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Robot as a witness – what will happen next?

May 31st, 2010 | Tagged , | 3 Comments | 783 reads

Forgotten – The latest news from the front robot, if already two weeks old: At the 16. May be announced on Akihabara News (Thanks to the English version for technology enthusiasts a rich source of news) the first with the help of a robot full wedding ceremony. The little robot was the purpose in accordance with i-Fairy called. The ceremony saw it like this (more precisely, it is in the video about the trial run shortly before the actual wedding ceremony):

Now, plays a robot just the best man, But when the discussions about Intimate Relationships with Artificial Partners – for example here reads, one wonders really, how long it is still, until that happens. It would not surprise me at any rate in no case, if the first marriage between humans and robots in Japan held. One can thereby let the imagination run wild: Physicists at the Forum, the discussion begins as appropriate, as:

I suppose there ARE many advantages to having a robot wife.

i.e. a power off button, a reset button.


Let's see, What other services will soon be replaced by robots. First robotic station or sisters. Receptionists in hospitals in Japan are indeed being tested at. More Groups, offering for this purpose, would e.g.. i-LoanShark or i-Pimp. No, I do not think…

The Word of the Day: Progress shinpo. “Carry on lead /” and “Schritt” – Progress


3 Responses to “Robot as a witness – what will happen next?”

  • gojira says:

    If it seems a little absurd, here you can at least understand it as a gag, because the bride and groom are both yes Robotics Developer.
    But would they Zoopfleger would a monkey they trust?

  • Stefan says:

    "But they would Zoopfleger would a monkey they trust? “
    Why not then? That can be taught but somehow determined, how they have to do that.

    I personally believe, even though I'm on very Chobits, that it would be a robot woman rather boring. Somewhere there must be problems but also, so you have challenges, which can be approached and according to which one feels better again. However, this is the opinion of a person, the as yet had no girlfriend ;)

    Apart from the fact, You can also reverse the quote:
    „I suppose there ARE many advantages to having a robot husband.“

    But times ne another question: Put them at the reception because then such Repliee-like androids or see the machines still really like robot? The former I think that is quite cool and would also be useful when receiving (they must not run so well and Repliee is specialized in facial muscles).

    I'm curious, how the world looks, when I studied (because I could in such an area).

  • Hamu-Sumo says:

    Somehow a typical Japanese news for the West: Playful, robot-integrated and above all a little crazy.

    Which I did not go out of it, that “normal” Japanese (lies: no robotics developer) can also be so excited about a robot preacher.