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Baidu vs. Google – A comparison

March 25th, 2010 | Tagged , , | 9 Comments | 98585 reads

Google has now decided that is for purely humanitarian reasons, to, To exit the Chinese market, because they see no longer suddenly wants, why it censored search results (or should be censored). About the real reasons may speculate – this is a minor, both commercially sensible retreat? Puts pressure from Washington behind? Or by other means, Google will put pressure?

The biggest competitor of Google in China called Baidu ( (Baidu = “hundreds of times” – but intended a different meaning), and which is, it is said, in government hands, and this year has the Alexa Rank 8 – want to be called, Baidu is the Chinese edition of only in terms of page views 7 Pages exceeded in the world (as there would be Google, Facebook, Yahoo, YouTube, Live, Wikipedia and Blogger – everything except Wikipedia. com).

Baidu is also trying for years to gain a foothold in Japan – abound on our servers in the company, it only seems like Baidu Spiders – but if still no success. And it is questionable, whether this will change: Baidus sales point in Japan ist, Baidu only really familiar with algorithms, which empty signless, Japanese and Chinese sentences can auseinanderklamüsern. In a point here – according to their own tests – Baidu sometimes better than Google or Yahoo in Japan: Baidu looking for more content, rated so sites like social bookmarking sites ( for example, or even Goo, Excite usw.) less. Moreover, in contrast to Baidu Google is not constantly busy, to push proprietary stuff like YouTube and up (excuse the Anglicisms). The probability, to land after a search using Baidu immediately usable on a page, seemed – in many cases at least – higher.

After the withdrawal of Google but now I was interested in burning, what happens, For example, if after the incident in Tiananmen Square “baidugelt”. In mainland China, the pages are filtered out so relentlessly to. An attempt (everything out of Japan): I am looking for "天安门 事件" – the “Tian'anmen-Vorfall”. By the way, there were two of them – the better known of 1989 is formally correct “The Tiananmen massacre” (64 Tian'anmen-Vorfall – 64 stands for 4. June) called. In Japan, however, is the short form (see above) known. So, purely in order – and here is the result:

The first results are all critical – die Videos auf You Tube, the entry in the wiki, etc. usf. A similar (if above, even without the pictures) comes out, If you're looking for 六四 天安门 事件, So the full name.

But what happens now, when – from abroad – on the original page of Baidu ( investigated? In Chinese, the incident simply as 六四 事件 (64-Incident) known. And that comes out of it:

Please note the domain name:, and probably more are government-related sites (No.. 5 dealing here with a critical article on the German internet china). I have not looked very far, But at least among the first pages obviously were not critical pages. This can of course be several reasons:

1) There are no critical pages on the subject in Chinese. Is doubtful – The Chinese article on the topic in Wikipedia is very extensive and critical

2) Because critical sites in China itself can not be seen, they appear abroad not for lack of clicks in the top search engine. Would check.

3) Baidu censored in Chinese – no matter, whether to search in the country or abroad.

By the way – if you click on the first page of search results in China's Baidu, one lands on a 404-page (Page can not be found). Conclusions about the above been said, I leave the reader. But be careful: In the case of China is, think twice, before condemning the Chinese policy: Beijing China is large and far away.

The Word of the Day: Tiananmen Incident Tenanmon-Jiken. Der Tian'anmen-Vorfall.


9 Responses to “Baidu vs. Google – A comparison”

  • Anonymous says:

    Officially, the cause of the withdrawal Google is indeed a hack attack of lt. Google came from China. Lt. Google did not have the Chinese government “sufficient” satisfactory to the Board of Google(s) responds.

    Proper time, that were now 5 Google once in a small section, promotes its products that now also your? ;)

  • Hamu-Sumo says:

    Now it gets exciting, if Google pulls through and outside China their anti-censorship policy, for not only the land of the middle like censored (even if it is the largest chunk), but also some German users will have a term

  • Jochen Climb says:

    Hello, I really like your blog, because he sometimes treated the subject of policy. Please more of it:). Everything else is great too.

    But on: I've even ever heard of a “Hybrid”-Search engine Read. Google and Baidu together.

  • Heydal says:

    One may like it or not Google, one can accuse you but. The political sensitivities of flow into the search results. And that's the whole point. Internet search engines play a vital role for providing information, they are not politically independent, the dangers of censorship and information revolution greatly. The Google of a profit-driven company and is not without its own interests, it is also clear. As long as this does not lead to censorship and suppression of information, however, is no objection.
    Baidu versus Google to your question there is only one answer for me why; Google

    Or Abacho, Alta Vista, Yahoo und Co.

  • Jakub P. says:

    Google is still struggling with what others, namely, Google has illegally scanned books many, many Chinese authors and put on the web – people now have money for it… but only at times as the edge.

    Hacker attack, Censorship… there must be something else behind it are still. Censorship is nothing new, and hacker attacks, the company should already be accustomed to. The retreat from Google is perceived in China, little more than another political dispute with the U.S.. “Baidu”, “Hao” and how hot they are all far ahead of Google in China, like “Naver” and “CyWorld” in Korea. Since the Yankees already have to contend with, that one can not penetrate into Asia just as easily in this domain. Just think how many billion. Microsoft is pumping into its consoles, only so that they are perceived in Japan (but now with some success)…

    Also, I sometimes GE baidut degree (bin in Hainan, Sanya) Although slightly different results and had, but also all pro-government. The critical singing blocked, I come only through special software ran proxys or ELAA.

  • Anonymous says:

    Agree with me and schlisse Heydal. Want on the site still refer to the possibility of meta search, if someone does not see here

  • Anonymous says:

    I do not think, that the “Withdrawal” Google now to do necessarily with the censorship in China has. Google's image in the West because of self-censorship in China has suffered some. The goal of determining market share has not reached Google in China. The same offer can now be offered by Google Hong Kong in China, with the difference, that one can now accuse must be no self-censorship.

    Unfortunately, the meta search engines eke a modest shadows. The advantages are significant consumers are not really arrived. I think, that these search tools are used by professionals, who do not want to limit the Datenbak Google.

  • BlubberBubble says:

    Give it to baidu DOT com “falung Gong” a – then is not the whole site for a while to reach. Apparently not censored here even baidu, but the Chinese Firewall. On does not happen…

    PS: why baidu DOT com is a forbidden word? O. The

  • BlubberBubble says:

    Give it to baidu DOT com “falung Gong” a – then is not the whole site for a while to reach. Apparently not censored here even baidu, but the Chinese Firewall. On does not happen…

    PS: why baidu DOT com is a forbidden word? O. The