 846 reads

Advertising in Japan can be quite funny – this is probably partly because, that there is a lot more advertising, and even amateurs dare to advertise – because you have to laugh again and again what. Of course there are also several terms and phrases in Japanese, appearing again and again.
The flyer in the mail today – after all, I appreciate the scraps sometimes for a full second, I dropped by the set 社長 が 涙 の 一大 決心 (shachō ga
namida de ichidai kesshin) – that sentence has a yellow frame – on. At about German: “CEO meets with tears Giant decision”. Including the hanger – Special discount on 20,000 Yen for driving school course. The complete course costs way to – provided, it is everything the first time – a mere 300’000 Yen, So good € 2,500. Imagine, just before, such as the head of weeping taps his fists on the desk…

Well, handmade advertising, often but also professional advertising, Japan apparently has three important principles:

1) Use as many fonts as possible.
2) Use as many font sizes as possible
3) Use as many colors as possible font.

And, as says the typographer – especially given the wild mix of simple and complex characters and kana characters…