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North Korea corvette sunk / Haribo

May 20th, 2010 | Tagged , , | 10 Comments | 1005 reads

In, when the times are not two widely separated topics.

For the first – yet because of the geographical proximity, we are interested of course in Japan for very, what happens on the Korean peninsula Sun. Because, of course, beat up again about two months, the waves, as a corvette of the South Korean navy on the sea border with North Korea suddenly exploded, broke into two pieces and sank. Many sailors were rescued, but for 46 Man came too late to help. South Korean Corvette? Border with North Korea? Very sudden explosion? Since no one has to be Vinci Code fan, to conjecture as to a relationship. So we put a “independent” Commission of Experts (consisting of South Koreans and Americans) a. Cause explosion? Clearly, starting from the outside. Explosive? RDX, with markers, pointing to North Korea. In addition there is a torpedo propeller, with a serial number, which font is used mainly in the north.
Today the South Korean government finally gave out the report: The corvette was sunk by a North Korean torpedo. North Korea denies. South Korea announces, take tough measures.
Tough measures? Because I'm curious. Military retaliation? This means, to draw up a hornets' nest. UN Security Council to call? Sanctions? Ever a naked man caught in the bags? Ehrlich – in the skin of the South Korean president, I do not like to be now: He is utterly powerless, and whatever he will now make or not make is rather – It will be the wrong thing.


At midday: Business in Brazil with two Englishmen in Harajuku. In the evening: Meeting followed by short drink with an American, a South African and a Briton in a Japanese-British Bar. See what a short time after my glassy, inflamed eyes directly above the train door? For a brief moment I was there almost sentimental: A great advertisement for Haribo! Nanu! “From the country of gummy, and came.” proclaims the famous bear there – “From the land of rubber, I'm coming from!”. Aha. In fairness, I should say here equal to, that the Japanese word used here for rubber (gumi) has no connotations. “Gumi” stands for jelly, enough. Haribo for years one can see very well-stocked supermarkets, But an advertising campaign I've seen for the first time.
Let's see, whether they also try, Licorice snails marketing. That would be a fun.


10 Responses to “North Korea corvette sunk / Haribo”

  • Juergen says:

    Slogan as a proposal: “Licorice snails, from the land of milk rice” :-)

  • Marcus says:


    Hmm, I once read somewhere (It was here in the blog?), Licorice properly so that when Japanese “well” ankommen. ;)

    @ Article / Korea:

    I think, it is at least formally decide sanctions – if only so that it does not look as if you had no options left, and North Korea could make at the end of what they want.

  • Seriously says:

    Well if it is in Japan also, keeps me here now nothing more = D

  • Juergen says:


    The sentiment is already rightly so, look here at this very informative site ;-) here:

  • Marcus says:

    @Juergen: Did ego but, that it was somewhere here. :P

  • Juergen says:

    I am just on my bike yet occurred to a marketing strategy for licorice :-) Just under license as Harry Potter Bertie Bott's beans merchandising with chocolate flavors, Peppermint, Ash, Earwax, Erborchenem, Licorice and more. sell ;-)

  • BigAl says:

    Licorice is but for beginners. If you want to get ahead of you Japanese spit – Fisherman’s Friend Sugarless! Has at 4 from 5 folded ;)

  • Dean says:

    And No. 5 was a fisherman? ;-p

    Conversely, that would probably Mozuku, has chosen the best of my knowledge, no Gaijin his favorite food. Mozuku is a greenish algae-something, has the consistency of cold snot and salty tastes just uh…
    If you do not really know Mozuku, whether the previously someone else…ahem, we let the.

  • Anonymous says:

    @ Dean
    Hey! I love Mozuku! Did I have noted only once! But I'm not go away ran to Anko.

    Thank you! Because I know, I can bring next time my colleagues from Germany :-)

  • Dean says:

    @ Tabibito
    Oh come on now, I believe you not! Anko no, Natto bah, but loved hot Mozuku?? Because of the marvels of Japanese and gaijin wonders…

    Wrong time, You are now my test Anko Anko the bean paste or monkfish? The liver of the latter, I am quite good agreement :-p *schleck*