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On the edge of illegality?

September 18th, 2010 | Tagged | 20 Comments | 1226 reads

I know God does not “Profiblogger” and do not try, to be a. But you can see the blogging or. reading of other blogs, that as a blogger – at least as those with permanent readers and the usual walk-in customers by Google & Co. has some responsibility. What happens, when I write, that invariably go all Japanese girls definitely on Westerners? That on every other street corner panties vending machines are? The Japanese eat sushi at least once a day?

A series of indignant comments would be the result, but who is looking for above stereotypes, does not always necessarily read the comments. In addition, the common man also tends to nachwievor, the first, what is written, to take at face value, because it is written. Eggs, Most readers do not, But this is simply an empirical value.

Where I was. Well, The blog. Especially from abroad. There's a nice section in the AuswSG – Law for the Protection of Emigrants. There you can find under § 1 1 The following (Link to complete law here:

Those staying on business information on the prospects of emigration and immigration on the living conditions in the country, in particular on the work- and wants to branch conditions abroad, or give advice on these matters, requires the permission of the competent authority. Permission shall be refused, if the facts justify the assumption, that the applicant is not required for the reliability of advice has, or if the applicant is not required for the consulting expertise can prove. Evidence of expertise is considered to be provided, if the applicant has five years as a consultant in a gainful in paragraph 2 referred to information- or counseling center served. The permit may be granted subject to conditions and subject to conditions; subsequent conditions are acceptable; it should be noted in the permit.

This law is no less than in the year 1975 – is valid but still propagated. Since it is of course interested. Is this blog here, for example, already “businesslike”? After all, there is a paid advertisement (Firefox users with Adblock is maybe the. be new), and you might need to write my – including a number of tips on living and working in Japan – be mistaken for active business with the aim, Making money (it is not so – as for the blog section of this website, I could take out the advertising actually quite – it makes no difference).

Still burning me interested but then the question, who for the competent authority and how and where I would be punished, if I would write here, how to best aussie Delt to Japan (Pack your bags, Telekom boss and thick fingers pointing, Train to the airport to, Take off the shoes, etc. Security). I leave the reader's imagination all the time. The law has a good reason – we want to avoid, that any con man trying to drive people wild in a non-existent paradise – Write it with the blogging phenomenon / websites creates an enormous gray area here.

Just as I suspect, however, is also the duty, leave the imprint of his address to (does this still!?). I can still remember a near-psychopath – just before 5 Years I had noticed by chance, that that was installed without permission and without acknowledgment an entire page of my site in its. When I asked him, either to name the source or remove the items, offered me the journeyman first by e-mail to a spanking. Clever as he was, he had already looked up my address and promised at DENIC, me there will soon pay an unannounced visit.
As long as these psychopaths to roam freely, I'll think about it as well good family man, if I give my address all known.

P.S. Would be interested to me sometimes, what would happen, If I here “Sarrazin is stupid” would write. I would be on the next trial, enter in Germany, be deported to Erzurum?

P.P.S. In the above quoted AuswSG I'm reading the blog The Emigrants – Interesting and trivial from our lives in Mexico encountered (was found in my Referrerliste). Predicate: Very interesting.

The Word of the Day: Illegal Iho. wrong / different – Law. Illegal.