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Earthquakes in Okinawa

February 27th, 2010 | Tagged , | 7 Comments | 779 reads

This morning at half past six has a strong earthquake near the Main island of Okinawa driven out of their beds – The quake had a magnitude of 6,9 on the Richter scale respectively. a weak 5 According to the Japanese intensity scale (read more here). Only to a tsunami warning was issued, But the tsunami was around 10 cm of very weak. An earthquake of this intensity is rarely the way to Okinawa – 1923 there was a quake of magnitude 6,8, and 1911 a quake of magnitude 8,0 – Okinawa is Japan in the earthquake-rich actually a relatively safe.
This time, not much is happening – Reports of major damage and casualties were from. Then one can hope only, that the severe earthquake in Chile today sends afternoon not even a big wave for Japan.

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